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  1. 63 jskovc So just an update after my second season. Last season, we in Bedford just only survived from relegation in BSN. So then i let the most of the team go on transfer free, and started to build up a quite new team, (and with great succes). The goals in the season, was again just to survive in BSN, to get to the third qual round in FA Cup, an to get some experience in the FA Trophy. And we made succes in all three goals. In the FA Cup, we where first beaten in the third round against Chelsea (0-7). In the FA Trophy we where beaten in first round, on penalty against Lowestoft. And in the BSN we where hitting the big streak, and ended 3rd, and got promotion in the playoff final, with a 4-2 victory against Chester.
  2. Ans Sam97 In Bedford, you need a grand new team. Nobody on the starting-team can do anything. Im Bedford too, and tried to keep the most of the team i had fro the beginning. I only survived with 4 point on 19th place, and recieved 78 goals. So my device is to get a new keeper, and almost a new defence, only a few of the from the start-team is usefull, including Blackwood, who is fine. The midfield is average, but nothing special, and the forwards is just bad, and are waisting, a lot of 100% chances. So let your agent find some substitutes, for almost every position. -jskovc
  3. 63 jskovc end of first season with Bedford. The goal was to survive. And we did, but nothing more than that. we were placed as number 19, and during the season, there was a lot of problems about the tactic, and we never found our big streak. Actually the biggest winning streak was three matches, and the biggest no loose streak was 4 matches in the same period. So up to next season, we need to do some good transfer deals, and find some better streaks. Here is a SS of the ending table. In the cups it were not going any better, the FA Cup was already ending in the 2. qual round with a 1-4 loss against Spalding, and our time in the FA Pokal it was ending in 3. qual round, with at 0-3 loss against Bishop's Stortford. So btw here is the SS: http://i748.photobucket.com/albums/xx123/jskovc/Dafugesseason1done.jpg
  4. So, time for the first update. To begin with, i will start to apologise my bad english, but i am from Denmark, som what can i do ? Im playing with Bedford, and started the first season, with one single goal... To avoid relegation. It started very well, with a 4-2 victory against Vauxhall, and followed it up with a 3-3 draw against giant favorites from Hyde. But after that, everything became a nightmare. 5 matches, 5 losses, then a single draw against Nuneaton. And now i've played nine matches, and my form for the matches is silly 1-2-6. I've also played FA Cup 2. Qual Round, and it was here i thougt we could raise our form against the non-league team Spalding. But here we was embarrased again, and got a loss on 1-4 away. So after 9 matches, we only just can avoid relegation with one point. Not so easy as i thougt. http://i748.photobucket.com/albums/xx123/jskovc/9kampedafugeschallenge.png -Jskovc
  5. Im in to it. Im playing with Bedford, just started. http://i748.photobucket.com/albums/xx123/jskovc/Dafugesstartsson1.jpg