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  1. It's happend :) (got a son)

    Nah it can't be ... Notice that the game is in 2033 that is 24th year as manager... and the least age u can be a manager is @ 25 in the game. Also he said he was with middlesborough for 22 yrs ... So he will be at least 49 in the game i think
  2. Competition time!

    Please pick me! Please pick me!
  3. Where are YOU buying FM2010?

    Steam.. Otherwise by the time any one of these ship to India (if they ship), it would be pretty late
  4. Number of passes

    Playing with short passes and play maker set??
  5. Well I know this would be suggested a lot of times till now, but I still feel the a** man has to do more. I agree with a suggestion given above with the a** man giving suggestions during match. It does happen in real life afaik. And again, once he gives the suggestion, obviously, u r the one who will take the final decision about that. At least that way it pays to have a good a** man.
  6. S.America for me... Mostly Brazil and Argentina
  7. anger management

    Nope .... I haven't smashed anything as of now... Just a bit of swearing and at max... banging the computer table