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  1. In my game, Juventus(my favorite club, subscribed automatically) have been trying to get a youngster for 3 years now. They always get a deal with the club but can't agree on a deal with the player because he thinks the wage offered is too low. Please fix this. Either make the club give up on the transfer or just let them raise their wage offer.
  2. As far as I know, you can't be anything other than a manager in FM 2012.
  3. In EURO 2008, Turkey and Czech Republic had a similar thing in the group stage. Had the game ended as a draw, it would have gone to penalties.
  4. When I try to play an online game with a friend via Hamachi, the game becomes terribly slow and has some bugs like this: My friend uses a Mac and I use a PC, could this be the problem? Our internet speeds are very good, and we had no problems playing FM 2008 online.
  5. In almost every game I had, Andrea Agnelli is trying to sell Juventus to a consortium. (usually led by Pavel Nedved) Knowing Juventus' history and the tie with the Agnelli family, this is just not right.
  6. The Super Cup is just a friendly game, why should it be considered?
  7. Thompson was the man, and Pezzarossi was certainly a useful player. There was another useful player in that squad, his name was Carlos Ruiz I believe. What a team, eh?
  8. Clement Grenier in FM 11. He led my Trabzonspor squad to a Champions League trophy.
  9. It's kinda funny that he's optimistic for the future, and plans to retire in a short time.
  10. Was just about to post this. I get the physical and technical(to some degree) attributes decreasing, but his mental attributes shouldn't take a hit, especially at this margin.
  11. Does anyone have any info on Toledo, a right winger who played in Catanzaro in CM 03/04?
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