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  1. Whenever I play with wide players in the midfield strata, yes. And of course, there are instances where the role works well and as desired. I realise the complexities and issues. This isn't intended as a vilification, it isn't a baseless damning of the game - all I'm trying to do is provide SI with some feedback. I sometimes feel that players offering their opinions, even in such a civil manner, is frowned upon.
  2. Granted, I have played a total of one game with the updated ME, so have no real experience, but even in that match, the issues persisted. I'm not going to initiate a discussion here as it's already well-documented in the Bugs forum:
  3. Not had a chance to play following the new update, but have been reading here and the bugs forum – both pleased and disappointed. Great that the goalkeeper issue, even though I didn't notice it too much prior, has been addressed. Doubly great that the Inverted Wing Back role now sort of resembles it's real-life counterpart, although the I, like @Rashidi, believe some of the default settings should be removed. Where my frustration kicks in is that the wide midfielders issue hasn't been rectified. I understand, to an extent, why it hasn't been recitied, but I feel it's such a rudimentary facet of a tactical set-up — having a compact shape for defensive and transitional purposes — that more effort should (have) be(en) invested into it. It has really put me off playing with lesser sides as I can't successfully and consistently implement a strong defensive shape. Seeing my wide midfielder, who I have instructed to Play Narrower, patrol the touchline, often outside of my full-back and being of no use to anyone but the opposition is deeply frustrating and almost demoralising. It really does dampen my enthusiasm. I mean, I watched Hoffenheim-BVB tonight and the tactical quality really excited me, promptimg me to start thinking up ideas for Football Manager. But when it gets to it, I really struggle to get past the wide midfielders issue. I'm sure many of you feel the same way. As I said, I understand some of the reasoning why it hasn't been rectified, but I also believe it's such a sizeable issue that SI should've done everything they could to offer some sort of fix.
  4. One last thing, I'm guessing it's saved-game compatible? Emil's initial packs were, so I can't see why these wouldn't be, but I just want to make sure.
  5. Hi, @Ross Ingersoll. Just download this pack, top work - do I just overwrite the Emil's World of Hairstyles folders with these ones?
  6. The answer I expected, and understand, but no harm in asking. Thanks for replying. Here you go:
  7. I'm guessing this is Emil Debski's regen hairpack, as it looks very similar to it? If so, the creator, Emil, has confirmed that he'll be working on the hairpack once he completes his Vitrex skin. Theoretically, it should be able to be implemented in save games, so it's best just to persevere with these issues for now until Emil has sorted them.
  8. Really don't want to be a pain, and this is likely a question that's been asked and answered countless times before, but is there any sort of timeline, however vague, on when the new patch will be released? Now the Regionalliga file has been released, it's only a couple of bugs that are restricting me from starting a long-term save.
  9. I've just tried it again without the Agents pack (I don't have Nik's media files) and it doesn't work. SI have confirmed it's a bug.
  10. Just a quick question about how this works: obviously all of the fixtures can be assigned to basic dates (1500, Saturday, 20th November 2016, for example), but are games still moved for TV and/or domestic and European competitions?
  11. Edit: Never mind. Nik's aware of this issue (below). It's a bug and his thread can be closed. I AM IN NO WAY AFFILIATED TO NIK33 OR THE DEVELOPMENT OF HIS EXCELLENT WORK. I have recently downloaded @nik33's FM17 data packs from the FM Greece website, which can be found HERE. I've tried to make a new save, which included two of Nik's data packs (the Extended Injury System and the Added Agents pack), but my game continues to crash at the exact same point of processing - "setting up league and competitions." Initially, I thought it was an issue with Claassen's excellent league files - of which I have around ten - but upon chopping and changing what editor files I loaded, I have determined, through the process of elimination, that it's one of Nik's that is causing the crash. Last night, before I found Nik's newly released FM17 Data Packs this morning, I used the editor to save FM16's version of the Extended Injury System to make it compatible with FM17. The same issue / crash arose. This thread will hopefully catch Nik's attention and he can provide some insight or detail. In the absence of that, I'm wondering if any of you have the same issue - or indeed want to try it out? This could be an issue entirely exclusive to myself, but I wanted to verify this before wasting the time of those over at technical support.
  12. Not sure where else to post this, but what is the point of "compressing" data files when saving them in the pre-game editor - does it simply make the file smaller, with no repercussions?
  13. Sadly, I'm pretty busy at the moment and don't have enough time to start or complete the Bundesliga League thread to the best of my abilities, henceforth, if someone else wants to crack on and get one going, please do so.
  14. Don't clubs Tweede Divisie clubs, like AFC, have to notify KNVB whether or not they want to be eligible for promotion (and the move from semi-professional to professional) midway through the season?
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