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  1. which one do you prefer, I prefer playing but I seen so many people that prefer to sim all games I don't know what's fun about that.
  2. anyone remember where you can see the fm trophy page? if you get what i mean this is for steam users only, i remember someone posting a link of this a while ago
  3. How to get a B team?

  4. So I started a save with Mirandés(Spanish Segunda B), got them promoted to Segunda Division(Division 2) and I am wondering how do I get one of the affliates to be my B-Side?
  5. I get this problem that I can not give some of my U19 players a youth training schedule, but only the 1st team one how do I fix it?
  6. Well does anyone? Seen one a while ago but can't find it so wondering if someone has one.
  7. FM11: Mateo Musacchio

    Turned class for my Real Madrid side, very good player recommend him to everyone.
  8. FM11: Gonzalo Higuaín

    What you could do is sign his brother, Federico Higuaín and then try to lure the other Higuaín to your club aswell.
  9. Gonzalo Higuaín has been improved since last years FM, and I believe that he´s one of the best strikers in game, averaging more than a goal a game near the end of 2011/2012, I´d recommend him to anyone but it is unlikely that Madrid will sell their star striker, but you never know. I play him as a Deep Lying Forward with Duty as Attack. Position: Striker Other Positions: Attacking Midfielder Right: Unconvincing Attacking Midfielder Left: Unconvincing Attacking Midfielder Centre: Awkward Midfielder Right: Ineffectual Midfielder Left: Ineffectual Feet: Left Foot: Strong Right Foot: Very Strong Prefered Moves: Moves Into Channels
  10. My previous Madrid save corrupted so I´m restarting again but this guy turned awesome and one of my star players, I will promote and train him again and recommend him to everyone. Since I did not take screenshots of him in my previous save I will take it this time and will show everyone how amazingly this guy progesses, and will update this thread once in a while. Sarabia at the start of Season 1: This is what my Assistant Coach says about him aswell: Aitor Karanka is of the opinion that Sarabia isn´t far from having the required potential to be better than Cristiano Ronaldo.
  11. Any ideas on how to play Ozil or Kaká I can´t get the best out of either of them, I play 4-2-3-1 btw.
  12. I´m Hércules in Season 3 and this is how much I´ve spent: Calatayud Sergio Sánchez(2m) - Rodríguez - Douglas(free) - Musacchio(7m) Ortigoza(free) - Gago(free) Kiko - Parejo(7m) - C.Rodríguez(11m) Trezeguet That makes it a total of 27m.
  13. Top 5 must buys

    Pablo Sarabia.
  14. I just can't seem to tutor anyone on this version, I've just finished season one, and still can't tutor anyone, does anyone know how it works as I never had this problem on FM11.