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  1. same for staff that is looking, the DLC is already downloaded, steam says it is installed. But when I go to enable it in game; error code 1000 every time.
  2. I have 5 games in 10 days. I have never seen a schedule like that but I mostly watch Spanish League
  3. Tiki taka can work in this version which is nice, still not enjoying how most of the goals are scored but it's a lot closer than 19.1. Could use some more through balls to penetrating runs as the Striker remains rather immobile.
  4. I mostly ignore this subforum because it's just a knapp forums and they don't seem as high quality of posts that were around 3-5 years ago. So I agree with OP
  5. Too broad. What is the formation, what is the goal of having them being attacking, etc.
  6. every now and then I do editor saves and I glance at the newgens, seeing a 195 PA with low consistency or high injury proneness is sad because you know they will never get close to that PA
  7. Most of the time my attackers with rounding the keeper ppm just go wide enough to get a better angle and shoot in a mostly empty net. I think people are expecting the once in a career highlight of the guy walking the ball in after leaving the keeper in the dust every single time. Also remember that the 3d match engine is just a visual representation and isn't exact, they don't have all the animations needed to convey how a player loses the ball every time. Trus the stats. Dribbling has been exquisite in the ME so far. My issues have been players getting in the way of their teammates passes instead of just playing that short pass or the guy DUCKING and not crossing when I want them to cross (early crosses from deep). You probably just have poor match tactics that either force too much dribbling removing the player's options to dribble when it is best for them or are restricting dribbling so much that they only dribble when they get cornered by the opp and are being set up to fail the dribble. My star player is averaging 3.6 dribbles a games and has scored gems like this https://youtu.be/sgw5GBZUrQ0 that is just with counter and run at the defense tactic settings. This is his movement in my last game: You can see it is a good mixture of cutting in and out. I think OP just has unrealistic expectations on how dribbling should work.
  8. Counter point, if your wingers are not offering penetration options where are you going to get your goals from when your striker is marked out of the match?
  9. I think it is too much to have Short Passing, Retain Possession, Slower Tempo, Work Into Box, Dribble less, etc. all in the same tactic. Possession football is a defensive tactic and with all of that on you are turning yourself too toothless to do anything. I think it is great when you are ahead. In fact, that is the type of tactic I switch to when I go up 3-4 goals. For my main tactic I have a much lower tempo, short passing and play out of defense. Other than that I also run pass into space and be more expressive. What ends up happening is a slow build up play but at any moment we can spring for an attack. My fullbacks aren't afraid to put in a cross when we have numbers in the box or a solid run. I am still getting solid possession numbers but better CCC numbers because through balls can murder. More importantly I think it is the tactic my players needed. I am running one of the faster teams in my league with good movement, with the best vision and decisions. You have to play to the strengths of your team. You can't force a team with poor first touch and passing to play possession and you can't tell your guys that see the through balls to never play them. I am still tweaking but it just more enjoyable to watch right now.
  10. This isn't true. What happens is the AI gauges your reputation + a few other things and alters a tactic instructions based on that. It won't adjust to you being a high possession team because the AI doesn't consider your tactic at all. It will park the bus and play counter ball if you are the better team.
  11. Possession is calculated differently in real life than it is in FM. In FM it is calculated easily by time your players have the ball. In real life it is calculated like this: So you can have 200 more passes than the other team but still less possession in FM.
  12. I am playing with all auto UCL leagues + Arg and Brazil on and very large database. I think a big issue with wanting to play a 10 year+ game is eventually you have no quality regens to mess with. In 2021 in my game the amount of players that are 18 or under and 180 PA or over is less than half of what it was at the start of the game: 8. When you take into account that they could not get developed by their clubs, have poor stats for their positions, and the possibility that their stats for progression is low I doubt that more than 3 of them will ever get close to their actual PA. Not including my team... Currently there is 1 outfield player in the entire Premier League with 180 or above CA, 2 in La Liga, 1 in Italy and 0 in Germany/France/Porutgal If a player is playing in a UCL league then we should have a higher amount of 170+ PA regens than we do currently by at least double. Even then we could still experience a drought because you have to remember that a higher PA is worthless if their other stats or lack of playing time keep them below 150 for their career. Basically I am not finding a 'wow' superstar that teams are trying to sign...let alone more than 1.
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