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  1. you need to copy this file to ....my documents/SportsInteractive/FootballManager 2013/editor data When you start a new game make sure that you select it as active. (the game asks you if you want to change editor data files when you start a new game)
  2. pls take a look here : http://www.meistertrainerforum.de/index.php/topic,15420.0.html
  3. Yeah i have the full version but it wont upgrade At least i entered the code i got from SI p.s. i really tried anything
  4. what happens if the beta stops working and steam didnt upgrade my game yet ?
  5. I did it all - it is still Beta ( I am assistant researcher and got the code from Simon Tipple - and i ordered the digital version of course) So what to do ???
  6. It looks like that i have still the beta version of the game Not the full - i got the steamcode from Simon Tipple (SI) two weeks ago - so how to update to the full version ???!
  7. I am/was assistant researcher - i got a steam code from SI (i am using german steam) p.s. i will restart my pc (after downloading it the 2nd time) - hopefully it's there then
  8. In my tool list there is no Football manager 2013 Editor. (same place where FM 2012 Editor is) I have (had) the beta version...deinstalled it - and reloaded it again - thats it or ? (to upgrade on full version) Can anyone help ?
  9. Heya Rafa - I have to idea belonging on the 2nd part of your question (personally i don't think relegation of the 1st team will lower the reputation of the B-Team) To the U23 teams : I think 2100 or 2000 is fine - there are enough first teams in this division with a reputation around 2000 so not only B-Teams will promote Well : you definately should try it out - best thing is to simulate it a bit and see what happens (i hope it works)
  10. did you read what i said Even if one starts the game excactly on june 8th. the national squad always changes...
  11. Unfortunately the 23man-nationalteamsquads never stay the same as defined in the ddt-file. Even if one starts the game excactly on june 8th. It looks like that the AI always exchanges 6-7 players with some others. Does someone who tried this out have a different experience maybe...or does someone know a trick how to have excactly the 23 players defined in the ddt when the Euro 2012 starts ? That would be fun
  12. hi there - sorry i answer a bit late It's the geographical data of the cities the stadiums are in
  13. "The computer" allocates teams to their regional divisions by the geographic data of stadiums. Sadly - inputting regional divisions has no real effect - It's a function that should work (that's why it's there) - but it won't this year (it's bugged - for what reason ever)
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