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  1. This is the thing I missed... Chievo scouts are quite poor. Hired new scout with decent attributes, sent him to scout Pacheco and Wilson - now it shows AMC/ST and D/LC. This is completely new to me... I thought that it should always show (complete) player's positions. Thank you guys for your answers.
  2. ^^ Current Chievo scouting knowledge (at least what should be relative for Pacheco, who is Spanish and plays for English club). Wilson is Scottish, but scouting knowledge for Scotland is quite low. Once again, I scouted them both and scout reports only their primary position - ST and DC.
  3. I don't follow this forum that much, so possibly that I'm asking stupid question with well known answer... I apologize in advance. I'll try to make long story short... DB/Patch: 11.3 Selected leagues are English, Spanish, Italian, French, German, Portuguese and Dutch (top 2 divisions for all). Large database with some custom parameters. After playing few seasons with Liverpool decided to start new game, this time with Chievo. In my Liverpool save, Pacheco was AMC, ST and Danny Wilson was DLC. However, in new game with Chievo I noticed that they are ST and DC, respectively. Scouted them both, however position remained the same. Started new game (in case I somehow selected wrong DB version) and just before picking a club, I decided to select Liverpool and check out detailed information. Pacheco - AMC, ST; Wilson - DLC. Picked Inter this time - same as with Chievo, ST and DC. Added new manager, but picked Spanish club this time - Pacheco - AMC/ST (he is Spanish), but Wilson is DC. Would someone be kind to explain me this? I accidentally noticed this for these two players, but probably there are many more similar examples. Thank you. Alex
  4. 14 seconds. Kuyt for Liverpool against Blackburn (I think).
  5. Hello all! I play CM/FM from season 01/02, however I made big pause between releases and lost a track a little bit. I really like new tactical approach that FM10 presented, but somehow I don't have much success with it. Played with Liverpool for 2 seasons, experimented a lot (lots of tweaking, full matches, analysis, tutorials etc.), but somehow managed to win few minor trophies (FA and League Cup, Charity Shield; UEFA Cup runner-up) and finished 6th both times in PL. 2nd quarter of 3rd season I switched to classic system and final my team plays the way I want it. In general I like to play one formation (mostly 4-3-1-2, but 4-1-2-1-2 is interesting also) and tweak it a little bit from time to time (also I shape my squad to fit that formation perfectly - no wingers, just xMCs). Also, I never used other people's tactics and I never will (personally for me it ruins the game). After little introduction, there is one thing that bothers me when it comes to classic system... Team and individual instructions - I prefer to setup mentality, creative freedom and rarely passing for each player. What bothers me - if during game I decide to play more defensively and setup team instructions to Defensive, will it affect whole team to play more defensive or I would have to tweak individual instructions for every single player? Same applies for creative freedom, passing etc. I hope you understand what I'm asking... basically - are there overrides between instructions? Second questions concerns few individual options... Would someone be kind to explain me "Wide play" and it's options (Cut Inside, Hug Touchline...)? Also, what is the point of "Swap position", when to use it? Thank you for your answers! Alex