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  1. Started this on FM21 managing La Fiorita in the Sammarinese League and San Marino the nation. First season we narrowly topped the table, and followed that up with winning the league championship (interesting new format for this season...) so we were league champions in every sense of the word. We also won the Coppa Titano to complete the domestic double. My first game was against St. Joseph’s (GIB) in the Europa Preliminary qualifier which sadly we lost 2-0. Second season we started with Champions League qualifying, overcoming Prishtina 3-2 in the 1st Preliminary R
  2. I'm just now experiencing this issue at the start of the 2024 season. I haven't had the issue during 2023 or 2022, however. This is definitely an issue that needs to be rectified.
  3. I've managed to fix mine. You need to get into preferences and search for 'Resolution' then you can change. Took me 5 goes to guess where the Confirm button was as it was below the bottom of my screen, but now that i'm on 1280x720 it works perfectly.
  4. Mine's the same and I believe i'm using the same (if not very similar) laptop. Seems as if the alignment at the top of the screen is closer to the cursor than it is at the bottom. Very annoying.
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