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  1. FM '14 and Windows 8.1 ...?

    FM14 works perfectly on 8.1 without a single hitch.
  2. Upgraded to Windows 8 - FM No Longer Working

    I am using Windows 8, just like to add and it's working perfectly fine albeit running on release preview at the moment. Getting Windows 8, later in the week.
  3. I am going to test the shirts and the pitch one for you. The pitch has a different route to place them. Edit: Can confirm compatibility for the crowd shirts and the pitch.
  4. Libero & The Invisible Wall

    Yes, that is correct if one of them gets the ball, they should freely be allowed to rampage forward and counter attack.
  5. Libero & The Invisible Wall

    Yep, standard settings apart from long shooting is never. I love possession too much.
  6. Libero & The Invisible Wall

    I remember reading this thread, before. And by some miracle, today the Libero worked. (And scored a goal!) So I uploaded a video. [video=youtube;3ssCw-Bzn_c]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3ssCw-Bzn_c
  7. I think they are meaning that if the coach is coaching let's say WWY is 20 and MM is 1. That means the coach would be better as a youth coach as they can give a greater training experience to the youth rather than your first team, same goes if MM was 20 and WWY is 1, the first team members will get more of an improvement than the youth and therefore that coach would be better as a First Team Coach. And if they are fairly even, they'd make a good coach in general. The star rating for Ball Control could be 4 which is very good and it'd give good training to your players and the coach's WWY is 20 and MM is 10, you'd see a greater improvement with youth than the first team/reserves. Hope you get that..
  8. Building The Squad

    Superb thread, Furious. I have adapted the way, I play and use my team. I was like a Martin O'Neill character, I have chosen 11 and I will stick with that eleven, until their legs are crumbling. However, what you've taught me, has helped me immensely due to the fact, the average of my squad in 18, almost 19. So, they are all improving due to their ability of getting first team football in the premier league. I even now have a few English players at a young age fighting for the first team!
  9. 900+ passes is it possible on FM?

    What language do you speak? I can speak many languages, so I can help you to understand.
  10. 900+ passes is it possible on FM?

    My goalkeeper passes to his left, but the dominance of play in my team tends to be on the right.
  11. 900+ passes is it possible on FM?

