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  1. Looking that offside picture, i think you dont know the offside rule exactly. First, when ball leaves passers foot is the moment you should look for offside. In your picture the ball is 2-3 meters ahead of the player. Second, your offside line is not parallel to the halfway line.
  2. I know someone else like you. He won scottish premier league before appointed by man utd. His name is Alex Ferguson.
  3. if your charimans patiance attribute is high enough, i believe you will most likely be like Wenger.
  4. As i realize, most of the time penalties are result of header challange. If your defenders are short this might be the reason.
  5. i think that if you didnt challenge the title, they would have fired you. And their dissapointment is unrelated to seasonal objective.
  6. i think your player roles contradict with your team instructions. if you want to play direct and rigid football you should change your DMs to defensive midfielders (one support one defend)and wingers to inisde forwards(attack).
  7. Since there is no foreign rule for managers, it would be only an estetic and unnecessary feature.
  8. it is probably because of your players high sportmanship attribute.
  9. i created myself in fm 2007 when i was 16. I made it with my actual height 178 cm and weight 85 kg. Virtual me became taller and thinner in half year. Then nothing changed.
  10. i believe positioning is for intercepting passes while off the ball is for recieving balls. So my guess is positioning skill may be useful for only pressing forwards.
  11. I realized that determination is the key attribute for how many players scouts find. This was true for past FM's but i am not sure for FM2013.
  12. I tried and it works as intended. No problem for me now
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