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  1. Thought I would bump this thread as I was not around at the time. I've been looking at getting the Lenovo S205 myself and thought I would answer a few questions in the hope that it will help others. While a i3/i5/i7 will certainly be handy for FM, it is a bit overkill aswell unless you want loads of playable leagues and things maxed out. Also, people pay too much attention to GHZ. For instance, the minimum requirements for FM on windows 7 is 2.0GHZ, but people need to understand that newer processor architectures wipe the floor with older ones. So, for example, a 1.6GHZ i7 will seriously absolutely destroy a 3.0GHZ Pentium 4. And I am talking seriously destroy it in performance 20 fold (or more). Similarily will destroy a Centrino as well as severely outperform a Core 2 Duo 3GHZ. This is the same with a 2.0GHZ i5 absolutely destroying a pentium 4 (at any GHZ) and 3.0ghz Core 2 Duo, etc. The point is that people should look at the processor architecture rather than simply just look at GHZ and this is not even taking into account the amount of cores never processors have in comparison to the older ones. Similarly with phones, a 2nd GEN HTC Desire 800GHZ Snapdragon destroys the original HTC Desire 1GHZ 1st gen snapdragon. As far as the Lenovo S205 with its 1.6GHZ dual core AMD processor is concerned, it far far exceeds the 2.0ghz pentium 4 minimum requirements for the game. Partly due to the dual core, and also partly due to the Pentium 4's old sucky architecture. The AMD E350 of the Lenovo actually performs very similar to a 1.6ghz Intel T2050 Core Duo, and I know for a fact that this runs FM perfectly fine unless you go mental with the amount of playable leagues (3-5 would be acceptable) The intergrated graphics of the Lenovo is also perfectly fine for the 3D match engine. It actually performs slightly better than an ION 2 GPU which would handle the 3D Engine fine. The amount of RAM is also fine (anything between 2-4GB should be good enough, and anything over 4GB will be pointless) Hope this clears up any confusion regarding GHZ and minimum specs, and while you can get a core i3/i5/i7 for similar money, if you are looking for portability then the Lenovo is miles ahead of other "standard intel Atom-based" netbooks for both processor speed and graphics.
  2. Out of curiosity, has Van Persie been changed at all? No need to say how, but a simple yes or no. haha
  3. Thanks for your help. Sounds good.. Downloading now
  4. Considering changing my "NO DIGITAL DOWNLOADS" stance in regards to games. Steam has it for £7.99 so might just take the plunge rather ordering from an online distributor and waiting, while probably paying more. I like to sell my games on ebay once finished with them but for £7.99, it's not really a problem. Can you play steam games on multiple machines? I travel a lot and use a different laptop when out and about.
  5. I'll be sad to leave my Sheffield Wednesday save on FM11 But definitely won't have the time to continue it.
  6. Don't even know how that would even be possible. I'd assume you lot release the patch onto steam so how would people be able to update it if you haven't released it yet. Unless someone released a leak, but I ddoubt anyone is that stupid.
  7. Hey I usually wait until this point to get the next version of FM and then play it for a year until the next update, etc etc. So looking forward to this Will you offer an alternative link to download this rather than just through steam? Haven't purchased the game yet but I tend to buy games in their physical form rather than digital.
  8. 11.3 Patch Official Feedback Thread

    Sorry if this has been asked before. Only had time to read through the first couple pages as Im waiting for the Barca - Arsenal game to start. This year was the first time I waited till now to buy the game, so I've just installed it and it is, contrary to previous years, completely unpatched. So I was wondering if I need to install the previous patches before installing the new one? Thank you for any help.
  9. It's a shame they dont allow you to use a large database and non quick start in the demo. Would really like to continue it into the main game. Just out of curiosity, what actually is a "quick start?" Like what's different with it apart from a smaller database? (i.e. compared to starting a full game with a small database) If I download the demo, I'll probably go for the vanilla version as I wont be spending much time on it at all.
  10. Havent tried it yet. I'm not really bothered bout it. Just responding to other people
  11. my download speed just jumped from like 2kbps to almost 200kbps, then back to a steady 100. I hope others got this too
  12. Fair enough mate. Hopefully someone will come out with a database update tweaking all the missing things
  13. Sorry, didnt mean it to sound like that. Im just saying that im sure we'll all notice things that we'll end up editing, but I think most people are concerned with other aspects which have hopefully been improved
  14. haha by the time I reply theres already like 5 replies