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  1. Having the same issue - see here - noted a difference since the new update though.
  2. need more info

    I've attached all PKMs to this post. I must acknowledge (you'll see this in the PKMs) that initially I have all players always closing down, hard tackling and always showing onto weaker foot for all opposing attacking players. I've always played this way and it has not impacted on the amount of yellow or red cards I receive, if anything I'm regularly getting commended for my good discipline. However, upon two red cards in quick succession, I did change my tactics to go easy on tackles and not close down as much - this still did not have an impact. I've only raised it here because it's only happened since the update and it is only my central midfielders that are sent off. I started to recognise the pattern and there's been cases where I've tried to sub them before they get sent off, but the player has got sent off before the change has been made. There is one game where I didn't get a red card, but received a lot of yellows. As I say, I haven't changed my approach and it's never affected me to a great extent before the update. I'm not saying it's a bug - as I say it could be my tactics as I do like to press. But I thought I'd raise it for you to look into anyway. These are the last few games of the season. I still got promoted, but obviously, it's going to be harder if I'm down to ten men every game! Let me know what you find. Wycombe v Cambridge.pkm Wycombe v Cheltenham.pkm Wycombe v Doncaster.pkm Barnet v Wycombe.pkm Morecambe v Wycombe.pkm
  3. need more info

    Thanks for getting back to me, Dan. That's good to know - it might potentially be my tactics then. They've been from rash tackles through to second yellows, but it's always my centre midfielder. I'll upload the PKMs later this afternoon. Cheers.
  4. I'm only raising this here as I've only had the issue since the update has downloaded. Every game one of my central midfielders is getting sent off without fail. I've tried changing tactics, reducing intensity of the tackles to soft and reduced closing down, but I'm still getting someone sent off every game. It's happened five games in a row now - and only since I've downloaded the new update. The point of this post is to ascertain whether people are having the same issue (therefore it will most likely be a ME issue) or if it is purely just my tactics (which I would question as I had a great disciplinary record before the update and I rarely change my tactics). If it could be an ME issue, I'll send my save for download. Thanks.
  5. You need a couple of good seasons, both on the pitch and financially, behind you. Once you're stable financially and making profit and your club is doing well, request to become professional. Once this is done, start going a bit further in Europe and then your scouting range will continue to increase. Did this with Keflavik.
  6. I never knew an official one existed. My gaming experience is set to change...
  7. SuperDan's Dulwich Hamlet Season One 2016/17 - Hamlet-To be or not to be? Definitely not to be. Despite a strong start to the season, where we were second at one point, we fell apart and ended up finishing 17th. Now for me, your relationship with your Football Manager side is like your relationship with a special lady (or man). I think I speak for everyone when I say it's important to get invested in a team on Football Manager to have a long term save with them - otherwise they get boring real quick. I definitely have that relationship with Hamlet already - there's a particular charm about them and, as a result, The Pink & Blues now have a new follower on Twitter and someone looking out for their scores on the weekend. Next step is acquiring a shirt. Here's the league table in which the more unconventional Vanarama South sides reigned. Margate had a strong season thanks to their strikers. Maidenhead got to the playoff final, before losing to Ebbsfleet, who, by all accounts, tend to go on to be a strong side. I do feel that you will only succeed in the lower leagues if you have a huge goalscorer - this was the case for the teams at the top of the league. Ebbsfleet had Danny Haynes (no idea how - he's still relatively young as well) who scored more than 20 goals. I want my challenge to be about stability. When I took over, the Hamlet were teetering around the £0 mark and the last thing I wanted was for them to go into debt. I had an OK cup run, getting to the first round of the FA Cup - but more on that further down the post. I had a wage budget of £6,750, but I kept way below that - keeping it at around £5,000 a week. I retained most of the players from the start - assigning them to new one year contracts at a lower wage and brought in players for no more than £325 per week. The only players I brought in were for free transfers or no cost loans. With regular attendances of more than 550, a lower wage spend and a relatively good cup run, my finances went up to £158k at the end of the season. This has brought my transfer budget up from £0 to £17k and my wage budget up to £6k for next season. Although I set up for promotion (I think it's always best to aim for the best possible outcome) - I quickly understood I didn't have the quality in the squad nor the size to get promoted. At first instance, even if we did go up - we wouldn't have a budget or quality to sustain ourselves in the Vanarama National and it would be a disaster. Cups My indication for this was in the cup. In the FA Cup, we did well against lower or equal teams but struggled against Dover in the league above. This was also show in the FA Trophy - where we lost to Woking. Both sides are good indicators of how you'd fare in the league above and I understood we weren't ready. Key players Elvis Menayese - This little gem, formerly of Cardiff City, made the difference to my season. Still relatively young and a name that made me change his name to Elvis Mayonnaise - he injected goals into my team. Oft on a late night FM session would I wake my girlfriend with a 'GET IN MAYONNAISE' - he made game winning goals. I can assure you Mayonnaise is here for next season. Jamie Spencer - My third signing and top scorer for this season. We missed him when he was out with injury. Hopefully we'll keep him fit next season as he goes well with Mayonnaise. Aidan Blanchard - I acquired Aidan for the season and he was a great playmaker, scored a few scorchers for us this season too. Morgan Bruce-De-Rouche - This loanee from Stevenage was a rock in midfield for me this season and scored a few goals in the process too. Aims I'm going to try for playoffs next season. My players seem to think fighting relegation is still the aim, but I'm going to strengthen areas where I can. I've got a good young keeper, a good young CB, a couple of good midfielders and I need one more striker. Season League Position Achievements ------------------------------------------------------------ 2016/17 Vanarama South 17th
  8. Best thing about this thread is how everyone has particular soft spots for a whole range of random nations. It's nice to know I'm not alone!
  9. I had a sneaky feeling about Serbia - glad I had Chile in the final!
  10. Great to see this back in action - some great Oceanic joy there! Here's my predictions: 5th round - Slovenia Qtr final - Poland Semi Final - Serbia Final - Chile Winner - Italy
  11. The problem there is is that all challenges are similar in stature anyway so it's hard to develop anything substantially different. There's also a lot of longstanding challenges which have garnered high levels of reputations version after version - this keeps people coming back and that's why they're popular. It's great to see new ideas being created though. With something like this using these levels, you'd want to get people challenging to get Man Utd unplayable or something like that (without using tactics like not playing a goalkeeper). SoSolidSnake is right though, it's harder to engage people in something that requires extra effort such as downloading a unique database - simplicity is key!
  12. I'd probably say you need some more variant factors to this - so more questions. If it was to be a challenge, maybe training and youth facilities are at the lowest and the stadium is tiny, Sunday league experience manager and no budget whatsoever? Just another view here. What would be interesting in a level 10 thread is rather than a challenge, you have sides in the same league at the lowest level and have them at the same reputation but variable factors. For example, one side has a high youth rating, one side has a ton of money, one side has a superstar, one side has amazing training facilities etc and see how they get on. It'd be a good test of the AI that far down as I've seen a lot of people say that it is pretty easy until you hit what would be the playable leagues. Just an opinion anyway - it's good to see a focus on the county leagues and below.
  13. Really good to see Solomon Islands in the final - has the extra youth rating made much of a difference at all? The only lost to NZ twice and won the rest so that's optimistic. Great to see Georgia getting better!