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  1. Istanbul isn't the capital of Turkey . However there are a lot of teams in Ankara, not sure how many are playable but Genclerbirligi and Ankaragucu are the most well known.
  2. I had a really lucky game as United against Chelsea, we were being completely dominated for 60 minutes, Costa, Willian, Hojbjerg, Hazard and Oscar were having shots at will and we looked unable to cope, perhaps realistically De Gea was single-handedly keeping us in the game at this point. Anyway at that point, things took a turn for the worse when Ander Herrera was forced off with injury (my 3rd choice AM behind an injured Mata and unfit Januzaj) so I had to bring on Gabi in a position he really wasn't comfortable playing... in theory anyway. Just a minute later, he made a great tackle while Chelsea were pushed up and put Leo through on goal (I like signing At. Madrid players ). He was foiled but it was an omen for what was to come. Then in one of our rare attacks, the ball fell to Gabi on the edge of the box and having not scored for us in almost 2 years since signing slammed the ball into the top corner. Chelsea continued to pressure us, De Gea continued to stop them every single time, then another break, ball played across the middle and there is Gabi once again to score his second! Schurrle scored one hell of a goal in the 89th minute to pull it back to 2-1 but it didn't matter as we took home the three points! I think Chelsea had 19 shots on target at the end of the game...
  3. £1 on CSKA Moscow
  4. James Chester IRL just signed for West Brom from Hull for £8m, teams getting relegated are under less pressure to sell than they used to be.
  5. A Turkish guy called Dean Florence? :S
  6. I signed Acapandie for Astra on my save, is he doing well for you?
  7. Well, I guess that means my final score is at least 2!!
  8. Me too, but we'll have to wait and see, I've got a few important exams coming up and I'm going to focus on those, I'll be back next week for those who are following this.
  9. We are getting better results but we aren't half the team we were last year.
  10. 18/9/13 - Gaz Metan vs Astra (Liga I) Squads Astra----------------------|Gaz Metan GK: Marian Kello------------|GK: Milos Buchta RB: Vincent Acapandié----- |RB: Andrei Dumitraş RCB: Marius Mihalache------|RCB: Mădălin Murgan LCB: Syam Ben Youssef---- |LCB: Cosmin Frăsinescu LB: Junior Maranhao--------|LB: Ionuţ Buzean DM: Takayuki Seto---------|RM: Alexandru Munteanu RM: Gabriel Enache-------- |RCM: Aymen Tahar LM: Olivier Bournal---------|LCM: Valentin Negru AM: Viorel Ferfelea---------|LM: Ciprian Petre ST: Daniel Vădrariu-------- |AM: Eric ST: Costin Curelea---------|ST: Sabrin Sburlea Subs Mohamed Lamine Berthé|Răzvan Pleşca Ezequias-------------- |Sebastian Cojocnean Seidu Yahaya----------|George Neagu Leszek Nowosielski----- |Constantin Budescu Stivan Petkov----------|Adrian Popa -----------------------|Daniel Tătar -----------------------|Ionel Dănciulescu Makes/Could make league debut Makes/Could make senior debut Needs 1 goal to reach 50 league goals Needs 1 goal to reach 250 league goals Sabrin Sburlea hasn't scored in 442 minutes of football for Gaz Metan Preview: Hoping for another positive result here, we should be able to pull it off. 9 - Maranhao attempts a piledriver from distance but it's straight at Buchta. 10 - Vădrariu is tripped by Murgan who is booked. 10 - Munteanu does well to get to the byline but his shot is wide. 25 - Munteanu again in a dangerous position and this time his shot comes off the bar. 26 - GOAL! Erics corner is headed in by Frăsinescu. 45 - Vădrariu makes a great run into the box but curls it wide. 45+1 - Half time A poor half, we need to start playing here or this could be embarrassing. 47 - Eric finds Munteanu in the box but he is well denied by Kello. 47 - Mihalache heads out a cross as far as Munteanu who volleys it well wide. 49 - GOAL! Astra are level, a great counter sees Bournal play in Curelea who touches it round the keeper before finishing. 