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  1. It's so you can see the players best role, it highlights attributes. Some of the highlighted attributes will change when you switch from support to defence. It's not really that important but sometimes when you are new to a club or trying to come up with tactical ideas it's handy.
  2. It sounds like you mean position knowledge. Pretty sure a player can't become a natural at a position he didn't start with. I wouldn't worry too much about the role suitability. If he's playing well that's all that matters. The circle in FM 15 would fluctuate on player form and sometimes go up/down.
  3. I think it was changed to focus more on individuals blending in rather than the whole team as a unit. Some guys take a season other guys a few weeks.
  4. I didn't crop it right but yeah...I got my moneys worth. My best save was with Torino, Went all season undefeated and only conceded 11 goals http://imgur.com/sCqIGnI
  5. It looks like you are right. I must have had a season to spare with the guy I was thinking of.
  6. I wouldn't pay much attention to his rating. 7.1 is good for a Ball Winning mid. Apparently the ratings are still messed up for them as they count when a player closes down someone and he passes the ball as a missed interception and penalize them for it. I could never work out why nobody would perform in that position for me and why my assistant was always saying "player is making a lot of mistakes". That's the reason why
  7. Damn that sucks, I guess it's not that realistic to bring in someone just to tutor though. I think if you played him in the first team he would become available and can probably tutor players at his club in India if he is still playing there.
  8. 2. They will still be home grown trained at club 4. Yes, try it out. Buy someone that is 18 and it will say on the view.
  9. Can he tutor youth team players? He should still be able to do that.
  10. 1. Yes 2. Still homegrown 3. There is a view mode in the squad screen called homegrown players and it has the dates for nation and club. 4. They can turn 18 anytime that season as long as they are 18 max when you bring them in. They will only become homegrown on the date you bought them in.
  11. Cntrl+A is all. You can also use the shift key to select from one highlighted object to the next click. If you hold down control and click it will deselect one at a time.
  12. It's annoying because it uses the attribute range i.e 13-15 and you can't search for certain types of players because if you look for a guy with minimum 13 of an attribute it won't include those within the ranges only those with the full knowledge of the attribute. I don't use attribute masking for this reason. Maybe they should change the search to a weighted search like player manager used to have. It probably does this in the search for player type but I haven't really used that much.
  13. I think I saw Crimea, Gibraltar is in there. Will be interesting when Catalonia gets its independence. That's going to be a pretty decent side.
  14. Could be to do with your reputation as a manager also. He would probably prefer to play for Arsene or Enrique than a guy who has only been managing for a few days and hasn't won anything.
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