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  1. FM 2011 training view ?

    -Back to player profile to select the training tab. Select the newly created training schedule using the drop-down menu. On a side note, player condition is now displayed on this screen, maybe age will be available as well in FM2012. -Memorize training diagram as much as you can. -« Ctrl+u » shortcut again to adjust training sliders in the appropriate menu. -Over time during season, training history grows, player fitness have to be monitored, have a look at training diagrams, then training sliders…Memorize as much as you can useful informatiobs, go back to training screen, balance training schedules, back again to player profile to check diagram until you manage to balance training schedule as wished. Then change player…for a whole squad ! I have roughly compared to both create and handle training schedules. As a result, it takes me about twice longer than before to create training schedule and up to 6 times longer to adjust training schedule regularly. I am doing « individual » training, so on a whole squad (first team, reserve, young team) I let you guess how much time I have to spent now on training… Basically, what was simple, quick and efficient is now just time consuming and completely non-ergonomic. Even worse, adjust and compare training schedules with training diagrams now heavily rely on a tiresome memory exercise. I have tried, but I can not make up my mind to use training as it is when it is just a matter of training screen arrangement ! For example, as it is shown with orange squares and rectangles, split the current training panel in 3 different areas to put related training sliders. THAT would be useful to deal efficiently with training. It would be great as well as it is possible in other panels to be able to organize ourselves this training panel. We are perfectly aware that most of FM players are very likely to not spend as much time on training as we do (ie they will not care that much about one more training diagram in a panel), as they may prefer to focus on other FM areas such as transfert policy, wonderkinds hunting…fair enough. However, FM Manifest’s members are definitely not the only one dealing with training schedules and match fitness in such a way. So, have to say we are a bit disappointed regarding this particular issue which make this area of the game more frustrating than before. Well, we hope our point was clearly and understandably made in a constructive and respectful way. We hope as well you will consider our request and find a way to « fix » this as it is simply a matter of diagram arrangement in training screens. Thanks for your time. Sincerely. FM Manifest staff
  2. Hi all, The aim of this post is to point out a recent arrangement and layout issue with regard to training screens and panels. To do so, I have carried out a comparative presentation between FM2010 and FM2011. FM2010 : -Player profile and select training tab. -Use the drop-dowm menu to create a new training schedule. -Fill out training schedule name. -Adjust training sliders with training diagrams right in a front of you. -Age and condition to be read in player profile. FM 2011 : -Player profile to take into account required informations. -« Ctrl+u » shortcut (useful in this case by the way, save extra time) and create a new training schedule.