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  1. I am 40 and it is still my fav game.
  2. No I am the wrost ever in punctuation so I do not bother doing it that much there are fullstops as well though and a few commas.
  3. 1010101010
  4. 1010101010
  5. Ok, but you know it is a story?
  6. Yep 1010101
  7. 1010101010
  8. a mod mind deleting this seems no-one really likes this story
  9. I do not think there is anything you can do about it I guess it is just one of themthings you need to accept in this game.
  10. Ok why make a new thread if you know it is a bug?
  11. Yeah I got 3 although I was unemployed and I did apply for all three and there all in the blue square north/south.
  12. Never got that far but if I did then I would continue.
  13. I do not know because my team always plays rubbish atm I doing rubbish and going to get relagated to the blue square north/south.
  14. No I would not.