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  1. Like the title says. If sim the match on holiday instead of playing it players who can't play will feature in the match.
  2. I am able to terminate the loan of a player while I am not the parent club or the club he is loaned at. Is this bug knowned? Or is it a bug? THis is Island 2020 btw a season that is canceled cause of Covid but i took a job there.
  3. I made it show both in the matches and in the start screen but not in the club profile? Do I need a 2d version for that?
  4. hi. I found out that the 3d template actually had most of the default kit styles in it, I just had to find them, so I'm well on the way to add my logos. The only thing missing is the shorts style #7 that must have been missed but I can try to recreate that. I'm wondering though if this will also change the kit in the club details screen?
  5. Hi. I have a club created in the editor and naturaly kit created using the editor. What i want to do is edit that kit with gimp (adding the team logo and maybe an advertisement). How can I do that? I want to find the file that shows up in the club profile and edit that. I do not want to recreate a kit from scratch using the 3d template. The game must get that asset from somewhere so I should be able to edit the file if I can find it i'm thinking. Does anyone know? Thank you if you can help
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