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  1. A mix of both. The new clubs have fake players (which I thought would give the nations an initial boost) and then there are the real players such as Andre Schembri - just to maintain their current 'quality.'
  2. Season 2016/17 This season is pretty much going to show us the early dominators of the leagues. The prize money starts at £2m, reducing by £100k per place in order to reduce as much early financial disparity as possible. It’s best to keep the sides as equal as we can early on. We won’t have a year’s worth of youth yet so there won’t be many new players to show off, but the system has created players from those nations in line with the reputation of the club. I’ve not put any league restrictions on to see how sides would naturally buy their players without rules. The standard has
  3. Scenario Major European and South American superpowers continue to strengthen, increasing the gulf between these high-quality international outfits and minnows such as San Marino, Andorra and more. These ‘lesser nations’ are now in a position where they will either need to invest heavily in infrastructure and youth, or admit defeat and continue to struggle through qualifying campaign after qualifying campaign. In a bid to bridge that gap and challenge the superpowers with all their might, 30 lesser nations have banded together to form three separate Leagues of Lesser Nations. Each co
  4. You need a couple of good seasons, both on the pitch and financially, behind you. Once you're stable financially and making profit and your club is doing well, request to become professional. Once this is done, start going a bit further in Europe and then your scouting range will continue to increase. Did this with Keflavik.
  5. I never knew an official one existed. My gaming experience is set to change...
  6. SuperDan's Dulwich Hamlet Season One 2016/17 - Hamlet-To be or not to be? Definitely not to be. Despite a strong start to the season, where we were second at one point, we fell apart and ended up finishing 17th. Now for me, your relationship with your Football Manager side is like your relationship with a special lady (or man). I think I speak for everyone when I say it's important to get invested in a team on Football Manager to have a long term save with them - otherwise they get boring real quick. I definitely have that relationship with Hamlet already - there's a particular charm
  7. Best thing about this thread is how everyone has particular soft spots for a whole range of random nations. It's nice to know I'm not alone!
  8. I had a sneaky feeling about Serbia - glad I had Chile in the final!
  9. Great to see this back in action - some great Oceanic joy there! Here's my predictions: 5th round - Slovenia Qtr final - Poland Semi Final - Serbia Final - Chile Winner - Italy
  10. The problem there is is that all challenges are similar in stature anyway so it's hard to develop anything substantially different. There's also a lot of longstanding challenges which have garnered high levels of reputations version after version - this keeps people coming back and that's why they're popular. It's great to see new ideas being created though. With something like this using these levels, you'd want to get people challenging to get Man Utd unplayable or something like that (without using tactics like not playing a goalkeeper). SoSolidSnake is right though, it's harder to engage
  11. I'd probably say you need some more variant factors to this - so more questions. If it was to be a challenge, maybe training and youth facilities are at the lowest and the stadium is tiny, Sunday league experience manager and no budget whatsoever? Just another view here. What would be interesting in a level 10 thread is rather than a challenge, you have sides in the same league at the lowest level and have them at the same reputation but variable factors. For example, one side has a high youth rating, one side has a ton of money, one side has a superstar, one side has amazing training facili
  12. Really good to see Solomon Islands in the final - has the extra youth rating made much of a difference at all? The only lost to NZ twice and won the rest so that's optimistic. Great to see Georgia getting better!
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