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  1. My director of football keeps sending players out on loan. I don't mind this but i want the last say, i want to be able to confirm it at the end. I have looked at staff responsibility's and i can't see it anywhere. It is more than likely there but trying to find something that is right in front of you is one of the hardest things in the world. Is it possible to do this?
  2. Thanks. Looks like my Aston Villa save is going to continue
  3. Would we need to start a new game to get some of the updates to work in the game. I know some work on saves and sometimes you need to start a new game for all updates to work in some saves.
  4. Never wanted to manage here b4 but with all the talent there, would be great to manage a club and try and get great youth players in the future. just seems like a fun league.
  5. Aston villa. Because I'm a fan and i want to bring the good old old old days back and get them back to the prem. Easy right?
  6. Thinking of playing the Chinese Super League but unsure. Just wanted to know if anyone tried it and is it a good league to play.
  7. not sure if this is right. i signed a player from Sheff Wed for Celtic and it says he has to return in 40 days to keep gaining nationality from Great Britain. does Scotland count towards that?
  8. i have signed a player for January window and i'm in December is there away to cancel the transfer with the IGE or any other way to cancel it
  9. i'm trying to make a successful 4-4-2 not having much look so i left it. tell how it goes.
  10. Benteke back lol. That be good to see. Finished my first season 14th, now i bought Rhodes like last time but this time using him better i'm in December second season and i'm 8th. looking good still tweaking here and there but i have Sven Bender as a BWM he is amazing there it's having him thats helping my team. just played Tottenham was 2-0 in the first 20 mins but lost 3-2 my player just fell apart after the second goal. Phil Jones any good?
  11. Some good signings there, how are they fitting in with your tactics? i sold Kozak on my new save for £2 million. With Guzan thats a tough call but if you think you can get some money from him and get the wages for another player then go for it but if you feel he can help your team push on up keep him. This year is the first year i have made my own tactics last few years i would download them but this year i found enjoyment making them, so i used the beta as a test to see how my tactics work and decided to make a new save even tho i had a very good team that could push top 8.
  12. I started again after release day, thinking that i understand my tactics better. I'm using the one i put up at the start of this thread but with little tweaks here and there. I play with a lower tempo around the 60th min now helps my team unless we're losing badly. i'm about 14th in my first season but just lost to Swansea 3-1 in the cup. My tactics got completely destroyed by them. Will post screenshots today or tomorrow. did you carry on your save?
  13. been busy yesterday so couldn't play much. Did a few pre season games. looking good with the tactics but want to try them in the league b4 getting happy lol. with any luck, i might be signing Willian he should help an already good midfield. if i do sign him i might need to rethink my tactics tho as i might need to remove my second striker to a different role. i have noticed Rhodes gets caught offside alot. Rhodes is a good player the bad thing is, no matter what i do he can't score well. i know it's my tactics with him. Grealish i find is amazing at playing as an inside forward, he makes good runs in to the box. Arsenal are after Grealish on mine, he wants to leave but he signed a new contract last season with a £42 million release fee. so i'm happy there lol. my tactics are working better with the counter attack, control don't work well as i lost an easy pre season match with it. do you use monthly installments are just pay the full amount?
  14. They both cost me £8.5 million each which isn't bad lol. that was my problem with my old tactic. going 1-0 up only to concede a silly goal. Lovren isn't bad but you are right better then Lescott. i haven't played Barker loaned him out 2 seasons in a row. keep us informed on how you get on? you going to carry on your save from release or start a new game?
  15. finished 8th. kept the same tactic till the end of the season. but going to change it. Rhodes does need a partner to help. so i bought Bony and got Mangala for defence. also bringing in another defender and midfielder. the trouble this season is keeping my star players. i'm going to play two upfront now. so pre season is all about tying new tactics to go with my players. thinking of a 4 2 4. 2 upfront 2 inside forward. maybe have counter attack to help with high tempo. will let you know how it goes. where did you finish? hows your team playing overall and possession?
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