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  1. I am always annoyed that I can't "Show Onto Weaker Foot" for those one-footed wingers.
  2. For non-contracts, I find that if you offer them a NEW non-contract whenever another club tries to poach them, they will usually sign with you and forget the other offer. Not sure if this is a bug or not because it feels off. Also, if the other team sign him on a non-contract you can usually just poach him right back with a new non-contract of your own. I did this with one of my D C this season. I don't understand why some players want non-contract status rather than part-time though. Ill offer them a first team contract and they turn it down because they want a non-contract? Whats up with that??
  3. AD Sanjoanerse I have chosen to take over AD Sanjoanerse, newly promoted to the Portuguese National Championship - Group D. I choose them mainly because they (surprisingly) start with GREAT Training Facilities and GREAT Youth Facilities. In addition, they have ADEQUATE Junior Coaching and BASIC Youth Recruitment. I hope that the very nice training facilities will help my youths to develop faster and start to contribute to the first team from a younger age. I will be playing this in Football Manager Classic rather than the normal FM game, which should prevent both some advantages as well as some challenges. I have the advantage of streamlined staff hiring and training but my disadvantages will be that there is no way to teach players specific PPMs or guide specific training in any way. Additionally, it is not possible to request the board to upgrade your facilities in FMC! They do it of their own choosing in time. We'll see how this impacts my ability to compete with youth talent, it should be interesting. Manager Profile Team The team is relatively old and has a surplus of wingers with a lack of defenders. Several of players are nearing retirement age, such as 38-year old Vitor and 39-year old Xavier. I'm really going to have to hope I pull some decent youth defenders in the next season or I might have to get really creative tactically. The club had literally no staff when I took over so I signed an assistant manager and a physio (does having a physio actually make a difference?) but decided against a General Manager or Chief Scout as I don't think they would really help my club given this particular challenge. The Head of Youth Development is going to be a KEY position for this challenge so I was extremely happy to find a HOYD with the quality of Nene who wanted to come to my club. Unfortunately, try as I might, we was only willing to agree to a 1-year contract. He has a great eye for potential and his Fairly Professional personality will hopefully rub off on my future youth prospects. Youth Prospects Bruno Monteiro - GK Very solid skills around the board and great mentals for his age IMO. He's already wanted for a transfer by Lousada, another National Championship side. I suppose that is a good sign? 5* potential but I think is mostly an indictment of the strength of my current squad. Hernani Costa - M R Reasonable all-around skills for a wide player although his mentals and passing could use some work. Good raw physical skills will make up for other deficiencies, especially in the lower leagues. Henrique Brandao - M C He doesn't look inspiring to me, aside from his well-rounded physical skills. My Assman seems to peg him as a ball-winning midfielder, which is strange for a player with 4 tackling, positioning, and determination. Oh well, he's gonna have to play.
  4. THE SKIN I see a lot of negative feedback about the FMC skin, which really surprises me because I think it's fantastic. It's bright, colorful, and I like the generally larger fonts compared to vanilla FM. Another thing which is a HUGE advantage in my book is the way that some of the pages are laid out compared to vanilla. The fact that you can have Transfer Info, Happiness, and (my favorite) PERSONALITY all available right on the player page rather than having to click the "Information" tab is a huge improvement in my mind. NO TRAINING Even more than teamtalks / media stuff, training has always been my #1 most hated aspect of vanilla FM. I'm not sure why; probably because I always forget about it. Plus IMO the training module was always a complete mystery to understand, though I know it has been improved in recent releases. I love not worrying about it in FMC and just seeing my young players improve naturally. I understand a lot of people want PPM training in future FMC releases but to be honest I kind of like not having control over it. PPMs that are out of your control make each player that much more unique and valuable. NO OPPOSITION INSTRUCTIONS Seems like kind of a strange omission to me. I understand SI want FMC to be a bit more streamlined than vanilla FM but just putting it on a seperate tab under TACTICS during match day would be all you need to do - then people who want to use it could use it, without it being forced on the player (like in vanilla, where it ALWAYS kicks you to the OI screen on match day preparation). I'm just extra sensitive to its exclusion at the moment because I'm managing in the Skrill North and every team I come up against has one-footed wingers who I can't Show Onto Weaker Foot.
  5. I would guess it is related to the MLS having a lower reputation than some of the big Euro leagues.
  6. haha I've tried to do the same thing in FM before too! When taking over a club and there's some chump on enormous wages, sometimes I'll try to offer a contract extension at lower wages to give my wage bill a bit more room. It seldom works
  7. Please let us do Opposition Instructions in 2015! Playing in England is really annoying me ATM since I deal with one-footed wingers on a daily basis and can't do much tactically to try and stop the crosses from coming in.
  8. What I really want (as a former FML fanatic) is to have a "make new club" option where it lets me create a new club and insert it into the league of my choice with completely generated players. without using the editor, I mean.
  9. Well that sucks. I understand WHY they did it this way. But without seeing how the individual shouts are affecting player's sliders it becomes really hard to judge which shouts you should be using, like this example: I've been guilty of this I'm sure - when you're setting up an initial tactic and you go through the team instructions and tick "keep possession" and "play out of defence" and "pass it shorter" because those are all descriptive of how you want your team to play, right? How would you know that your DCs already have "short" passing with the Control mentality without access to the sliders? Watching the games I guess would be the argument or analyzing the passing charts but that's not exactly new user-friendly.
  10. Thanks for pointing out the Halfback - that's a new role this year (I think) so I didn't even know it existed! As for the Libero, your defender has to be a sweeper in order to be assigned this role so I'm not sure it would work for the particular tactics we are tryign to create here. I'll have to try it out when I get a chance and see if it creates the movement out of the back that I'm looking for in the #4. My other concern would be how the player is positioned on defense.
  11. This is a fantastic thread so thank you for taking the time and energy to write all of this! However, I do have a slightly stupid question as a response: Is there a way to see the slider effects of each shout/tactical instruction in FM14? I can't for the life of me figure out how.
  12. It's basically impossible to pull off Van Gaal's Ajax tactics in FM14 (or any previous versions) because the way it treats players in different positions is too rigid. Van Gaal's Ajax played basically a 4-3-3 in defense and a 3-4-3 in attack (when the number 4 would step into the midfield to dictate play). It's impossible in FM to get a CB to make forward runs however or position himself any further forward than his defensive line. I created a ball-playing defender and gave him the "get forward" player instruction but he never does. I remember trying to implement this in earlier versions of FM as well and unfortunately within the ME the player "knows" he is a central defender and pretty much ignores any forward run instructions. Similarly, it's impossible to get a DM to drop back into the defense when the team is not in possession (or even when the team IS in possession; the modern game often has the DC's step out wide with one DM dropping back to make a "3 man" defense in possession, like Guardiola's Barca used to do which is unachievable in the current ME).
  13. Anybody know if this title is being released in the US? I could always import but I was just wondering...
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