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  1. Yeah it is difficult to be accurate when noticing if there is a connection between the Man management attribute and morale. I just think it must have effect something and if it doesn't effect general morale of players I can't think what else it would do. I also find it strange that it is considered a coaching attribute and not a mental attribute.
  2. I've done some searching to try and find a bit more information on the man management attribute and a few places say it can help keep players morale higher. I'll give this a test with a Liverpool save signing coaches with high man management to see if there is a noticeable difference and report back. If it does help morale it could be really important as we all know what a difference morale makes.
  3. Hi, Just a quick question regarding training as it's something I really want to work on in my current network game. Does the man management attribute affect the quality of a coaches training in anyway or is it only really active when asking staff members for their opinions on squad management advice? I've read before that it may affect the ability of a coach to interact with senior players, similarly to how working with youngsters works for coaching players who are 18 or younger. Another theory is it may slightly influence players morale in a positive way, which would obviously be a big advantage. It's so hard to really test these theories as so many other factors can affect a players training/morale so I was wondering if anyone had any inside knowledge on how the attribute works and what it influences. Thanks in advance!
  4. I've noticed over my time playing this years FM, I really struggle against teams who play with attacking full backs when the opposition play either 4-4-2 or 4-1-2-2-1 wide. I was just wondering how other managers defend against this or even take advantage of this. I can post screenshots of my current tactic if needed but I was more just looking for basic strategies for combating attacking full backs, ie tight mark them, close them down, play wider. Like I say I've yet to have much success and often concede goals by their full backs and wingers overloading my full backs so any advice or discussion is much appreciated. Thanks,
  5. Just a quick update. I've had a fair bit of success by setting up my team depending what the oppositions manageril style is shown in their profile. If they close down I reduce time wasting and increase tempo so not to get caught in possession. If they stand off i'd do the opposite. If they play short passing i'll heavily close them down, if they play long I'll drop deeper. Now with the marking systems I've found that against Man marking systems more roaming works a treat, however Zonal marking is currently my cryptonite. I'v tried to oveload areas of the pitch as stated above but I haven't had much success, so if anybody has any ideas I'd be glad to try them! Thanks!
  6. A little something I've been trying lately to help me prepare for games is to check the opposition’s manager profile stating their preferred formation, closing down style, marking style and playing mentality. I think its helped me as I’m unbeaten in my last 8 games with Sevilla (6 wins and 2 draws), however I was wondering what shouts or alterations people would make if for example they knew the opposition were going to heavily press and close you down. My approach has been to reduce time wasting and increase tempo. My next thought regarding marking style would be to have players roaming and switching positions if a team is playing a man marking style, or if playing zonal marking I may need to try and overload a area or particular defender. However I’m not sure how best to achieve this in FM. An idea would be to possibly select Inside forwards on the flanks whilst also playing with an Advanced forward or Poacher up front trying to flood the usual 2 centre backs with 3 of my players. Just something I’m trying at the moment and there’s going to be alot of trial and error so if anybody has any thoughts or advice on this it would be much appreciated. Thanks,
  7. I've never thought about using my more attacking MC to man mark the opposition AMC. I see your point about how it would still free up my defensive minded MC to still protect my CB's. Against the narrow diamond I lost 4-3 to Peterborough where my defense had been strong up until that point, so hopefully this will help. These 2 loses have given me the dreaded dip in morale but I think I've stopped the rot now. Top by 1 point with 6 games left. Thanks for the help!
  8. Maybe I let myself get a little to confident, but I've just lost my last 2 games in the league whilst playing against a narrow and then wide diamond formation. I was honestly outplayed in both and was wondering if anybody had any advice on how best to break down teams who play with a DM. In the championship not many teams seem to employ a DM but the last 2 teams have and I've struggled. The changes I made in the second game (wide diamond) was was focus passing down the flanks as the opposition DM was breaking up most play centrally into my strikers feet, which did seem to help (only whish I'd changed it before the 70th minute). I also had my target man set to balls into feet which again I only noticed around the 70th minute. Lastly to stop the opposition AM, I set my most defensive CM to man mark him. So just wondering if anyone has any changes they make when playing against these diamond formations. If anyone wants to know more about my tactic I'm happy to post it up.
