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  1. Will a higher fluidity encourage players to use their PPMs? I'm having lots of trouble with my star striker(), even though he has "Likes to round keeper" and "Places shots" he usually blasts it outside of the penalty box when he's clean on goal. Very annoying.
  2. The chances count as CCC according the the in game stats. My strikers when clean on goal are rushing their finishing instead of running a few more yards towards goal. I did lower the tempo for my last game of the season which ended in a 5-0 victory with my star striker getting a hattrick so I'll try it out for pre-season. Thanks
  3. Quick question, does tempo affect how far out my player decides to shoot? My strikers are extremely wasteful at the moment, rushing their finishing too much leaving me with a lot of missed CCCs
  4. This is something that SI are currently looking into. Atm there are way too many shots and crosses and dribbles through the centre of the pitch are too frequent.
  5. It's a weakness in the match engine. They're trying to hotfix it.
  6. They're currently trying to fix defenders not reaching and clearing loose balls.
  7. If I recall correctly they're currently working on a tons of "weaknesses" in the match engine at the moment. The unmarked back post problem is probably one of them.
  8. Stade Rennais

    They probably got a sugar daddy in your save.
  9. Worst regen names

    I have a Nigerian striker called Daddy Sheriff. What were the parents thinking?!
  10. Yes. Own goals occur way too often in the game
  11. You could try lowering their creative freedom and tell them to run with ball sometimes.
  12. EU Feeder Club for WP

    Ah, ok, thanks for clearing that up
  13. EU Feeder Club for WP

    I think it only takes 2 years to become a Spanish citizen, at least it's like that in my PSG save
  14. I asked my board for a feeder club to whom I could send my players on loan and they could only find amateur or semi-professional teams. My club has got worldwide reputation, that shouldn't happen. Also withdrawing players for international friendlies makes them unavailable for coming international matches. I just said that those bugs made the game less enjoyable, I didn't say that the game is a crap.