59 - Eric to Negru who goes for it and Kello again turns it round. 60 - Erics corner finds Sburlea wide open and he hits the bar, how are the scores level? 61 - Sburlea is replaced by Dănciulescu. 74 - Mihalache is upended by Petre, yellow. 76 - Some mazy dribbling by Enache and his cross finds Curelea who hits the bar, what a chance. 86 - Petres cross finds Munteanu, who hits the bar. 89 - GOAL! A cruel, cruel goal for Astra, Ferfeleas corner comes back to him and his ball across the middle is wonderfully placed by Vădrariu to surely win it for Astra. 90 - Cojocnean and Astra old boy Budescu make their debuts in for Munteanu and Petre. 90+2 - Full time To be honest, we were awful today and how we won this match, I will never know, we'll take it though. Ratings GK: Kello (8.2) RB: Acapandié (7.0) RCB: Mihalache (7.0) LCB: Ben Youssef (6.9) LB: Maranhao (7.0) DM: Seto (7.8) RM: Enache (6.9) LM: Bournal (7.0) AM: Ferfelea (8.0) ST: Curelea (7.5) ST: Vădrariu (7.3)
  11. 13/9/13 - Astra vs Ceahlăul (Liga I) Squads Astra----------------------|Ceahlăul GK: Marian Kello------------|GK: Bogdan Miron RB: Vincent Acapandié----- |RB: Dean Beţa RCB: Marius Mihalache------|RCB: Nuno Diogo LCB: Syam Ben Youssef---- |LCB: Andrei Viţelaru LB: Ezequias---------------|LB: Gaston Mendy DM: Takayuki Seto---------|DM: Nikola Tolimir RM: Ştefan Bărboianu------ |RCM: Vlad Achim LM: Junior Maranhao------- |LCM: Aitor Monroy AM: Viorel Ferfelea---------|RAM: Fwayo Tembo ST: Costin Curelea---------|LAM: Daniel Stana ST: Daniel Vădrariu-------- |ST: Cristinel Gafiţa Subs Gabriel Enache---------|Florin Matache Leszek Nowosielski----- |Florin Bejan Seidu Yahaya----------|Antonio Moreno Olivier Bournal--------- |Georgian Marcu Stivan Petkov----------|Darko Lukanovic -----------------------|Alexandru Giurgiu -----------------------|Cristian Danci Makes/Could make league debut for his club Makes/Could make senior debut Makes/Could make 250th league appearance Makes/Could make 150th league appearance Needs 1 goal to reach 25 league goals for his club Preview: A combination of injuries and a deadline day clear-out mean that we only have 5 subs and have to play Vădrariu up front, still we have a good enough team to get a result, just a shame Smolarek twisted his ankle in training. 19 - Bărboianu is forced off through injury and is replaced by Bournal. 44 - GOAL! Finally, something happens in this game, a great burst of pace by Bournal down the right and his cross is finished off by Maranhao. 45+1 - Half time Great timing for the goal and we now have something to hold onto and I hope we can. 51 - GOAL! Maranhao swings in a free-kick and Curelea makes an incredible header into the far corner, great finish. 61 - Stana is booked for bringing down Curelea. 66 - GOAL! Achim plays it through for Monroy who brings Ceahlăul back in this game. 67 - Achim is now replaced by Lukanovic. 80 - Tembo is replaced by Marcu. 85 - Miron comes out of goal to clear it, it falls to Bournal on the half way line who goes for it but hits it wide. 86 - Nowosielski and Yahaya are now on, replacing Acapandié and Ferfelea. 90+1 - The ball falls to Tolimir from distance but his shot is straight at Kello. 90+2 - Full time We had to hang in there in the end but I'm pleased that the team has another 3 points. However, news of Bărboianu breaking his arm and being out for 2 months is not good at all. Ratings GK: Kello (6.9) RB: Acapandié (7.0) sub 86 RCB: Mihalache (7.0) LCB: Ben Youssef (7.8) LB: Ezequias (7.0) DM: Seto (7.2) RM: Bărboianu (6.8) inj 19 LM: Maranhao (8.1) AM: Ferfelea (7.0) sub 86 ST: Curelea (7.6) ST: Vădrariu (6.9) Subs Bournal (7.0) sub 19 Nowosielski (N/A) sub 86 Yahaya (N/A) sub 86 Transfers A lot of departures, Silviu Rotaru has been loaned to Braşov for £1K per month, Constantin Budescu has been sold to Gaz Metan for £75K, Ionuţ Mazilu was a player I wanted to keep, but he wanted to leave so I sold him to 2nd Division FCM Tg. Mureş for £75K. Andrei Mureşan also leaves the club, joining Turnu Severin for £90K.
