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  1. Not sure if this is the right place to post this but... In my current save I loaned out a player, now Ive recalled him as circumstances change, hes now apparently ineligible saying hes played more then 7 games for a different team in this competition yet hes only played 6....
  2. In my Liverpool save, end of 1st season Emre Can engineered a move to Real, so I went for Fabinho as his replacement, I paid 95mill rising to 113mill with add ons (international appearances and monthly installments). It took ALOT of negotionating from there original asking price of 150odd million. Also a fair bit of tryna unsettle him, and declaring interest, but in the end it is worth it. Quality player so far.
  3. Name: Gwyffd Jones Position: LB Nation to start playing football in: Wales Country I Vote For: Bahamas
  4. So i'm now upto the beginning of december (I'm such a casually slower player then 99% of people here, also a staging crash on some occasions of saving the game hinders my progress alot). 4321narrow After the first few games in was evident my original theory of how i wanted to play was not working, so with a bit of research I tried to replicate the tactics of AC Milan in the Pirlo/Ancellotti era. Using two Carileros and a dlp in midfield with a playmaker and shadow striker behind a advanced forward. It worked to an extent, until a few serious injuries forced my hand So I tin
  5. So in between work a 3 year old and chicken dinners i'm finally getting around to doing the beginning write up. Just finished all my friendlies an about to embark onto the league. Tactic looks like this: Wanted to go with a battling hard working midfield, no playmaker in amc slots as i'd rather my team attack as a whole an use most of my players. Although I really wanted to try use Pizarro as an Enganche it just didnt work as well as I would prefer. Only role i'm not overly stuck on is wether to stick with a complete forward or use an advanced forward. Atm I am kinda s
  6. Just realised i'm an idiot, an thought mine said 4312 narrow instead of 4321 narrow Luckily I've not finished my friendlies yet! Time to make some alterations
  7. What are the rules (if any) about your HoYD signing youth players? My HoYD has just offered contract to a 15 year old, are we classing him as a 'signing'? Is it worth me just vetoing the transfer?
  8. So the save is all booted up and had a good gander at the squad. Defo needs some more central midfielders for this 4312 formation. Already taken the ruthless aproach and listed all the wingers Heres the 3 original starting variants Changed to a lower tempo play Now changed to direct passing approach an removed lower tempo Changed the DLP to a CMD Aiming to get a couple of hardworking industrial midfielders in to bolster the depth.
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