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  1. Seem to be getting bounced around the various forums at the moment but after posting in the technical issues thread I was sent here. So here goes. Again. I noticed in the OP that there was a mention of edited DBs but no solution, so I'm posting anyway. It's quite frankly ridiculous if there is no solution imo.
  2. Can't see the error message, he said it flashes up really quickly then the game crashes and quits before he could read it.
  3. Trying to set up a network game with an edited database with a friend, basically I edited all the database, saved the DBC file in my SI documents folder, default path. I then sent him the same file, he saved it in the default path too. So the game loads up fine offline and as a server for me, all the data is there edited as it should be. Every time he tries to connect he gets an error message and FM10 crashes out. I had these problems with previous versions of the game but they always were fixed after we all had the common data files but that's clearly not fixing it this time. As a side note I've connected fine with a PC on the same network in my house... No idea if that helps at all. So how can I fix this and actually get to play my game with my friend?
  4. I'm really shocked by this, pretty much speechless. I've sometimes wondered if people on here, or otf2 would find out if I died, but this still hits home pretty hard. You don't really think of people behind the user names like this unless you interact with them off of the board. Didn't know what to think when I found out about this a short while ago and still pretty lost for words. Great man.
  5. I'll get it in February when the final patch is released and the game reaches it's peak in terms of playability. It's been admitted by Miles himself in the blog that the version of FM09 that is so popular is the final patch release. Why pay so much for it when you can get a better version and much cheaper in February imo.
  6. Nothing to see here
  7. ****'s sake. Chelsea should not do that to me. Bring back Mourinho and dull 1-0 wins if only for the sake of my health!
  8. Few times where he should've been more communicative. Massively overhit cross that Alex went to head and luckily missed otherwise it would've been a needless corner. Essien pretty much clearing the ball from in his hands because he didn't know he was there. Good saves and dominated the box when he came for the ball, but if he wasn't coming for it he needed to give the defence far better instructions imo.
  9. No I didn't Sky Sports News advertised it as tonight when I was watching this morning. Either that or they were advertising for next Tuesday which they're not even showing. Good news.
  10. Missing the first half tonight. Would usually skip 5-a-Side because we get about 8 players every week but tonight is the last match of the season and we're joint top, 2nd on goal difference and playing top of the league. Guess they need their goalkeeper Gutted though.
  11. Right back must be an easy position if even Dafuge can play well there I'm glad for the confirmation that I play a more vital rule than Jonathan Back to kicking his ass all over Italy for now...
  12. bah, suspended at the same time as Jonathan so I can't catch up on caps Shame about the France result but hopefully we can get revenge on Brazil to nick 3rd.
  13. I think adapting the Man Utd chant for Vidic to "Idiiiot! Idiiiiot! He comes from Zambia and he'll f**king murder ya" would be apt given his dirtiness ratings. I'm declaring myself a sheriff
  14. Yeah I was going to say it could be a tactics thing, but then again I seemed to play well at wing back against Russia. You're the boss
  15. Hat trick against Roma in the CL too Did I win 7 (seven) trophies with Inter this season? Jesus christ, that's amazing. Kept Jonathan out of the Serie A, Champion's League and World dream teams in the right back position **** yeah. Delighted with the Russia match at wingback, picking up an assist in the process. Think it's certainly my best position considering the huge success I've had at club level there. Unfortunately it seems the competition for the position at international level is not encouraged hence the vast, vast majority of my caps coming in central midfield.