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  1. Summary: Seems to be some sort of error in the news article informing me of fixture changes Description of Issue: My fixture was rearranged due to a clash with a game against myself in 1900 Steps to Reproduce: Not sure, seemed to be when a bunch of fixtures were all rearranged at once due to me going to the Club World Cup https://i.gyazo.com/ee935fcfab2502c533db4a48627185c7.png
  2. Seem to be getting bounced around the various forums at the moment but after posting in the technical issues thread I was sent here. So here goes. Again. I noticed in the OP that there was a mention of edited DBs but no solution, so I'm posting anyway. It's quite frankly ridiculous if there is no solution imo.
  3. Hi wwfan, I've got a question about your teaser thread number 1. You mention creative freedom a lot in the build up, and say that the Mourinho would benefit more from restricting creative freedom and the opposite is true for the Ferguson style. Would you suggest keeping creative freedom at similar levels to the mentality of the players? Or just restrict it quite heavily apart from the 'playmaker' style players in your attack such as the wingers, or a continental style number 10 player? Also do individual player instructions completely override team instructions now? Or will the team instructions still have a bit of an effect? If they do should I just be trying to set them as around about the average for the team?
  4. Tried deleting all the tournament history, still got the error. Trying a reversal of all positions now.
  5. Well it's in the English leagues as the Italian league loaded fine, maybe it's the previous league positions like you say ridleys.
  6. I'm getting Access Array Out of Bounds errors Anyone clever with these or shall I go to the editing forum?
  7. So in true FM fashion I have already encountered a problem. The B teams in the spanish leagues are messing things up for me, the inconsiderate morons. I see no such problems in Italy though so full speed ahead there.
  8. To answer the question in the other thread I'll be leaving all the reputations exactly as they were. I also think I'll leave the league positions and prior league as they were. Gives the big teams in the bottom leagues an advantage that they deserve I guess.
  9. Right, I have a plan. This will turn the leagues topsy turvy. Literally. I am going to reverse every team's position in the season just finished. So Man Utd will be the bottom promoted team into the Conference N/S, Chelsea the next etc, all the way up to Sutton United being the top of the premiership. The same in Italy and Spain too. Then I will holiday it lots and do seasonal reports. To see who can stay at the top, and how long it takes the Man Utds and Chelseas of this world to rise again. I couldn't see a general discussion of challenges thread so I'm putting this in here to gauge reaction, check if it's already being done, and ask if it would be a good idea to set up some users as future regens using an edt file to add some random interest into it. Posted this off topic as I didn't see this thread, was expecting a sticky
  10. I've been thinking about running an FRED experiment once Genie Scout is released. Choosing 10 nations to run, holidaying the game for 5 seasons, then analysing all the players below the age of 20 (basically all FREDs) to compare them to the start of the game. So at the start of the game you might have: Players Under 20 with PA > 160 England: 60 Argentina: 70 Brazil: 90 France: 65 Then holiday it for five years, and see how the FREDs compare PA wise. Also checking the vital attributes for positions, to see if we're still getting barely any defenders with high tackling etc. Then holiday it another 5 years, do another comparison for the U20s, but this time compare the first batch of FREDs, age 20-25, to see what percentage of them are reaching their PA and so on.
  11. Just a quick thought on the option to let the Assistant Manager's take the team talks. I'd like the option to step in at half time of a match if we're in a crisis situation or if it's a desperately important situation that you feel the Assistant Manager can't handle. Just at half time where you move the mouse over Reggina tactics and get 'Quick' and 'Detailed' an added on 'Take Over Teamtalk' option would be good.
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