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  1. A picture of Michu (Swansea) and Modric (Real Madrid), please. Would be much appreciated.
  2. Hegav

    Football Manager Live

    Christ I miss the game. Just as I had gotten a ton of 4+ pots youths about to break into my first team the shutdown were announced. I was so gutted heh.
  3. Not really. Neymars and Lucas Mouras agent is Juan Figer from MJF Publicidade and Leandro Damiãos agent is Vinícius Prates. Fat Ronaldo is just ******* about really. (edit: wow really? Is the term for having a wee with P really censored? Christ almighty.)
  4. Hegav

    Coming Soon: A New Country!

    Nationstates eh? Never thought about adding my own country! Hope it works out well for you
  5. Hegav

    San Marino - The Ultimate Challenge!

    Reinstalling steam doesn't mean you need a new username /password. Type in the old. If it you know it's the right username but the password doesn't work theres most likely a more sinister reason why it doesn't work. Make sure to run a spyware search on your computer and then request a new password from Steam.
  6. Santiago Bernabeu - Madrid Lluís Companys - (olympic stadium) Vicente Calderón - Atletico Benito Villamarín - Real Betis Ramón Sánchez Pizjuán - Sevilla Manuel Martínez Valero - Elche 5 out of the top 11 spanish teams are named after club legends/persons with affiliation to the club -- Almost every Argentine club does the same. Few of the famous ones. Estadio Monumental Antonio V. Liberti - River Plate Estadio Juan Domingo Perón - Racing Club Estadio Alberto J. Armando - Boca Juniors Estadio José Amalfitani - Velez -- Belgium - the "famous" ones in Europe/Champions League this season; Stade Maurice Dufrasne - Standard Liege Jan Breydelstadion - Club Brugge Constant Vanden Stock Stadium - Anderlecht France has a few as well, so does Italy (altho they are somewhat hindered by the fact that Italian law dictates a person needs to be death for atleast 10years before you can name a building after him/her. Napoli wanted to name their stadium after Maradona but couldn't because of this). It's a common practice in Uruguay and to some extent Portugal.
  7. Hegav

    San Marino - The Ultimate Challenge!

    Speaking of San Marino, Adidas did actually make a "Dream Big" campaign over there with Kaká, Xabi Alonso and Robin van Persie coming to train youth kids over there. Worth a watch to get a feel of football in San Marino
  8. Madrid flips players rather often. Negredo came to Madrid after they exercised their buyback option @July and got sold 31th August 2009.
  9. Mats Hummels is starting to take over for John Terry for me and doing very well together with David Luiz. I was able to get Götze and Hummels for a decent amount as Dortmund were doing very poor in their league and they had 1 year left on their contract so if you have Bundesliga loaded you might be able them on discount. For DM, John Obi Mikel wanted a new challenge and I can recommend Fernando Francisco Réges to take his spot. The DR spot César Azpilicueta is amazing.
  10. Fernando Torres is such a beast! I thought his 64 (all comps) goals in the 13-14 season would stay a club record but he proved me wrong. In the 14-15 season he scored an amazing 83 goals. An absolutely incredible season.
  11. Hegav

    San Marino - The Ultimate Challenge!

    Best of luck! A few draws would do wonders for your league reputation.
  12. Should try Agüero and Torres up front, they make a beautiful partnership . Any advice how to get better english youth players? I've had Abrahimovic upgrade the youth network several times yet no trial players are good enough to stay so I have to do the Arsene Wenger tactic and steal em around the world. After 3 premier league and champions league titles in a row I want a new challenge and make Chelsea more of an english team with players from own academy but meh they're all 1~stars.
  13. Play him the right way. Get him striking partner up front. Teach him to play one-twos asap as well. ' Also highly recommend Douglas Costa as a signing for the fist season. Cost me £12~ and consistent high performances. I play him as an AML but he does well at AMC/MC and AMR as well. Assist is not from any corner exploits(I don't use it), in any case he only has 11 in corner ability. He has 18 in free kick with PPM of "Tries long range free kick" - he manages some incredible goals. "Plays one-twos" as well.
  14. Hegav

    FM2012 difficulty.

    Didn't the tutorial system just get a major overhaul?