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  1. so this is an AFA thing and not Sports interactive messing it up???
  2. Thanks everyone for posting so far looking at going to a few countries mentioned here and looking forward to some good times. Keep on posting
  3. Help me out here what is messed up with the argentina league? im thinking of managing there in the near future is their anything I should be aware of???
  4. how did you find the mexican league and cf merida was it a tough team to manage and how much success did you have with them?
  5. Hi everyone just let me know what fun you have had with other teams in other countries. I myself started a journey man career with Genk had a great time there and then went to lille and vasco da gama before getting a job at barca still there and i am thinking about a move to germany or italy next really trying to win the league in every country. Please share thanks
  6. well said I know there are a lot of terry haters out there, They dont like his family fair comment neither can I to be honest. But as I said we all go through life telling lies and not wanting to admit what we did was wrong and I just wished He had held his hand up and said that he made a mistake in a heated moment and he regretted his actions. There is no way he is racist that comment can be thrown around to easily and of course terry's detractors love to pick him up on this. I think he has been one the finest english centrebacks for sometime and is still going strong I admire his onfield performance's I just wish off field matched it.
  7. john terry is a legend in my eyes regardless of that anton thing. I believe he said some bad things but hand on heart believe he is no racist. I do wish he just told the truth and held his hand up and said that he said things in the heat of the moment though and he regretted it
  8. Cheers guys but what most interest's me is older players this may sold crazy but players like lampard and terry would never like me regardless of how much i said they played well. Call me vain but I want messi to like me.
  9. Hello Everyone I just wanted to understand player relationship with myself. As far I can tell a younger player that you promote through the ranks or buy from another club is more likely to like you very quickly than say a older player and I wondered why that is. always praising players will help this happen quicker but sometime's it does not matter how much praise you heap on someone they wont have you as one of their liked personnel.I just wondered why this is what makes this the case if anyone could give their idea's to this question would be great. thanks in advance
  10. thankyou everyone for posting i will be looking forward to trying out a few of these players in my next game
  11. Thankyou to everyone so far who posted on here some players i will look at for sure keep them coming please
  12. Ok so yaya toure and drogba stand out but i would very much like to hear others, A surprise or two would be nice please include players that are in fm15
  13. fair enough then i must say SI have got it bang on with club offers in the real world with FFP it is very rare that i get a straight up offer most are with add ons
  14. im 33 been playing manger games since i was a kid premier manager 1&2 those for days can i mention sensible world of soccer was hooked on that and of course cm and fm love it
  15. This concerns a game i am playing at the moment as manager of genk i have built a great team of young wonderkids and as you would expect my players are attracting attention from big clubs for instance one player a certain youri tielemans has a buyout clause of around 20million and lots clubs want him they have made offers but the offers are always with add-ons so there by not activating the buyout clause has anyone had this issue, In a way i dont mind this because i want to keep hold of my best players but as you can imagine i have had to sell some because they became unhappy. One other thing i have done which is cheeky is say my player had a 20mil buyout i have offered him for 19million + 30% sell on fee when the player is sold even better deal for me id he is sold of course in the future. anyway your views please
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