    I don't obtain the amount of passes as the guys above, I average around 460 passes a game which around 400 are completed. I use Southampton, the team I support and I use the idea of Van Gaal and his Ajax's 3-3-1-3 which draws my attacking art and inspiration from with help Cleon as I saw on his thread and then began reading it, so it wasn't long ago. Plus I'd like to thank him also. As you can see, I'm also bleeding through the youngsters as well. But back to topic. I'll start from the back. I have signed Marc-André ter Stegen from Borussia Mönchengladbach, and only fairly recently for a cool £7,25 million. His role though the defence is very deep (4), to sweep up those ball up at the back (as well as James Tomkins) and play them out wide to Danny Fox and Jack Stephens. James Tomkins signed from West Ham, my first signing of £3,2 million. He has vastly improved, he is practically unbeatable in the air (Heading, 15 and Jumping, 17) and his role is to sweep up those balls when booted long from the opposition and once again play out wide. Danny Fox and Jack Stephens both at Saints when started, the latter was in the Under 18's, but their roles are to provide support and extra width to the midfield and are that connection from Jack Tomkins and Marc-André ter Stegen to one of the focal points of my midfield, which is Jack Cork. Now onto the midfield three of Jack Cork, Morgan Schneiderlin and the captain Jack Collison and we shall start with Jack Collison who was signed from West Ham, but for £4,7 million. But he's the runner, generally I have learnt if he's not get involved enough, I have lost the game by at least 2 goals at least. He's the runner, my Frank Lampard, he'll help defence and he does sufficiently well and he provides a passing option in the attack as well as well as scoring a few also! Now onto Jack Cork, former Chelsea trainee, but starts at Saint also. He connects the play from Danny Fox and Jack Stephens to the rest of the team. However, I haven't got him as the main playmaker though normally out of him and the two full backs, they'd get the most passes. But he stand back and dictates the play and the passing, he also protects James Tomkins, more so than Jack Collison, due to his duty and role, which is obviously a lot more defensive. But he just sprays his passes round and makes space for the players to get into. Then the last one, Morgan Schneiderlin who also a Saints player when I started and he is the main playmaker and he's the one of the two people with the most freedom, his creativity as well as Marco Verratti which I will do in a bit is highly important, because it's highly influential on my game and it's plan and therefore his role is in a way similar to James Collison's Box To Box role, because if he gets no passes as I saw when I was resting him in cup games and used James Ward-Prowse to fill in, I lost games, that I know I should of won (Bristol City and Barnsley). But my midfield as is every midfield is important, however, I believe because I am a lot more exposed at the back, the midfield trio of Morgan and the two Jack's is a lot more important than the 4-4-2, 4-2-3-1, 4-3-3, 4-5-1 and even 3-4-3 because they have a lot more protection whereas I am relying on minimal protection and this is shown in the my example with the game I have played whilst typing this up which is my win against Bolton 8:3 with Yaya Sanogo capping with four goals. Now onto Marco Verratti, the little man from Pescara signed for £2,5 million. He's the man that also makes things happen, the trequartista, he provides the creativity and attacking spark which my team needs as it's lost in the striker position. Though I lose out on his defensive abilities, he more than makes up for it in his attacking and creativity prowess (Creativity, 17 and Flair, 18). He goes and finds space in between that defence and midfield to let the two wider midfielders run into and Yaya Sanogo to also pick up the ball also, but he makes those cheeky pass and through balls that none us would of ever anticipate. Onto the front three, the wide men to begin with Jens Stryder Larsen who signed from Brondby for £2,9 million and originally planned him to be a back up to Jack Collison, but he manage to make that right wing role his to keep out Nathan Redmond and also Jake Sinclair. And also for left I rotate between Adam Lallana and the new upcoming talent of Cristiano Vigano who I signed from Varese for £475,000. These guys are the guys that makes the full backs fall onto their asses after being turn left, right and centre, they try and force mistakes from anyone near them, causing trouble. But they track up all away up to the half way line, as I don't want them to get too tired from constant running from one end to the other, I like to keep their energy for their attacking and help provided goals for Yaya Sanogo, the opposite winger or my midfielders if they get lucky shooting, but notably Yaya Sanogo whom is my fox in the box like Michael Owen in his early days, Jermaine Defoe and Billy Sharp, snatching a shot on any chance they can. And that is why I love him. (Yaya Sanogo signed from Auxerre for £2,3 million.) Right now for statistical moment with my squad in my first Premier League season (played 30 games so far.) Highest goalscorer; Yaya Sanogo. Appearances: 23 (1), Goals: 15. Average: 0.625 goals per game. Most assists; Marco Verratti. Appearances: 26, Assists: 9. Closely followed by Morgan Schneiderlin and Danny Fox, 30 appearances respectively with 8 assists each. Best passing rate; Jack Cork with 92% then followed jointly by Morgan Schneiderlin and Giovanni Sio with 87%. Best tackling per game; Danny Fox with 3,94 followed by Jack Stephens with 3,49. Here a screenshot, just in case, there is more stats you want to see. Now onto my example, I'm going to use the Bolton game for the goals and also a Sunderland game for the creativity and domination. Southampton 8:3 Bolton and Southampton 3:1 Sunderland (were the scores if you wanted to know.) This is comparison between the two games, not many passes difference between, but the possession we maintained on the ball is the key thing here. The extra 10% of possession given to Bolton in respects could be the reason why they scored two more goals, but in contrast you can say how did I not create as many chances as I did against Bolton as I did against Sunderland back earlier in the season. But I let you guys debate.. Now I shall move onto the average positioning, unfortunately I cannot make rid of the sub so, here it is. A lot more clearer in the Bolton game, the full backs and the defensive winger are very wide whereas my midfield trio is very narrow in comparison which is how I like it. But also it you notice with any three players you can make a triangle even up front, so holding the possession is a lot more easier. That is to my proof why I held the ball better in the Sunderland game than the Bolton one though the similar amount of passes, the triangles were bigger and not so flat. I hope this helps and it's clear. I'm sorry if the English is poor. German is my first language.
  12. Your Philosphy?

    Balanced or fluid for me, but I tend to use balanced more.
  13. lobbed through balls....

    Best way to do it is; Often through ball, direct passing from the players behind the striker and the striker being a poacher, set in the team instructions as a target man and he runs onto the ball.
  14. Goalkeepers sent off

    It happened to me once for handball outside the area, second bookable offence. I think I could determine myself unlucky.
  15. [WIP] Isteni

    http://sortitoutsi.net/forum/topic/54775-isteni/page__st__20 - "Thanks, Coding process continue, ingame screens will post soon, I want to post finished parts (header, footer, player profile) but currently I have some problems with font rendering, header and some elements are graphically finished."