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  1. you need to copy this file to ....my documents/SportsInteractive/FootballManager 2013/editor data When you start a new game make sure that you select it as active. (the game asks you if you want to change editor data files when you start a new game)
  2. pls take a look here : http://www.meistertrainerforum.de/index.php/topic,15420.0.html
  3. Yeah i have the full version but it wont upgrade At least i entered the code i got from SI p.s. i really tried anything
  4. what happens if the beta stops working and steam didnt upgrade my game yet ?
  5. I did it all - it is still Beta ( I am assistant researcher and got the code from Simon Tipple - and i ordered the digital version of course) So what to do ???
  6. It looks like that i have still the beta version of the game Not the full - i got the steamcode from Simon Tipple (SI) two weeks ago - so how to update to the full version ???!
  7. I am/was assistant researcher - i got a steam code from SI (i am using german steam) p.s. i will restart my pc (after downloading it the 2nd time) - hopefully it's there then
  8. In my tool list there is no Football manager 2013 Editor. (same place where FM 2012 Editor is) I have (had) the beta version...deinstalled it - and reloaded it again - thats it or ? (to upgrade on full version) Can anyone help ?
  9. Heya Rafa - I have to idea belonging on the 2nd part of your question (personally i don't think relegation of the 1st team will lower the reputation of the B-Team) To the U23 teams : I think 2100 or 2000 is fine - there are enough first teams in this division with a reputation around 2000 so not only B-Teams will promote Well : you definately should try it out - best thing is to simulate it a bit and see what happens (i hope it works)
  10. Normally yes - but if you want a Regionalliga that is as close as possible to the real Regionalliga next season - you have to "script" which teams promote to it.Especially the lot of bavarian teams that promote were a big problem. So i scripted the teams who promote next season - via a trick...unfortunately this also makes the 5th tier unplayable To your question with the U23 Team Yes if you set them to a B-Team they will definately be able to promote. I probably will myself change all U23 teams to B-Teams in the next Version of the File (whenever this is ) And to your question about FC Konstanz...yes there was a 6th tier file by Illauminaut for FM 2010...i remember this now. But adding the 6th tier is now as good as impossible (at least for me)...there are 33 german divisions at lvl 6...(2010 i think it was only 15 or 16) This requires a very fast PC - so personally i am not interested in the 6th tier p.s. if you want the Flensburg B-Team to promote you need also to give them a high reputation (=>2000 (but not higher than 3000))
  11. Hello The bug with the Emden Teams appeared after patch 12.2 - cause the german research has removed some teams from the leagues (without my knowledge ) Meanwhile i have a much improved version of the Oberligafile up ------> http://www.2shared.com/file/tFMIKC-i/OGL-142.html <------------- No - like last year the file makes the 5th tier playable not less not more Maybe you mean Gorxas file (another german file making the 6th tier playable) There is one difference - i made 2 files this year : One for the 4th and 5th tier and one special file for the 4h tier only http://www.file-upload.net/download-4196972/German-Leagues-V1.42.rar.html Sadly this is impossible for the Oberligafile at the moment. U23 teams (for what reason ever) never promote - i guess they don't have B-Team Status I solved this problem with a trick in the Regionalliga(4th tier) file by changing the U23 teams to B-Teams (no sorrows - they still will behave like U23 teams) Well i am not responsible for that (i am only an assistant researcher - responsible for Wuppertaler SV,SC Verl,Wiedenbruck and SF Lotte) As far as i know the german 5th tiers and lower only have a low priority (cause - by SI - they are not determined to be playable) on the other side : the NRW-liga for example has many players. TeBE Berlin only plays in the german 6th tier meanwhile...so i guess this club has no "real" priority. Also : - all german 4th tier teams (and these are normally not playable either) are very very well researched this year. So in general i think the german DB is in a very good state this year. one last note : Please be aware if you play one of my files that you only may activate ONE file. NEVER ACTIVATE BOTH TOGETHER - cause this leads to crashes http://www.file-upload.net/download-4196972/German-Leagues-V1.42.rar.html Regionalligafile (4th tier only) http://www.2shared.com/file/tFMIKC-i/OGL-142.html Oberligafile (4th & 5th tier) both files are written by using the advanced Editor. And SI absolutely doesn't support this nor is there any affilation to SI....these files are my hobby work
  12. The failure that no fixtures are created at the 2nd season , happens when people activate both of my files or use it with other german files. The files themself are flawless
  13. It can happen that trier ends up in the north...simply when a northteam is missing or there is a southwest team too much. And this has nothing to do with the advanced rules....its simply a problem of the game - that it does not know how to move clubs (in regional divisions) when it's not excactly 18 teams north , 18 teams south etc.
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