  12. August 2013 Update Sligo Rovers 0-1 Astra (Europa League 3rd Qualifying Round) Astra: Smolarek (37) Petrolul 1-1 Astra (Liga I) Astra: Ezequias (66) Petrolul: Grozav (72) Astra 2-1 Sligo Rovers (Europa League 3rd Qualifying Round) Astra: Curelea (2, 21) Sligo: Quigley (85) Astra 0-0 FC Braşov (Liga I) Astra 1-3 CFR Cluj (Liga I) Astra: Ferfelea (78) Cluj: Ganea (9), Sougou (23), Rada (53) Dynamo Kyiv 2-2 Astra (Europa League Playoff) Astra: Smolarek (57), Budescu (86) Kyiv: Milevskyi (3), Vukojevic (16) Săgeata N. 2-1 Astra (Liga I) Astra: Smolarek (18) Săgeata: Oprea (48), Zaharia (82), Zaharia missed pen (79) Astra 1-3 Dynamo Kyiv (Europa League Playoff) Astra: Ferfelea (90+1) Kyiv: Kello OG (1), Ideye (13), Milevskyi (72) FC Argeş 0-3 Astra (Liga I) Astra: Acapandié (40), Budescu (54), Curelea (89) Uploaded with As you can see from simply the amount of games we played how absolutely crazy August was, the Europa League has certainly taken its toll on our league form and hopefully we can recover. A good away win to Sligo Rovers was how it started, followed by a good draw with Petrolul which we were unlucky to win in the end. We sealed our victory against Sligo with a 2-1 win to enter the play-off. We then played poorly in a boring game with Braşov before being dismantled by Cluj. We recovered well from a 2-0 deficit to get a 2-2 draw in Kiev against Dynamo, giving us hope of reaching the groups. We followed that up by giving our own lead away, allowing bottom side Săgeata N. to claim 3 points against us. An awful result and Kiev scoring after about 20 seconds into our home leg didn't help at all, we lost 3-1 and dropped out of the Europa League. We ended the month with our first league win since the opening day, a convincing 3-0 win over Argeş. Hopefully, without the Europa League we can start recovering our league position.
  13. 31/8/13 - FC Argeş vs Astra (Liga I) Squads Astra----------------------|FC Argeş GK: Marian Kello------------|GK: Flavius Croitoru RB: Vincent Acapandié----- |RB: Adrian Voicu RCB: Marius Mihalache------|RCB: Mirel Soare LCB: Syam Ben Youssef---- |LCB: Andrei Lozneanu LB: Junior Maranhao--------|LB: Bogdan Bucurică DM: Takayuki Seto---------|RM: Alin Popa RM: Ştefan Bărboianu------ |RCM: Monel Cârstoiu LM: Daniel Vădrariu-------- |LCM: Alexandru Răuţă AM: Leszek Nowozielski-----|LM: Cătălin Doman ST: Constantin Budescu--- |ST: Adrian Dulcea ST: Costin Curelea---------|ST: Dănuţ Ivănică Subs Viorel Ferfelea--------- |Dănuţ Fundulea Ezequias---------------|Marius Ion Olivier Bournal--------- |Ştefan Ianuşi Mohamed Lamine Berthé|Bogdan Huţanu Seidu Yahaya----------|Cristian Iancu Gabriel Enache---------|Florinel Stancu Ionuţ Mazilu----------- |Marius Briceag Makes/Could make league debut for his club Makes/Could make 125th league appearance for his club Needs 2 goals to reach 25 league goals for his club Needs 2 goals to reach 25 league goals Needs 2 goals to reach 50 league goals Needs 1 goal to reach 100 league goals Adrian Dulcea hasn't scored in 400 minutes of football for FC Argeş. Costin Curelea hasn't scored in 512 minutes of football for Astra. Preview: So, back to the league and this is a match we should win but I don't know anymore with this team. 15 - Ivănică finds Răuţă who powers it on goal and it hits the post, unlucky. 39 - GOAL! Bărboianus cross is deflected into the air but Acapandié takes it down superbly, charges into the box and rockets it into the far corner, not a bad 1st Astra goal! 41 - Ezequias is on to replace Maranhao. 45+1 - Half time We were 1-0 up in our last league game and messed that up, I'm hoping we don't do that today. 