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  1. Well, that puts a damper on my plans. Thank you for the info
  2. Hey everyone - It's been two years since I last tried my hand a making anything for the FM community, and I am a bit rusty. Looking for some help with my hat in my hand. I typically get stuck into the skinning/GFX side of things on FM (you might remember me from my rather large background packs back in FM11 &FM12) and have minimal experience with the editor (minus the obvious UID hunting)... I want to start in on some things with the editor. But, I have questions, however... - Can I save something within the editor so it occurs within my current save, or is it that ALL changes mush be loaded with a new database upon starting a new save? - Is it possible to change anything within the realm of the 3D match engine in regards to the stadium within the Editor? (I know about going into certain files with the skinning approach, but I have not seen anything that decides what constitutes the specific design of each stadium --- I am hoping that there is something that I am missing within the editor) Cheers, and thanks in advance! -minne
  3. Sorry about the lack of a quick response - the links are up. FM-View was crashed by some Chinese search engine. We re-up'd our servers to deal with the problem.
  4. It's a rare thing to see such a dedicated group of lads working on a high-quality project such as the Cut-Out community has put out consistantly for years. It's high time I corrected an error and finally dive in and say thanks for putting this out lads - an add-on that I consider essential for the highest quality FM experience. So, thanks lads - you are the absolute best in the business. minneapolisJon
  5. Thanks mate - it's you lads downloading these that I do this for. in my opinion, stadiums add so much to the in-game experience that FM would be drab without them. keep looking, there's more to come
  6. Update: Just released Paraguay - it's top league with 13 stadiums. And no - I will not try to find more there - they evidently do not have the internet there as these pics took forever to find. grab it here: Download Paraguay HERE as usual, here's some pics:
  7. Thanks mate - glad you like the work Be sure to check out my download page' date=' where you can find everything I've got - all in one easy to use location: minneapolisJon's Download page The first post is all of the national releases (i.e., where you can download, nation-by-nation, everything that I got, with the most up-to-date work that I have done in that nation) and the second post contains all of my megapacks for easy downloading. Cheers, minne
  8. Update: Denmark just got taken out for a spin and came back with over 40 new stadiums as well as a massive replacement of older shots. Sitting at 57 stadiums, Denmark is waiting for you. Here's the link: Download Denmark from HERE As always, some shots for you lads:
  9. The ability to customize the 3D match graphics would be fantastic. For example: The ability to set your stadiums default seat color to something other than the standard assigned Options for choosing your stadium's pitch "cut pattern" Ability to customize the actual stadium based upon a variety of different sets - such as the open corners at Wolves and West Ham - The leveling of select decks on each individual side of the pitch - putting words into the seating pattern, i.e. the club's name These things always gut me, espically when the game strives for realism in everything, and then I see yellow seats at Perilli Stadium for my beloved Burton Albion, when it's actually black seats with the yellow "Burton Albion." Even if it's just an option to customize these in the editor, at least the community can create some fantastic works with that (There's a shocker, a background GFX guy wanting to be able to adjust the 3D stadium) Just my thoughts, minneapolisJon
  10. exactly, and thanks for looking at our stuffs on our site - we have a small but dedicated team of lads
  11. I figured it out - click on the absolute top line, where it says "4th Megapack Released" - it's a direct download with all the parts you need. It's hosted on one of our servers (Putzy.net) and will give you the option to "save as". and thanks, it's going very well, and I'm glab you like the work Cheers, minne
  12. Update: Mexico just got made into the prettiest belle at the ball. The top leagues of Mexico, 34 stadiums, is now ready for your Latin American adventure -- with Team, Club, & Matchday screens for your FM pleasure... Get it HERE: Mexico's Download Page As always, here's a taste: Cheers, minneapolisJon
  13. I am using two different sets of Logos - you noted Kremmen's Metallic pack already. The "White Stroke" is the FM-V '12 logo pack, made by my boy JackHammer over at my site, FM-View. Here's a link: Download from FV-View They are, in a word, stunning. Sharp, clean and sexy as hell. Enjoy, mate - minne
  14. My pleasure mate - glad you enjoy them Got a massive Denmark pack and Mexico pack comming out soon - stay tuned.
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