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  1. Just so you know, I did a full uninstall and reinstall and it's working fine since then, but I did that before Neil suggested another way which is probably quicker.
  2. Same. Tried other games, they work fine. But I'm having this issue too. Whenever I try to start it the steam bootstrapper stops working, and then after that it tells me the game is running when it's not. I've deleted appcache, done several restarts, done all that. It's just FM.
  3. Best regen I ever had was on FM2010. He was from the US, and was a ST/CAM. Started at LA Galaxy, was a goal machine at 16-17. Went to a German team, I forget which. He had two seasons there scoring about 2 goals every three games which was respectable as he was in a poor team. Signed him for £25m. He went on to play from the age of 21 till the age of 38, scoring about 600 goals for club in 800-850 appearances. Most of those were in a strike partnership with a good English striker I also brought through, and two striker/wingers I had as the most lethal attacking quartet in the world. In his 30'
  4. He's got United sitting in 3rd on 65 points after 31 games. Level with Chelsea. I'm top with 72. He's had to deal with RVP, Rooney and Di Maria spending a lot of time injured though.
  5. I don't change my tactic pre game other than for against the big teams where I'll drop my CM's to CDM (they're normally a Deep Lying Playmaker and a Roaming Playmaker, they both become DLP's and spray the ball to my attacking 4 and let them do the job). If after half time my tactic is not working I'll make a few little adjustments like putting my wingers in the wide CAM slots and playing narrow for example.
  6. I don't like it. Worst was an 8 year spell I had with Liverpool in FM10, built a glorious team, winning everything, and left to try new things, partly as the board wouldn't expand Anfield or build a new ground(this was 2021-28, it was needed). Had a world class first team who were mostly around 27-28, and a host of youth players who were quality. Left, took over a few international teams over the next few years. While the new boss, a regen, sold off half the youth players(we did not need the money, we had about 700m when I left.) and won the league and CL convincingly, but no better than I was
  7. I think the only time it's ok to replay games is if you lost save data. So if I saved, then played 3 games, then the game crashed, there's nothing ethically wrong with trying to get the same results from those games. Other than that it's cheating quite a bit.
  8. I think the point that needs to be made to some of the people just talking about changing tactics is that this game used to be accessable to pretty much any football fan, but now it's hard work to do well. While some people take great pleasure in seeing that pay off, the current version of the ME is off putting to the casual player, it's far too hard on that front and SI will lose sales because of it if they don't change that. Personally I'm ok with it as I think I've got the hang of it, but I can see why so many people have a massive problem with it, it's hard for the casual player to enjoy
  9. I think as the facilities were mere weeks from completion common sense should have prevailed. In reality if you've had a major project lasting a year you've already sunk the funds into it, you're barely going to save anything by cancelling it just a few weeks before the end and you'd just have an unusable almost ready facility. Though obviously it's probably down to the promotion requirements.
  10. I play a formation of -----ST----- LW-CAM-RW -----CM----- ---CDM------ LB-CB-CB-RB -----GK----- ST is complete forward, wingers are inside forwards, CAM is Attacking Midfielder, CM is DLP. Both inside forwards get a lot of goals, the last two seasons I've gotten a goal a game out of the striker though.
  11. I've noticed this a bit. I've sold lots of players for inflated prices after good seasons, only to see them on the bench. And I've seen it elsewhere. Liverpool signed a young African striker for 20m, which he was not worth and is unlikely to ever be worth, and he's sat on the bench for 3 seasons. Granted, Liverpool paying over the odds for dross isn't too unrealistic *cries*, but I just don't get the logic from the AI there at all.
  12. I've found sometimes I can't find it, and I've had to exit steam and come back into it. And then start FM again, and only then does it show up. Only had to do that about 2-3 times since getting it though
  13. It's just how capable they are of putting the free kick into their chosen spot accurately, be it a cross or shot. So someone with 20 free kicks is capable of it often. But then you've got to take the other factors into account. For example, if they've picked the right spot(decisions), if they've struck it right(technique), if they're composed enough and concentrating enough,, etc.
  14. I'd say, Free Kicks, Long Shots, Composure, Concentration. Plus Crossing and Passing for when they pass the balll rather than shoot. Also check their PPM's to see if they have any free kick based ones
  15. I've considered in previous games doing just that to make sure my world class players actually get international games. Had a world class winger last year who by age 28 and having been a star performer for years, only had 12 Brazil caps despite being the best wide palyer Brazil had. Because they didn't use wingers. It really bothers me.
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