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  1. TV View

    I dont tihnk theres a way round this.
  2. It depends on the players and clubs. Good players at rich clubs are less likely to be sold.
  3. Ive seen a 55 year old previously.
  4. Nah I dont agree with this. I have not as many injuries.
  5. As little as i wish to say this i suggest your tactics may be to blame.
  6. Yeah I have had this issue previously.
  7. Skin

    Steklo is quite good.
  8. People would get lost and just post in here anyway.
  9. I would agree with your final point yes We can recommence this debate soon then
  10. They do indeed, but they usually offer more substance to one side of the dilemma. In this case, the lack of random real life transfers says to me that they shouldnt be in game. Too often do rich AI clubs buy poor players, overpirced players, players that never get a game despite being £20m worth.....