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  1. Rolando Mandragora (Juventus) is another interesting prospect: he is currently recovering from a bad injury, so he will not be available for the first few months. He is a sort of a young Andrea Pirlo, playing between his defenders and midfielders and killing the opponents with deadly passing skills.
  2. Coaching AC Milan will offer you a solid base of young Italian players to build your big future upon, with the likes of "Gigio" Donnarumma, De Sciglio, Calabria, Romagnoli and Locatelli all performing well this season in the Serie A. José Mauri (on loan at Empoli) is Argentinian but he also holds an Italian passport and according to the experts, Patrick Cutrone is the next rising star of the "Rossoneri" youth squad. Domenico Berardi (Sassuolo) is one of the biggest Italian talents but Juventus already has an option to buy him, while Mattia Caldara (Atalanta) is going to sign for Juventus in a few days too, so hurry up before the winter transfers update is released! Along with Daniele Rugani (Juventus), Edoardo Goldaniga (Palermo) is one of my favourite central backs: he is solid and reliable while you are waiting for Riccardo Marchizza (Roma) to become a regular in your squad. Federico Dimarco (Inter) on the left wingback, Lorenzo Pellegrini (Sassuolo) as defending midfielder, with Stefano Sensi (Sassuolo) playing as a regista and Filippo Melegoni (Atalanta) as one of the hottest prospects as offensive midfielder. Federico Bernardeschi (Fiorentina) has very good technical qualities on the offensive wings to provide good balls to the goal-machine Andrea Belotti (Torino), probably the only one who really looks like the new Christian Vieri in my opinion. Thinking about the future, Moise Kean (Juventus) and Andrea Pinamonti (Inter) will likely be the best next biggest things, while Alberto Cerri (Juventus) is labeled as the new Roberto Bettega in my save. Should you need a top quality goalkeeper in case of Donnarumma's injury, Mattia Perin (Genoa) is always my first choice. Atalanta is always a guarantee: Roberto Gagliardini, Andrea Conti, Alessandro Bastoni, Tiziano Tulissi and Christian Capone (IRL) are only the last names produced by a long-lasting tradition on forming new young talents. At last, if you really want to dominate, then you will definitely have to sign Marco Verratti (PSG) and make him your team star, that will be the real icing on the cake!
  3. Underrated: Roberto Gagliardini (Atalanta) Mattia Caldara (Atalanta) They are both two of the biggest Italian hottest prospects, with big teams such as Juventus, AC Milan, Inter and Roma already eyeing them for the future and they already have been called up to Italy national team by coach Ventura (maybe not two world class players, but they really need to be raised a bit). Along with Franck Kessié, they are only the latest quality product of Atalanta youth sector.
  4. I really would enjoy the possibility to add the languages you actually speak, as I speak five foreign languages in real life, but cannot add this feature in my in-game alter ego... I think it would add a bit of depth to your in-game life.
  5. I totally agree with you mate! For example, the current version of the game assigns teams casually to their next league when they're relegated from Italian Serie B to Lega Pro. The current Lega Pro system actually 'splits' Italy on a north/south line, so let's say Alessandria would never play against Barletta in the same league. That's because these teams don't have much money to spend travelling along all parts of Italy every week, so just north/south clubs that specifically ask to play respectively against south/north teams are allowed to play in the same league, but the current version doesn't pay attention to that and the result is obviously an unrealistic Italian lower leagues system...
  6. Great idea mate, that would be awsome! And also please improve co-ownerships: playing FM in Italy, I've noticed that all players' co-ownerships last two years. Excuse me, SI, but that's a bit unrealistic: the tendence here is to get a player in co-ownership from another team for just one year and then (when the co-ownership's year is almost over) choose to buy him, renew the co-ownership for another year by paying a sum to the other owner club, or sell the player. What still is completely missing in the game is the possibility to sell the player's 50% part you own to another club: for example, Raffaele Palladino began last season being in co-ownership between Genoa and Juventus; during winter's transfer market Genoa sold their owned part to Parma, so Palladino went to be in co-ownership between Parma and Juventus. Still, we don't have the possibility to send a player on loan to a third club when he is in co-ownership and plays for our club: for example, this happened last year to Davide Lanzafame, who was in co-ownership between Juventus and Palermo, but in Turin he didn't play much so during winter's transfer market Juventus sent him on loan to Brescia, of course with Palermo's agreement to the deal. These actions are actually impossible but would add a little bit more realism to the game!
  7. Well, to be honest... now it is years that I am dreaming of it: preparing my team in chilly places over the world during summer session and in warm Arab Emirates or Spain during winter pause. Awsome and pretty much realistic, of course!
  8. Yes, I think Zanetti is right: in Italy we have many ways to make football transfers come true and of course I would like to see them in FM! I usually have been reading but don't posting in this forum, so I think it's time to write you my opinions too. Well, in my personal wishlist, I really would like to see: 1. More realistic manager's transfers: how can it be that "small" managers like De Canio or Pioli are managing Juventus, Inter or AC Milan, while for exemple "big" managers like Ancelotti, Lippi or even Mourinho are forced to retirement because they've been without a team for a really long time? How is it possible that no one wants a big name like that managing a top class team? Second: why do I always see Thomas Schaaf, Marcelo Bielsa or Quique Flores managing clubs like AC Milan or Juventus? I think the game should have a much more realistic range of "possible managers" if their current manager leaves the club, because in RL these clubs often choose their managers among former players (or at least preferred staff) Still: if I manage to go through lower divisions and reach the top class with a nearly unknown team with no money at all and still manage to remain in the Serie A, it should count as a big success. In-game, if you don't win something, it counts as nothing! 2. Better transfers: over the years, I've seen clubs like Real Madrid buying hundreds of players like Marchionni, Taddei, Mascara or Caracciolo... in RL Real Madrid is probably the only club which buys just affirmed champions and not tons of "normal" players from italian middle-class teams like those names I've written. Last, but not least, I always see teams buying a big number of players: going on over three years, this turns out to be a complete refundation of nearly every team in the game and I personally find it a bit unrealistic, even because often happens that new bought players never or rarely play. So: not so many transfers, but well balanced! 3. I personally would like to have the possibility, when managing a club like AC Milan, Inter, Roma or Juventus, to buy a player from a rival club: if we take a look at RL, we discover that a player like Andrea Pirlo has played in his career for Inter, Milan and Juventus. Buying a player from a rival club, expecially when managing in Italy, where players often move from a team to a rival one (like for exemple Doni, Vieri, Inzaghi, Seedorf, Chivu or Mexès and many others over the years) is fairly impossible and never happens with team controlled by the IA! 4. Italian managing system is completely different from the British one: why is Adriano Galliani (AC Milan's director) there just for decoration if in RL does he nearly everything in his club (except managing, of course)? Directors still have no power at all, they're there just for fun!! For the rest, I find this game nearly perfect in its every aspect!! Ps: I really think this thread is fantastic!
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