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  1. Haha, same - I was kinda relying on this to get my hands on the game
  2. Still not me I'll be picked tomorrow when this guy doesn't respond *crosses fingers*
  3. Just gotta hope this guy doesn't respond either haha. Slowly narrowing down the competition and increasing my chances of winning
  4. Liverpool unplayable

    It's due to Liverpool's reputation and therefore the lowest board expectation is title challenge as the game sees it as 'a club as big as Liverpool should be challenging for the title, I think.
  5. No, what I mean is why is he asking us if he should start a game? He should play and see if he finds any issues (like you did last year) rather than asking on a forum what he should do. And no, I would taste the beer 1st and if it was off then I would leave it. I'm not telling him he must play the game, just that he should see for himself.
  6. I don't get why people don't play the game and then see if they encounter any game breaking bugs. I'm still waiting to buy the game (no money atm) but if I had it I wouldn't care what others on this forum have said. If you find game breaking bugs then fine, wait a bit but if you don't you'd be wondering why I am sitting here waiting for a patch. Why are some people easily influenced?
  7. Haha, the title made me laugh. I had a penalty shoot-out vs Liverpool in the league cup in the demo. Was Man City so played my reserves and ended up losing. This was before I got my 3D working, though, so I couldn't clearly see the 'Dance of Doom'.
  8. Damn, still not me Who was the original winner btw?
  9. Agree with the others, just accept it.
  10. Wow, that's pretty good but frustrating at the same time, especially as only 2 teams go up in the conference (presuming you mean BSP). 94 is still a heck of a total, but to get over 100 and not get promoted = you'd be going mental. I won the BSN with only something like 79 points as well
  11. Yes, but appalling is a bit of an exaggeration. It's inconvenient but someone probably will bring it up on the forums.
  12. Nice feature this, haven't had it myself but seen a few others on the forum. You just have to hope the fans agree with you - would hate the player coming back saying 'the fans agree with me'!
  13. Funny Screenshots Thread

    haha WTF? Maybe they thought you were going to get absolutely hammered so just stayed at home. The 144 were the optmists!
  14. I don't look too much into it but it shows that your squad is strong enough to win those games so you should be beating the other teams in your division also.
  15. I was shocked to see how small the 'small' database actually is. I started a demo save in Scotland as Hibernian and had Southampton and Sunderland coming up in pre-season friendlies. I checked their squad and Southampton had 2/3 real players whereas Sunderland had around 9. I'm now unsure weather to continue my demo save now