  9. Just a bit of an update which has helped me in my current save as Southampton manager. I've always gravatated towards a standard 4-4-2 as it's the formation I've played in for years and therefore feel I understand the most. By looking closely at the actual instructions of the different roles for the RM and LM position I have decided to pick wide midfielders on support roles rather than wingers for my roles. The reason being is my strikers are not best suited to score from crosses and the wide midfielder role reduces crosses and increases through balls. I feel this has made a huge difference to my team as it also benefits my the defensive side of my team whilst suiting my attacking style. Another advantage has been my wide men seem to score more than when they were wingers as they are not set to hug touchline. By selecting roles for my front men which drag CD's out of position my wide men are in much better starting positions to exploit the space left by the dragged CD's. I'm by no means setting the world alight, but I am top after 36 games clear by 5 points, which I'm more than happy with! Thanks for all the help!
  10. This part has certainly made me change my thinking. I've always thought of through balls as purely being a way to exploit space but not really create space. I've always thought you first need to create the space through setting up players runs and roaming to create the space for the through balls to be played into. However from your explanation in the above post I can see how the through ball itself will cause the opposition defence to react to the pass and have to change shape to cover the pass. You've now convinced me to use through balls to break down deep sitting defences, which is an achievement because I can be rather stubborn in my thinking even when I can see I'm not being successful! I remember a quote Zidane made once in a UEFA Training video on how to break down defences. He said lateral movement creates space and passing lanes, vertical movement exploits space. Pretty simple stuff when I think about it, but I don't know how much I've really tried to implement this into FM. I'm going to now have a lot closer look at players roaming from position and wideplay instructions to further help create space! Thanks for bearing with me Cleon! Kewe72003
  11. Thanks for the tips. My thoughts would usually be if a team are playing deep and possibly also narrow, then crosses would be a good option firstly because there would be space on the flanks and secondly by playing deep back post crosses, you are putting the ball in the danger area, which if lofted can only be blocked by a full back or actually challenged for in the area by the defence. My logic would think playing through balls or passes into space would be difficult against deep backlines as there would be limited space in behind meaning the weight of the pass would need to be perfect. Also with defensive, deep sitting teams there would be more players positioned to intercept these types of passes, which again would lead me to think a crossing style of attack may be more successful approach. I will try your suggestions though as I can say my success in this game doesn't come close to yours Cleon. Thanks again for the advice! Cheers Kewel72003.
  12. Just out of interest, how would you play against a team who defend deep against you? If you've got the available players would you suggest playing wide with wingers crossing into a big strong centre forward. Another idea I would have would be to play the slow build up, mainly passes to feet as the space should be infront of the opposition backline with them playing deep. I'm sure both could work but do you feel one is a stronger approach than the other?
  13. Yeah I'm sure. I've just loaded up a standard 4-4-2 and standard starting strategy. Ill keep watching the games to see if I can see the difference but in my opinion there is very little.
  14. The way you describe it is exactly how I would expect it to work, but from what I've seen I barely notice a difference at all between the 2 extreme settings. Whenever my team are in possession of the ball in the oppositions half my team will push up to the half way line whether playing deep or a high line. I realise that this is to be expected to an extent but i'm talking even if we are only 10 yards inside the oppositions half. My idea is to look at closing down, tempo and width further down the line so I will be able to identify how the opposition are playing. Once I can do this I should be able to adapt my tactics better to counter them.
  15. I've just started a new test save to help my understanding and ability to identify team settings by watching the 3d or 2d match engine. The first aspect I looked at was defensive line, where I would alternate from playing the deepest defensive line to the highest defensive line so I could see the differences in the match engine. I was hoping I would then be better at identifying opposition’s defensive line settings so I could adapt my tactics appropriately. To my surprise I found very little difference. During opposition teams goal kicks my back line would be set at about 15 yards inside my own half on both settings. When the opposition were building an attack, so progressing up the pitch, my backline would play around 15 yards deeper than the position of the ball. When my own team had possession of the ball I saw a similar thing where there position would be the same whether on the highest or lowest backline setting. The only time I felt I could see a difference is once we had either cleared the ball or the opposition played the ball backwards. A higher defensive line meant my team would push out earlier and quicker on a high backline setting, compared to the deep setting where my team would only move out from the edge of my box once the ball was past the halfway line. I'm just wondering if others have found this. I suppose I was expecting it to affect more during the game, maybe others don't see it this way and my interpretation is wrong. I have watched 3 matches now in full match mode switching the settings around every 30 mins so I feel I have a good grasp of what the setting now does. However if anybody has any other views on the setting I'd love to hear them because I'm not exactly a genius on this game. Even though I've played football for the past 16 years to a high standard I certainly have difficulty translating my tactical ideas into FM with any success. Thanks, Kewel72003.
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