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  1. Australia - Went expecting an utter dire 3 hours only bearable due to my girlfriends company, officially kidmans biggest fan, I have to say I rather liked it. Visually immense and a decent plot aswell. Some holes obviously and at times predictable but a shortened version would be well worth a watch imho
  2. Saw twighlight, found it pretty dull and predictable. Thought there were gaps in the plot and that the dramtic iront, that we knew were vampires, was wiped out by the fact that everyone did know who were vampires yet had decided jsut not to mention it.
  3. Turns out to be one of his brothers! Great win Frochy! Although he doesn't seem the most promotable of boxers, techinque is not the greatest to watch.
  4. I should've gone tonight, regretitng it hugely now! C'mon Carl finish him.
  5. Theres a guy in the second row who constantly stands up and jsut punches his fists then sits straight back down
  6. This is proper blow for blow boxing, froch not the best to look at but can take a hit and is exciting to watch.
  7. I'm pretty new to boxing but love it, can anyone give me a definitive time and order of matches tonight?
  8. I'm coming along nicely and can see the benfits im having during my sports. Theres jsut a few last things that are bugging me; - Lower abs and V, how can I build these up? - Improving my jump, workouts to get that extra spring. - Calves, find these hard to build. - Filling out the middle of the pecs, any tips? Cheers boys
  9. Last month have been trying to bulk up. And it is working incredibly, my legs have doubled, i have pecs and my arms and shoulders are looking quality! Cheers for your help guys.
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