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  1. I also have this issue. When i move my mouse over players names or the side bar icons everything is lagging just like the video above.
  2. Another instance of my player getting sent off and the suspension not applying. Save before game: last save overwrite backup bug.fm
  3. Right, managed to get it to happen again. This time both teams had a player sent off with second yellow cards. Neither player had the suspension applied. One of my players had accumulated the 4 yellow cards limit and he was correctly suspended after the game. Got a save before and after the game. Before the game save name: last save overwrite backup.fm After game: last save overwrite backup bug.fm
  4. I don't, but i will try and save before each game and see if it happens again.
  5. Just had another game where a player got sent off with two yellow cards and the suspension didn't carry over to the next game. There was no message after the game with options to fine the player and the player was clear to play in the next game. Seems like the problem only happens when a player is sent off with two yellow cards. Straight red and accumulative yellow cards apply the correct suspension.
  6. This keeps happening randomly. I had a player receive two yellow cards and the suspension was not applied for the next game. I have played one cup and league game since his two yellow cards and hes played in each game with no suspension applied. This happens at random as suspensions are applied for players who accumulate a certain amount of yellow cards and straight red cards seem to apply the correct suspension. I have uploaded my save called " last save overwrite backup.fm "
  7. Ok, if I move my mouse around I get a solid 60fps in the menus. Once stop moving my mouse the fps instantly drops to 30's. I have tried deleting cache/preferences folders. I used old and new graphics drivers. I've also set fm19 to maximum power. I don't have gsync/vsync on.
  8. I have the same kinda problem. If I keep moving my mouse I get a solid 60fps, if my mouse becomes idle then my fps drops straight away down to the 30's. I've tried old and new drivers and also deleted cache/preferences folders.
  9. Sometimes i've had to use all my subs before the 60th minute because of injuries. I think maybe my problem is different than the ones you're seeing here. I seem to find the game keeps forcing my players off during the game. After the game there is about 70% chance there will be nothing wrong with them and i wont even get a message about them. I think i have to take atleast one player off every second game. I have looked at my training, fitness and physio, match fitness and condition. I can't see why i'm getting so many forced injuries every other game.
  10. devilman, let us know if a fresh install changed anything. Was thinking about doing the same thing.
  11. Most of my injuries seem to happen in game and within quick succession of each other. Most of the time when the game is finished they wont even be injured. I've had games where all my subs were used up for injuries, this has happened multiple times.
  12. This patch has not been good. Teams leak goals too much. It seems animations are also a big problem. Had a keeper save a shot, the keeper gets back up around the penalty spot and just stands there. While this is happening the other team have the ball and shoot from a tight angle, the keeper makes no attempt to close the gap down. Reported the problem and already has a reply back from Si about it, they say the wrong animation was being selected. There has to be another patch.
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