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  1. It does not seem possible to use these leagues with LFC MARSHALL transfer update. If i deselect it, it seems to work fine, with it, it doesn't. Really want to have transfer updates... Is there a way? :confused: Great job by the way!
  2. Too bad. It can't be that difficult to implemend it. Would be a cool feature though!
  3. I am using it. Can you please provide a screenshot so I can get a clearer view?
  4. Thank you for the help I recieved! Appretiated
  5. Hi. That is not an option when setting up a new cup. The only option you get is - FA Cup (winner qualifies for continental competition - Super Cup (matches between two competition winners) - Other Cup
  6. Hi! Is it possible to make an all star game with the editor?
  7. Hi. I made an international competition (asian teams, played in January), called CAFF Cup (Central Asia Cup) I selected two years intervals, the first one starting in 2016 (2014 is too early). This way, it is not colliding with the Asian Nations Cup. The teams included: - Kazhakstan - Kyrgyzstan - Tajikistan - Turkmenistan - Uzbekistan - Afghanistan - Mongolia - Pakistan It works fine in 2016, but after this it stops. It isn't played anymore. Anyone has an idea?
  8. Apparantly it doesn't work everytime I close the editor and return to make an edit. But If I save as a completely new file, it works. Still very frustrating to pile up dozens of saves just because of it...
  9. I have edited something (made a new country playable) and made a few changes and saved it. Later I made a new change and it says "could not save file". I just can't seem to do any changes anymore. I saved as a new file, and it seemed okay, but that file is gone. Nothing wrong with the league, it worked fine, I even tested it. Really irritating... Edited on FM 14 many times, never experienced anything wrong then.
  10. It all depends on what you mean by tactics. There are many ways to play a 4-4-2 for example, it all depends on what players you use where, what they do as individuals in certain scenarios with and/or without the ball and what they do as a team // patterns, tempo and so on and so on.
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