45 - Ion is on for Doman. 52 - Enache replaces Bărboianu. 53 - GOAL! Good counter by Astra as Nowosielski slips in Budescu who slots it in. 79 - Enache gets to the byline and tries to squeeze a shot in but the keeper saves. 80 - Ben Youssef makes way for Bournal. 83 - Just Astras luck, Enache picks up an injury after their 3rd substitution so they go down to ten. 85 - Ianuşi and Briceag now enter in the places of Bucurică and Răuţă. 85 - Ivănicăs ambitious effort is deflected but Tulcea picks up the pieces to pull one back, is there hope for Argeş? No because the goal was disallowed. 88 - GOAL! A routine 3rd for Astra, all Kello does is blast it up there, Budescu brings it down and plays in Curelea who does well to find the net from 20 yards, a relieving goal for him. A long awaited 100th league goal of his career. 90+2 - Full time Pleased that we saw the game off comfortably and more importantly we've finally got a win. Fortunately, it's just a dead leg for Enache. Ratings GK: Kello (7.0) RB: Acapandié (8.5) RCB: Mihalache (7.5) LCB: Ben Youssef (7.4) sub 80 LB: Maranhao (7.0) sub 41 DM: Seto (7.3) RM: Bărboianu (7.1) sub 52 LM: Vădrariu (7.0) AM: Nowosielski (8.5) ST: Budescu (8.7) ST: Curelea (8.0) Subs Ezequias (7.0) sub 41 Enache (7.0) sub 52 inj 83 Bournal (7.0) sub 80
  14. 28/8/13 - Astra vs Dynamo Kyiv (Europa League Playoff) Squads Astra----------------------|Dynamo Kyiv GK: Marian Kello------------|GK: Maxym Koval RB: Vincent Acapandié----- |RB: Betao RCB: Marius Mihalache------|RCB: Eugene Khacheridi LCB: Syam Ben Youssef---- |LCB: Taras Mykhalyk LB: Ezequias---------------|LB: Dmytro Kushnirov DM: Seidu Yahaya--------- |RCM: Ognjen Vukojevic RM: Ştefan Bărboianu------ |LCM: Denys Garmash LM: Junior Maranhao------- |RAM: Raffael AM: Viorel Ferfelea-------- |AM: Artem Milevskyi ST: Costin Curelea---------|LAM: Andriy Yarmolenko ST: Euzebiusz Smolarek----|ST: Brown Ideye Subs Gabriel Enache--------- |Olexandr Shovkovskyi Daniel Vădrariu---------|Miguel Veloso Takayuki Seto--------- |Oleg Gusev Constantin Budescu---- |Marco Ruben Andrei Mureşan---------|Sergiy Lyulka Olivier Bournal----------|Dudu Ionuţ Mazilu----------- |Vladyslav Kalitvintsev Costin Curelea hasn't scored in 422 minutes of football for Astra. If Dynamo Kyiv don't lose they'll break their record of 15 games without defeat. Preview: After a fantastic 2-2 draw in Kiev, all we have to do is hold on, well actually that's pretty difficult but whatever happens we've done well to get this far. 0 - GOAL! Kiev have already taken the lead, Yarmolenko hits one, it hits the bar, bounces off Kello and goes in, not a great start for Astra. 12 - GOAL! Raffaels corner is headed in by Ideye and this could already be game over. 19 - Garmash strikes one from distance and Kello does well to tip it over. 34 - Yarmolenko gets to the edge of the area but hits it wide. 36 - Mureşan and Bournal are now on for Mihalache and Bărboianu. 40 - Raffael with another corner and Khacheridi should score but heads it over. 45 - Smolarek finds Curelea on the edge of the area who blasts it and Koval makes a good save, better from Astra. 45+1 - Half time Well, unless we can repeat what we did in the first leg, our Europa League campaign is over but never say never. 53 - Astra miss a golden opportunity, Kyiv lose it cheaply and Smolarek is through on goal but Koval saves his effort, he'll be gutted he's missed there. 71 - Gusev and Lyulka come on for Vukojevic and Ideye. 71 - GOAL! That should put it to bed, Garmash plays it through for Milevskyi who smashes it into the bottom right corner. 72 - Smolarek is replaced by Budescu. 76 - Betao is booked for upending Curelea. 