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  1. One other thing worth pointing out is that the screenshot is taken from the tactics screen during a match, not the main tactics screen. So there will probably be more space for columns/data etc on the full screen?
  2. Oh, Jan. I'm not sure he should even be described as a striker anymore.
  3. Category 2: Martino Trattare [backing my own guy, of course.]
  4. 3rd for Gladbach! That's a great turnaround from last season.
  5. I think Trattare will take the Creativity, TM. Cheers.
  6. Valencia, interesting move. Not sure how much game time Martino will end up getting there.
  7. Two separate concussions?! Clearly Martino is bring roughed up a bit in the English leagues. Does need to up his productivity, though. Get a few goals or assists and his standing within the game should rise quickly.
  8. Name: Martino Trattare Position: ML [AML] Preffered Foot: Left x5 Strong Attributes: Acceleration, Pace, Dribbling, Crossing, Finishing Date of Birth (must be 1995): 07/10/1995
  9. Well, good to see Jan Handelen getting some first team time in the Championship. That's his most promising update yet.
  10. Gladbach Finally Secure Loan Deal After a mix-up involving the paperwork of Mathieu Debuchy, Gladbach are happy to announce the loan signing of Man City's Pablo Zabaleta.
  11. Ah, good spot. I know I definitely sent mine right as my clock rolled over to 1pm today [as well as a precaution last night because I thought other people were]...
  12. Gladbach Announce More Summer Transfer Dealings Following a moderately successful season, chairman Dehler has announced various incoming transfers to attempt to build on this and actually make a push toward the top of the table this season. Joining for fees will be Swansea's Ashley Williams for 7.75m, on £25,750 p/w, Juventus' Christian Pasquato for £7m on £16.5k p/w, and last season's excellent loanee, Thiago of Barcelona for £14m, on £134k p/w. These three will be joined by Miralem Sulejmani and Andrey Arshavin on free transfers. Joining on loan will be Bayern Munich's Luiz Gustavo , and two youngsters will also be joining. Atalanta's Ludovico Spano for £2.8m, on £275 p/w, and AC Milan's Robero Gandola for £2.8m and on £600 p/w. Finally, Dehler has also agreed a deal to sign Nuri Sahin from Hamburg, for £17m. Igor De Camargo will be going the other way for £5m.
  13. Damn, gutting final month. Losing the cup final and slipping into the bottom half.
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