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  1. Apologies if this is in the wrong place but I searched and couldnt find anything. I am trying to start a new game in the MLS but would like it to be for the 2020 season as I'd like it to preserve the accuracy of the 2018/19 data. It's there as an option (but greyed out) and I've done it in previous versions. Just wondering what I'm doing wrong and it's still an option some how?
  2. I am currently using 19.2.1 Argus and I have a positive goal difference of +111 and only played 28 league games so far. I am just belting everyone. It's brutal. This is with Real Madrid in 2023. I wouldnt even say it's that good of a squad either, I've just taken over this season.
  3. I am playing with Leeds (2nd season) and Australia with this tactic and despite dominating shots and posession, I've not had the best results. A big case of chances not being taken plus the fullbacks getting caught forward too often. I'm planning on persisting though because when they get forward and play short passes, it's a beautiful thing. Possibly a tactic for stronger technical players than the divisions below.
  4. Am I tripping hard or is there no Auto Continue function anymore?
  5. I am struggling for consistency with the tactic. Also dominating posession but not leading to enough shots or CCCs.
  6. This tactic has been amazing for me since the patch. I am dusting teams up all over the place. Not sure if anyone else has had this, but all of a sudden I'm unstoppable at corners/freekicks/longthrows. One of my centre backs has got a couple of hattricks and a bunch of other goals. I have recently made sure it's my best set piece takers who are taking them and since then I've been scoring heaps from dead ball situations.
  7. http://www.qldsl.com.au/ Queensland State League?
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