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  1. still by far the best read on these forums. well done mate for keeping us entertained and for making me check this forum a good 5 times a day just incase you have updated
  2. Still loving this thread and i look in everyday still. sorry bout my lack of posts but been busy so i just glance over. now i have time i have started my own one with cork city in the irish first division. wont be posting updates just doin for myself really glad to see you in the top league and being able to survive it every season, and now actually start challenging the top teams
  3. northern ireland would be no good as the lower teams dont have youth facilities so no youth players are produced. ireland would be difficult i'm in the 2018 season and have yet to see 1 decent youth player of mine manage to break even my back ups.
  4. haha thanks yeh was a bit of a shock but i wont complain, seem to have a thing of beating the prem teams. btw great work on your season coming along nicley now.
  5. great stuff so far HRB btw you can keep track of my career on gundo's challenge thread
  6. i dont know what to say after that season. i'll let it speak for itself. used the tactic from the very first match. the loss was the 2nd match of the league so not gelled yet, and the draw was because i had 4 matches in 4 days
  7. wow fantastic need to put my eyes back in there sockets.... fantastic Mr Hough the match after was 10-0 O_O
  8. just read through the whole lot. absolutly fantastic read and well done, best of luck in the championship crouchy
  9. started in july 2009 with afc wimbledon in the blue sq prem. using my own tactic by 2016/17 i made the prem to get relegated. got back to the prem by 2018/19 where i finished 9th next season 2019/20 i finished a solid 3rd. then: i switched to houghs 10.3 classic tactic. season 2020/21with this tactic i managed to win the prem 98 pts 109 goals. champions league R madrid 1-5 Afc wimbledon FINAL this tactic is amazing. and currently winning prem again and got offered brazil job gettin ready for WC success
  10. using classic 10.3 tactic with my afc wimbledon side in the premiership in 2020, used my own tactic to get them there over the years but failed when i hit the big time. now after half a season of using this tactic i'm in 1st by 8 points to arsenal who have won it every year from 2010. corner cheat dont work for me, got 1 goal in 10 games from it lol so its definatly the tactics that are class. well done hough ur a legend
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