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  1. try to switch from the 'normal' version to the 'R' version every 10 games or so, it helps preventing the AI to get used to your tactic
  2. Ok I finished my first season with Man Utd. I did some tweaks to the tactic, mainly on the front 4 (STs and AMR/L) because they didn't play the way I wanted in a previous save. I also tweaked the mentality on most players. League table : http://s3.noelshack.com/upload/19237767440859_manutdleaguetable.jpg Results : http://s3.noelshack.com/upload/1167046833645_manutdresult1.jpg http://s3.noelshack.com/upload/19653187044744_manutdresult2.jpg team stats : http://s3.noelshack.com/upload/16969574042883_manutdteamstat.jpg transfer : http://s3.noelshack.com/upload/12316232633562_manutdtransfer.jpg I'm disappointed by the CL games against Barcelona, it's the only game where my team just got outplayed heavily. Other than that, the game lost against Wolves was mainly due to bad luck : http://s3.noelshack.com/upload/15442712184339_manutdvswolves.jpg
  3. Since 10.2 none of the Mr Hough tactics have this "oomph" effect anymore. He probably produced the best tactic for this patch, since then, for every patch/version, we had much better things out from various people (on SI, dugout, fm-base and so on). Don't get me wrong, his tactics are solid, but not as outstanding as the complete dominance 10.2 was. Hard to beat or even equal this one, I agree. That's probably why he uses this tactic as a basis for all of the others (at least this is what it looks like, they are all very similar in some ways). After that, I didn't find any tactic that could work with any team, any division, any country since this tactic. The way the AI/ME makes you play the game, the importance of moral/teamtalks/match prep and so on also takes a huge part of success, regardless of tactic. I really don't like it personnaly, I loved the old FM/CM where you could have this cool tactic working fairly well no matter what. The game was less frustrating back then ^^
  4. I really have to admit that you are one of the best tactician out there, period, Zero Sea. I was testing the "new" Mr Hough 4123 (Cena vs therock or whatever the name is) with Dorchester Town (predicted 20th in Blue Square Bet South) to see if it could be efficient in Lower leagues. I was 15th after around 20 games, so pretty good. But the insane amount of yellow and red cards was really annoying, and the football produced wasn't very exciting, to say the least. But well, I'm playing with such a bad team that being 15th at ~half season is really good enough. After a loosing streak, I was about to post my feedback, and then I saw the new title. Being a fan of your previous tactic, I go in your topic first, and download the new version. I was about to start a new save, but I said to myself 'hey, why not trying it here to see how it goes, it could be interesting to see how the team will react by changing formation and style of play. And here is what happened : http://s3.noelshack.com/upload/9769724999793_zeroseafairyland.jpg The Chelmsford game (predicted 1st by media) http://s3.noelshack.com/upload/18676086764544_zeroseafairylandr1.jpg I'll post some more feedback later, but really encouraging start. Good Job ZS, as always
  5. I think I had my best FM experience in my current save. I was coaching Paris-saint-germain, and won the title / french cup during my first season. The 2nd one started very well, but Sevilla contacted me, and I accepted. Sevilla was 13th after 10 games or so, and my personnal goal was to be in the top 5 (probably behind Real, Barca, Athletico, Valencia). http://s2.noelshack.com/upload/8906039396991_sevilla.jpg http://s2.noelshack.com/uploads/images/3403977268230_sevilla.jpg It was really close, I had some luck (Real losing the last game at... Getafe), but that was a huge achievement, something really unexpected. I thought I lost the championship in the Villareal game. Missed a penalty, 4CCCs to 0, 20 shots to 8, and... a draw :'( ) The amount of goal is just insane, but I had some defensive issues that I tried to work on, unsuccessfully, during the season. I've made some changes, puting one of the striker at the AMC position, and hired Gourcuff to fill this position (they gave me 22M€, and the 9 more to buy new players, gourcuff was my only signing, for 25M€). he has been great, just like Luis Fabiano (aka the scoring machine) and Jesus Navas (aka the defense breaker). I've also been impressed by the duo Renato / Romaric which performed extremly well as MCs. The other change was mainly mentality tweaks here and there, to fit my players. I also tried something that worked pretty well : Putting fairly low mentality on AMs to give a lot of space to the ST and it was brilliant. I really had a lot of fun during this season, and I still have to play the Spain cup final against... Real Madrid (always them ^_^)
  6. No update by Dave, and the original one is working like a charm. try to make some tweaks if you feel the need to, but it's really good as it is.
  7. could you upload it somewhere else RvN please ? Megaupload doesn't work for me Thanks, and gratz on such amazing results
  8. woaw the offensive animation is absolutely amazing. I really love the way the front 4 is moving. Didn't pay much attention to the defense, but congrats on the offensive part.
  9. 4 goals / game is extremly impressive. Could you post your fixtures, and 2 or 3 game stats of 'typical game' (to show a sample of what we can expect in term of possession, pass completion, CCC's etc) Did you make any signing, and what do you like in the 'offensive part' ? I mean what makes you 'love this tactic at the minute' ? Thanks, S!lver
  10. It wasn't a suggestion, just a question. As you've explored one way (playing wide, cut inside, pass middle), I was just wondering if you tried the opposite (playing narrow, hugging line, pass down both flanks). It'll result in something pretty "similar", as trying to outnumber the defense.
  11. Here is my first report : - > I like the ultra wide play + passing through the middle idea. It creates a lot of space between the lines in which the 2 'offensive' MC's can freely run. + the 2 inside wingers are doing a great job running between the side and central defender like that : Opposite DR --- your winger ----- Opposite DC --- your Striker ---- opposite DC ----- your winger ----- opposite DL ------------------------- î ----------------------------------------------------------------------- î -------------------------------- ---------------------- MC ----------------------------------------------------------------------- MC ------------------------------ Did you try the opposite ? I mean playing the same formation but extremly tight, with wingers playing on the side line.
  12. Really nice opening post(s), it makes me curious about your tactic. I usually don't try tactics with "you need world star to make it effective" sentences in the description, but I'll give it a shot and report back. EDIT : The Holy Pentagone is a great name ^_^
  13. Seleznyov is my secret weapon when doing some LAN ^^
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