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  1. I only have one problem with the 442 tactic which is my full backs keep making rash tackles and im conceding one too many penatlies but otherwise great tactic.
  2. Started a new game with Wolves, only had enough funds to get a new assistant manager..lol. First game at home to Arsenal won 2-0 despite going down to 10 men. What impressed me was that we had 3 shots they had 11.. 2 cc's for us none for them. Looks very solid =)
  3. Knaps's 4-4-2 based on Hough's tactics is for me the best winger tactic on the game you should try that.
  4. WHat do you feel is best for the centre backs man marking or zonal?
  5. Do you use the tweaks for both the classic and wizard versions?
  6. Would it help putting the tweak on the classic tactic as well?
  7. In your latest tactic Mr Hough you say ask assistant for opposite instructions. I am wondering do you have to> Is it really important to use these?
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