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  1. Wonderkids from minnow nations

    on my fm12, couldnt get work permits for 2 russians, then we managed to get one for a kid from thailand i think it was, didnt read his ratings much just had a funny name like cok or something, so i signed him up, turned out to be a goal machine, in the WPL, 45 goals for my airbus team
  2. *IDEA* Export a Newgen

    did i read that correctly ? purchase the in-game editor ? what ? i stopped playing fm13 because i felt it was the worst, so i play fm12, and i love having a bit of fun using the fm-editor, putting the big 4 in the conference, making the WPL a league of all the best teams in the world, and now their charging people for it ?
  3. Lost my love of the game

    the tactic that is already set up when i go cardiff. i been told to change nothing many times, so this time i changed nothing, kept the same starting tactic as thats there.
  4. Maybe a little bit of optimism boys

    im the same, after fm13 sadly no. might just see how others find it before buying it for very cheap
  5. Only so much one can take?

    are you arsene wenger ?
  6. Lost my love of the game

    hi guys, thought i'd give the game another go, thought okay maybe now all patches ect are done i'll come back and try....was going okay for the first 5 games, dominated possession, shots on goal ect, then went on a 18 match spree where i didnt win a single game. and scored only 3 goals. im cardiff mind, not sold anyone, not bought anyone. and used the basic 442, and changed nothing. sadly it for me has ruined fm. i enjoy playing older versions, building slow ect. but this has become a joke.
  7. So come on, persuade me

    honestly, i'd have a look at how shockingly bad fm13 was before considering making a dip....i've been in love with fm for years, and when fm13 came out i was blinded by the new features...then i played it. i recently re-installed the game to see if patches fixed it, and as cardiff i went on a 16 game straight lose. scoring 3 goals in total. now my tactics where a 442 because moderators basically told me, i dont know what im doing so i should stick to basic tactics...... i either get the, "the opposition are dominating the midfield. theres too much space behind the defence, theres too much space between the midfield and defence" honestly, it is sooo poor the game. they tried to over do it.
  8. Lost my love of the game

    it maybe the best because theres no-leading rival out there, i mean, they can get as sloppy as they want, and no-1 is really close to challenging them
  9. Lost my love of the game

    hi guys let me firstly say, that if i seem to be arrogant not wanting help, then i really am sorry. in previous versions of the game, i had a slight understanding and could get through with enjoyment. in this game i feel any idea i did have i've lost, i feel like im watching the big bang theory with their scientific jokes. i have decided to uninstal the game, and play older versions, so for everyone who took the time to comment on here, i honestly would like to say thank you. i gave it one last go this morning carrying on with my 442 nothing changed save, and i kept getting, "the oppositon are exploiting the space behind the midfield to much" and "fullback A/B is getting skinned" i then got the dreaded sack. sadly this game has become too indepth for me, or maybe i've just become a noob or what ever that word means, but thank you all again for trying to help. maybe i'll give fmI4 a try when it gets released.
  10. Lost my love of the game

    sorry my "one" key on the laptop no longer works. so im forced to use the letter "I" as a one. firstly, in former fm games, i could create a tactic and watch it flourish. but what im saying is with this version, each tactic i use i conceed more than 5 goals. and we go on disasterous losing streaks. thats what i meant by having no knowledge of tactics. i also did a save without touching any sliders, or changing the tactics, my familiarity with the tacitc was nearly full. played forest, and lost 8-0. i know how to play fm however on fmI3 it feels like im playing a game i've never played before. in the older fm, i had created a training system i knew how to use. in this one i have no idea....i've watched tutorials of it on youtube ect ect, but its like "general training, match training, week focus, game focus" im just at a loss. and i feel i actually enjoyed older versions much much more. i feel i actually knew what i was doing. lto the last part of your comment like i said i am sorry my key one doesnt work so im forced to use the letter I as a one. my recent one was a 442. changed nothing except player roles. e.g. poacher, target man, winger att ect.....(im using a half broken laptop so most of my keys dont work so i cant press print screen) i don't know what anecdote or however you spell it means sorry.
  11. Lost my love of the game

    i've tried a load mate. defensivly. or attacking. and its always their lad gets the ball boom done a messi took on my entire team while yawning and scoring
  12. Lost my love of the game

    hahah thanks bigblueal. honestly. its not im a quitter, its just simple. i clearly have no f-ing clue what im doing.........im gonna stick with older versions i think. i understood the game back then. and knew what i was doing
  13. Lost my love of the game

    i dont need any players in tbh, i've not bought a single player, simply because cardiff city dont really need anyone. their strong as it is. however, i've noticed which ever tactic i've used and i have honestly used a variety after I0 league games, we've usually won 2, and lost the others with silly results, like 4/5/6 - 0 and its always because a player gets the ball runs through my whole team and puts it in the net. for example i didnt change anything in my last save, i used to already set up tactic..... we conceeded 8 against nottingham forest.... yes herbet i have played and lost the first 8 of my openeing I0 games, then i'd win I then lose like 7-0 and then not win for a while. i agree i clearly have no idea what im doing, my results prove that. i just do not understand the game anymore. like i said, i have created several tactics on fmI2 and once tweaked they worked. now i've imported them. im getting in match messages like "our passing is connecting well" "our possession suggests we're in control" so im thinking okay so far so well....then bamb, i've lost yet again....
  14. Lost my love of the game

    no i am merely saying i have already tried your points. e.g. changing it up. during the game. try to keep the same tactic when you start a new game. having one one attack in defece ect ect. players are walking through my team scoring. it seems asif they tried to make it way to indepth. i enjoyed the fact in previous versions i had created a tactic which allowed me to place into other fm's and play with. and they'd work. there was a simplicity beauty to it. i know your trying to potray me as someone who has no idea what im doing and just using they forum as a way to vent my frustration. however im simply stating the fact that throughout all the flaws in the game. that myself, and it seems many many many others are having. i've finally given up with the whole "keep trying sport" you'll get there in the end. considering i paid £25 for the game.
  15. Lost my love of the game

    I) i admited it wasnt working, and agreed i needed to change. i have played I0 games each with different tactics the most i've won is 2 out of the I0 2) in my last save as i stated above i changed nothing. and lost as cardiff, 3-0 to aldershot in the cup. and 8-0 to forest. on a embaressing losing run 3) against aldershot in the cup we should of absolutly destroyed them. sadly their striker run through the middle of my midfield, my defence, and scored. 3 times. i aint going to go through the whole list with my problems. however the only I i agreed with was the never stop learning. i've come a long long way since since playing fm07. and in FmII was the big difference as how i played, set up a tactic. i dont get all day to play the game. i have only a hour or two after work. so as it was a snow day on friday and the school was closed i had 3 full days to play it. and sadly it didnt work out. as for the "not good enough for me excuse" just because you use it, doesnt mean we all do.....