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  1. Great thread, thank you! Looking into upgrading so I would like to give my results as well. I ran the test twice with different results. The only difference between both tests: i closed my browser for the second test. CPU: Intel i3-2125 CPU Frequency: 3300 MHz RAM: 8GB 1333 MHz CL8 OS: Win 7 64-bit 1. Time: 6 min 30 sec 2. Time: 5 min 58 sec
  2. Great opening! I've started my third save with Bayern, using the first two saves to get familiar with all the new features of FM14 (having skipped FM13). Unfortunately, i'm not capable of creating/finding a decent tactic that gets the best out of Robbery. Then i also noticed that whatever tactic i tried, a defensive-minded midfielder seems to be a must-have. Unfortunately, Bayern's squad only offers Martinez for this role. I'm really getting frustrated. I have reloaded several times against the first Chelsea match, but have not managed to win no matter what tactic, formation, players, etc. I even had a match with 0 shots haha Would someone be so kind as to share a tactic for the starting squad? I generally play without first transfer window...
  3. I totally agree with the OP. A bad injury combined with low professionalism = crippled for life The player will never regain the lost attributes. The problem is how professionalism has a major effect on how a player develops. So in the OP's example of Ribery: in RL he was out for quite some time 2-3 seasons ago. He is now playing even better than before, imo. In the game he would be crippled due to his low professionalism. But hasnt this issue been addressed in patch 12.2.1? Has it changed again in 12.2.2? In my current save i've noticed how a bay injury more or less kills a player again, like pre 12.2.1
  4. I've been giving v2 a try after using FuSS's 4-4-2 for several seasons. And i can only agree: VERY beautiful football, i love it! Great one-touch play, loads of through-balls, wingers crossing and scoring...brilliant! But as others have mentioned, the defense is somewhat unstable. The midfield leaves too much space to defense and doesnt always track back. But i guess that's the price to pay for the insane attacking power. Nevertheless, i rather win 7:4 than 3:0 from which 2 goals are from corner-bug I'm sticking with this tactic! Thanks Marcelo, great work!
  5. I use both features quite often. If someone played badly and i feel he cost me the win i will fine him: 5.0-6.0 rating = 1 week wage, <5.0 rating = 2 weeks wage. If someone's average rating for last five matches is <6.9 i have a private chat and tell him to pick himself up. Last season my striker had an average rating of 6.6 for the last 5 games and then produced a 3.9 rating. i fined him 2 weeks wage and had a private chat where i warned him i would transfer list him if he didnt play better. He gained a point in determination and played well again...i then sold him anyway
  6. I've given up trying to sell players since several seasons. I just place them in reserves and let their contracts expire. My theory why it's impossible to sell anyone: the "market" is flooded with incredible newgens from every little corner of the earth. They are available so cheaply, hardly demand any wage and already have perfect attributes at low ages. I wouldnt buy my players either if i could sign a better newgen from some unknown corner of the earth for a fraction. Afaik, this has been addressed with the latest patch (newgens from inactive nations), but it will take several years until my long-term save sees the effect.
  7. German U23 Teams

    That would be the easiest solution, but i'd like to continue my current save. Does the game perhaps simulate leagues lower than Regionalliga and my reserve is now somewhere rock-bottom?
  8. German U23 Teams

    I'm quoting myself since i'm not sure this was actually correct what i wrote. FMRTE now allows to edit the reserve's reputation again so i did that two days before promotions are calculated (June 19th). I set the reputation to 9900. I reloaded several times but it never worked, instead other teams with reputation ~6500 got promoted. Are there other factors that need to be met for promotion? Does it perhaps make a difference that i havent had any players in this team since several years?
  9. I've won all shootouts in FM12 so far even though my penalty takers seem to miss every second regular penalty. It's probably just luck and nothing much you could influence besides selecting the best penalty takers.
  10. I really hope for a new match engine as well. If there's only a few new gimmicky features i definitely wont be buying FM13.
  11. Sadly, FMRTE crashes when you try to view the reserve team. And there doesnt seem to be a separate reputation for the youth team (at least in German Bundesliga).
  12. I'm using the official version and have two questions regarding the CM position: - I'm playing an allrounder here (as suggested in OP) but my more offensively minded player gets a better team-report-rating on this position. Does this rating take into account the tactical settings? If yes, a more offensively minded player would be better according to the team-rating. Correct? - what would be useful PPMs for the CM?
  13. FM12: FC Bayern München - Mission Munich 2012

    Not really. I've got 3 feeder clubs at the moment, the japanese club and one from 2. Bundesliga and 3. Bundesliga. If i ask for a merch club they NEVER find a suggestion, if i ask for a regular feeder club i only get offered clubs from Germany. I'd really like a club from a foreign first league (Austria, Portugal, etc). It was possible in FM11, i gave up now in FM12.
  14. I have the same setup at my club. Each of my 18 scouts was assigned to roam a region, no scout was on "world" roaming. All scouts have the same assignment since many seasons and i havent changed anything. Therefore i dont quite understand why my scouting costs went through the roof and yours remained the same :confused: But it is clearly visible in the graph where the game patched to 12.2 and where i turned off all roaming assignments.
  15. I'm sure it has to do with the scouting bug. Look at the drop when i turned off their roaming. Scouting costs this season are already at 31M!!!!!!!