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  1. What I really want (as a former FML fanatic) is to have a "make new club" option where it lets me create a new club and insert it into the league of my choice with completely generated players. without using the editor, I mean.
  2. Leça FC -Portuguese Second Divisio - 2013/14 League - Transfers - Squad Not a particularly good first season, though there were positives. Given that we managed to stay up after promotion you would think that would be enough for the board but they seemed to think that we were deserving of a top-half finish (trust me, given the quality of the side this was unreasonable) and after a good start to the season results and morale went south and our lack of quality started to show. There were rumors of my sacking near the last third of the season but for whatever reason they let me stay - I
  3. Lots of people have tried to get this behavior (try looking in the "Tactics and Training" sub-forum) but I don't think there has been much success...
  4. "Float" crosses to the far post while "drill" crosses to the near post. I don't think there is any difference to choosing "Float Crosses" and setting all of your players to cross to the far post manually, if that is what you are asking
  5. This is kind of true. My understanding of it is that the Passing attribute affects the actual accuracy/placement of the pass while the Technique attribute affects the players ability to play DIFFERENT TYPES of passes (i.e. backheels, flicks, one-time passes, etc.). So a player with 20 Passing and 1 Technique could hit the same spot over and over again with a nice sidefoot pass but wouldn't be able to execute anything other than this while a player with 10 Passing and 20 Technique wouldn't be nearly as accurate but could perform many different "styles" of pass.
  6. Probably been posted before but I did a double-take when I read this news item
  7. same thing happened to me after I bought Adriano for 30M
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