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  1. 4 goals / game is extremly impressive. Could you post your fixtures, and 2 or 3 game stats of 'typical game' (to show a sample of what we can expect in term of possession, pass completion, CCC's etc) Did you make any signing, and what do you like in the 'offensive part' ? I mean what makes you 'love this tactic at the minute' ? Thanks, S!lver
  2. Seleznyov is my secret weapon when doing some LAN ^^
  3. of course we do ! After the France game, I need to see some victories
  4. Hi Dave. I'm trying your new tactic at the moment with Real Madrid. I started with a personnal one, and switched to yours after a bad game at L'pool in CL. It's really good so far, and the most impressive game : http://s2.noelshack.com/upload/1565112793068_realonfire.jpg fixtures : http://s2.noelshack.com/upload/14568820582239_realonfire2.jpg So it's 7 games, 7 wins, 31 goals, 1 against (an amazing long range free kick btw). I just made some little tweaks, on the FBs and on the 3 strikers (mainly mentality) to fit my players at best. Great job man, as usual EDIT : Barcelona is gonna
  5. Any news about this one ? Seems to fix all the defensive issues you had in the previous versions, which is what I'm desesperatly (huh ?) looking for. Could you post some more SS, like the game you lost with the shots analysis and the formations for example, to see where the danger come from. Or some stats of your overall possession, shoots on targets, CCCs home / away. Thanks in advance, S!lver
  6. Keep going this way unfortunately : http://s2.noelshack.com/upload/11607440769837_bayern5.jpg http://s2.noelshack.com/upload/21471129902277_bayern6.jpg
  7. I've been trying something on a new save, with Bayern. They probably have the best pair of wingers (Ribery + Robben), and 3 different kind of strikers (Gomez, good finisher [18] / Klose, strong man, good header / Olic, bad technical attributes, but awesome mental and physical ones). I decided to try pushing the left and right strikers on the wing, as inside forwards (great dribbling possibilities on both Ribery and Robben), letting the central striker alone upfront. I've also made some tweaks on various points to fit the my players. I only tried during friendlies and it working great so f
  8. It is smashed Hull away 7-2 and Werder away 3-1 with one sent off (Mascherano) BTW, what do you do in such situations ? as I was already winning 3-1, I removed the right FC to put him as the DMC.
  9. okay, I think I'll not play anymore. I'm starting with L'pool, on a current save (testing different tactics). First game is away vs Porto. I saved here for a good reason : good defensive team, away game, using wingers with a strong FC (Hulk), so basically everything I usually struggle against. result ? Porto 0 - 5 Liverpool (Torres x4, Aquilani x1) III Porto 5 shots - 27 shots (!) L'pool III Porto 0 On target - 18 (!!!) On target L'pool Basically, I over dominated the game, like rarely against this team, and never with a "1st time playing with a tactic". Next game against Burnley at home
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