78 - Dudu replaces Yarmolenko for Kyiv. 90 - GOAL! Astra get one back, Maranhao floats in a free-kick which Ferfelea heads in. 90+1 - Full time It all depended on who got the next goal and when Smolarek missed that chance, I knew it wasn't to be our day, we didn't make it easy for them though and we should be proud to have gotten this far. Ratings GK: Kello (6.1) RB: Acapandié (7.0) RCB: Mihalache (6.2) sub 36 LCB: Ben Youssef (7.0) LB: Ezequias (6.4) DM: Yahaya (7.0) RM: Bărboianu (6.4) sub 36 LM: Maranhao (6.9) AM: Ferfelea (7.4) ST: Curelea (6.0) ST: Smolarek (6.6) sub 72 Subs Mureşan (6.0) sub 36 Bournal (7.0) sub 36 Budescu (7.0) sub 72
  15. 25/8/13 - Săgeata N. vs Astra (Liga I) Squads Astra----------------------|Săgeata N. GK: Marian Kello------------|GK: Stelian Florea RB: Ştefan Bărboianu-------|RB: Geo Mişu RCB: Marius Mihalache------|RCB: Sergiu Bar LCB: Syam Ben Youssef---- |LCB: Florin Popa LB: Ezequias---------------|LB: Sorin Buşu DM: Takayuki Seto---------|RM: Marian Chiţu RM: Gabriel Enache-------- |RCM: Gabriel Precup LM: Daniel Vădrariu-------- |LCM: Ovidiu Vezan AM: Viorel Ferfelea-------- |LM: Valentin Coşereanu ST: Costin Curelea---------|ST: Dorel Zaharia ST: Euzebiusz Smolarek----|ST: Bogdan Oprea Subs Seidu Yahaya----------|Adrian Viciu Vincent Acapandié----- |Sebastian Petruş Leszek Nowosielski----- |Alexandru Pleniceanu Ionuţ Mazilu----------- |Marius Jeanu Junior Maranhao--------|Marcel Hering Olivier Bournal----------|Marius Tigoianu Constantin Budescu---- |Gheorghe Goşa Makes/Could make league debut for his club Makes/Could make senior debut Needs 2 goals to reach 25 league goals for his club Makes/Could make 25th league appearance for his club Needs 1 goal to reach 25 league goals for his club Needs 1 goal to reach 100 league goals Needs 2 goals to reach 50 league goals If Săgeata N. lose they'll break their record of 6 defeats in a row If Săgeata N. don't win they'll break their record of 6 games without a win in a row Preview: We haven't won for a while but that should change against our bottom of the league opponents. 17 - GOAL! Curelea slips a ball for Smolarek who blasts in his first league goal for the club, 1-0. 25 - Smolarek pounces on a poor touch by Precup but the keeper saves his shot. 45+1 - Half time Glad we're ahead but I want this result beyond doubt. 47 - GOAL! Zaharias pass finds Oprea who places it in to get the home team a shock leveller. 59 - Goşa is on for Mişu 68 - Oprea to Zaharia who goes for goal and is unlucky to hit the post. 78 - PENALTY! Seto brings down Zaharia in the box with a poor tackle and Săgeata may now win it! Ferfelea is not happy with that at all. Seto is booked for the challenge. 78 - SAVED! Zaharia gets up to take it but Kello guesses the right way and keeps it out! 81 - GOAL! But now they do lead as Precup plays in Zaharia who puts it beyond Kello! Astra are furious and are claiming offside! 84 - Vădrariu sees yellow for shoving Goşa. 87 - Acapandié and Budescu are on now for Bărboianu and Curelea. 90 - Pleniceanu and Jianu are on for Precup and Zaharia. 90 - Vădrarius cross is headed down by Budescu for Smolarek who volleys wide, should have been 2-2. 90+4 - Full time Awful, just awful, we should have destroyed them and yet we've let them come back to win it! How! Ratings GK: Kello (6.7) RB: Bărboianu (6.6) sub 87 RCB: Mihalache (6.8) LCB: Ben Youssef (6.7) LB: Ezequias (6.9) DM: Seto (6.9) RM: Enache (6.7) LM: Vădrariu (6.8) AM: Ferfelea (6.9) ST: Curelea (6.9) sub 87 ST: Smolarek (7.4) Subs Acapandié (N/A) sub 87 Budescu (N/A) sub 87 Transfer Nothing big, Victoraş Cataramă joins FC Braşov for £7K