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  1. FM18: Liverpool FC - Pace Abuse

    Thanks. I'll give that a go.
  2. FM18: Liverpool FC - Pace Abuse

    Anyone else having trouble getting Firmino and Salah going? I've been mostly playing a 4-1-2-3 with Salah as an AMR (IF-S) and Firmino as a ST (CF-S), and they just aren't scoring enough. I'm in first place at the end of September but the goals have been spread around. Sturridge scores when he is fit, and I got Dahlberg but he's had about 4 injuries already.
  3. FM18: Liverpool FC - Pace Abuse

    What formation did you use in that first season?
  4. FM18: Liverpool FC - Pace Abuse

    Ok thanks, will do.
  5. FM18: Liverpool FC - Pace Abuse

    Awesome job. What is your tactic?
  6. FM18: Liverpool FC - Pace Abuse

    I'm waiting for my new computer to arrive but I'll definitely be starting a save as soon as it does. Thanks for the help and suggestions in the meantime.
  7. FM16 : Liverpool FC - Ran out of Klopp puns

    San Emertino was good on the first patch, not sure how he is now. I got him for 2 million, sold him to Juventus after season 3 for 24 million.
  8. FM16 : Liverpool FC - Ran out of Klopp puns

    Third season went much better than expected, won everything available except for the FA Cup, which I lost in the final on penalties. I won the league with four games to spare, and beat Juventus in an epic Champions League final 5-3. "][/url] My squad is set up well but is way too big. I need to sell some players and promote more youngsters in season four. "][/url] Rajkovic was the only non-regen transfer in. "][/url]
  9. FM16 : Liverpool FC - Ran out of Klopp puns

    Yeah Markovic didn't perform consistently enough for me in season two, and was injured too frequently as well. It did give me a chance to keep his value up, and I sent Zivkovic on loan to Napoli that year to develop him as well. I sold Markovic for around 30 million to Real Madrid. What kind of wages does Sterling want?
  10. FM16 : Liverpool FC - Ran out of Klopp puns

    Ajer is a beast in my save, and no one should ever sell Milner. I know he's on big wages, but the guy scores goals and is very consistent.
  11. FM16: Mauro Icardi

    I got him for around the same amount at that time, and he didn't fire for me in my first season. He scored 13 goals in 42 total appearances, starting 21 games. By mid-way through the year Sturridge was my #1 forward again. Hopefully he'll come good in season three.
  12. FM16 : Liverpool FC - Ran out of Klopp puns

    Stones just picked City over me at the end of season 2, even though I was offering 20k more per week. I don't really need him, but they've been my closet challengers in the first two seasons.
  13. FM16 : Liverpool FC - Ran out of Klopp puns

    Second season went fairly well overall, winning the league with three games to spare, and taking the Capital One Cup. Had a good run in the Champions League, winning the group with five wins and a draw and knocking out Wolfsburg and Real Madrid before getting dumped out in the semi-final. "][/url] Squad: "][/url] Transfers: I didn't bring in too many new faces, Rulli and Romero were the bargains, Icardi was a disappointment for me, hopefully he gets better in season 3. "][/url] "][/url] Ajer is developing nicely, can fill any of my three midfield slots well. "][/url] My best players were probably Henderson and Clyne, but Milner was the unsung hero. I know he is on big wages, but he performed well in the MC and AMR roles, chipping in with a bunch of goals. "][/url]
  14. FM16 : Liverpool FC - Ran out of Klopp puns

    Everton went down in the second season of my save, do I go for Stones?
  15. [FM16][SKIN]Vitrex 2.0

    I fixed this by just setting the zoom to 95%. Thanks again for creating this skin, and for the crash dump fix, the skin is awesome.