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  1. I haven't, although looking it up it's the same developer so probably would be something I'd enjoy. Although they also did Shenzhen I/O and I looked at that, saw there was a 45 page manual before you knew how to solve the puzzles and said **** that
  2. Games Completed: 4 Time Crisis II - 6/10 Convoy - 6.5/10 Bridge Constructor Medieval - 7/10 Opus Magnum - As I mentioned before this game is an engineering type puzzle game where you are building machines to automate alchemical (is that a word?) processes all within a hex based grid. Each puzzle you're given a 'product' you need to create and reagents to create it with. You then go wild and build a machine that can do this by moving the reagents around, bonding atoms with each other, breaking bonds, upgrading metals on the path between lead and gold and so
  3. That gem system sounds amazing. I've got no interest in Diablo III style games but it sounds like something that would translate into a more traditional RPG really well too and give you endless ways to customise a character's moveset. Have you seen anything similar in other games?
  4. Classic. Used to play it at Primary School all the time. This and Chip's Challenge.
  5. That's pretty much the short form of what I said about it I also really enjoyed the sound design of the game within levels, it really added to the tension, but yeah, same criticisms you pointed out by and large.
  6. haha, no, it's last year but I didn't post over here last year so I thought I'd throw them up in the unlikely event the entire forum missed any of them because there's some absolute gems in there. Reviewed them all too but not copied that over, would probably break the thread it would be such a wall of text Yeah it really was excellent. I did what I usually do with puzzle games and refused to google answers and eventually fell off of it because it was so hard. It being on my "currently playing" list every time I completed a different game eventually guilted me into going back to it and
  7. Games Completed: 23 Speedrunners - 8/10 Steamworld Dig - 5/10 Okhlos - 3/10 Project Highrise - 6/10 Hacknet - 9/10 Steamworld Heist - 7/10 Dust: An Elysian Tale - 9.5/10 The Swapper - 7.5/10 Invisible Inc. - 5/10 Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons - 6.5/10 Ori and the Blind Forest - 10/10 Tales From the Borderlands - 9/10 Human Fall Flat - 7/10 Portal - 9/10 Portal 2 - 8/10 The Sexy Brutale - 7.5/10 SUPERHOT - 7/10 Cuphead - 9/10 X-Com: Enemy Unknown/Within - 8.5/10 The Elephant in the Room - 1/10 Kingsway - 6/10 Battle Chef Brigade - 9/10 Dungeon Keeper Gold -
  8. Games Completed: 3 Time Crisis II - Starting the year off in excellent style, there's a pub near me that has restyled itself into some kind of Arcade Bar, but not a particularly extensive one. There's VR you can rent, which seems like a recipe for pink eye, a few cocktail tables and a Time Crisis II cabinet. Completed it duo with my mate at the low low price of about £9 Most of that was his though, he was absolutely woeful. It looks terrible, the story might as well not exist, but light gun games are so much fun and this is probably one of the best I remember playing as a kid. Possibl
  9. Hi wwfan, I've got a question about your teaser thread number 1. You mention creative freedom a lot in the build up, and say that the Mourinho would benefit more from restricting creative freedom and the opposite is true for the Ferguson style. Would you suggest keeping creative freedom at similar levels to the mentality of the players? Or just restrict it quite heavily apart from the 'playmaker' style players in your attack such as the wingers, or a continental style number 10 player? Also do individual player instructions completely override team instructions now? Or will the team instruct
  10. Might try and dig Shivers out again now that I've forgotten most of it. Although the Wiki tells me there is a Shivers II. Might look into it, despite it most likely being a disappointing sequel to the first like so many others. My main gripe with Black and White was the creature's utter stupidity and the seemingly random nature of the reward/punishment engine's effects. He eat's a villager so I slap him and get the message "You're creature will now eat less when he is hungry" and so on. Also when he heals or waters the fields or gives them food/wood with a miricle, you can't encourage him to
  11. Anyone ever played Shivers? Was a point and click game I got sent over to me from America by my Aunt years and years ago. Actually took me several years to fully complete it without using a walkthrough. Also, I've been playing Black and White lately as it seemed a bit of a cult game with people I know. It's ****?
  12. Tried deleting all the tournament history, still got the error. Trying a reversal of all positions now.
  13. Well it's in the English leagues as the Italian league loaded fine, maybe it's the previous league positions like you say ridleys.
  14. I'm getting Access Array Out of Bounds errors Anyone clever with these or shall I go to the editing forum?
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