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  1. Using STL/STR

    Talking about IRL, was'nt Moses used more or less in that position for Wigan quite regularly? I think he often had an average position pretty much in-line with Di Santo (or whoever played upfront for them back then), but really wide down the right side. Could be wrong though. Havent used the position regularly in FM, just very now and then in single games. It can provide some massive space on the counter if the opposition fullback is on the attack, but there's also the problem of your fullback getting isolated if he does'nt get good enough support from the midfield. I think you'd need a pretty athletic midfielder on that side to be able to cover up defensively. Would be interesting to hear from people who have used this regularly though
  2. Yeah, morale makes a massive difference. Personal conversations after games for top & poor performances, praising and critizising respectively, often helps morale. Playing a mid-season friendly against a really poor team to up morale can also help you get out of a slump. Having match preparation on teamwork helps as well, alongside sensible teamtalks. Just use common sense in your man-management and you should be allright
  3. I am quite sure that every visible attribute does take some CA, thus reducing the difference between CA and PA and making that the player can't improve quite as much in other attributes. However players with high Determination, Professionalism and work rate do improve faster. Professionalism and determination is also important in how motivated the players will be in games, especially the one's agains lesser teams. I'm not sure if the personality attributes "cost" CA, but I would think so. However I think it's worth it, as the players will easier reach their potential and as said, usually react better to team-talks and such.
  4. A thought would be to make sure that the fullbaks stay back trough not letting them take the throw in and not letting them go forward. Preferably with a center back as well to make sure the fullbacks can cover the flanks while the centreback takes the middle. Perhaps not the most efficient way and you do lose a bit power in the penalty area with one centreback staying back, but I've used that sometimes and feel it gives you good cover at the back making sure they can't counter with more players than you've got in defence.
  5. PoolFan: I believe that the reason to there being contradicting guides from succesful FM-players is because the game is complex and there is no "do this and you'll win the league"-approach. You can be succesful using very different methods. I mean, for example, reading guides from SFraser and Cleon, at least in the tactical part of the game they seem to have completely different approaches and both are still extremely succesful players. So what I'm trying to say is that maybe it's near to impossible for the creators of the game to make a guide simply because any method can be succesful in the right circumstances. If some of the creators where to create a guide saying what's the best/they're own approach to training, tactics etc I think it could ruin the game to many players who then just would take that approach and stick to it, which would make the game quite one-dimensional for these players.
  6. Do the centre backs leave the centre to help out the fullbacks? Do they push forward because an unmarked attacking midfielder is coming straight at the defensive line undisturbed? I think it is most likely that the centre backs leave the middle because of an too attacking setup leaving gaps which the centrebacks have to fill out. Maybe trough the fullbaks getting skinned by opposition wingers, maybe because of the lack of balance in midfield or something like that. Or your centre backs may be plain idiots who don't understand the principles of defending space in football, but that is an less likely option.
  7. Might not really replicate the "hunting in packs" kinda thing but perhaps if you play as compact and close to each other as possible with your players. Meaning high defensive line, low mentality for strikers/advanced wingers, high mentality for defenders and defensive midfielder and somewhere in between for the midfielders. Width is harder to decide as with narrow you would have the players closer to each other but then they would have to run further to close down opposition wingers. Something like that may be worth a shot, even if it probaby is impossible to replicate the kind of closing down used by Barcelona.
  8. Hi! In your 3-4-3 ajax style by Zico10, do you use a playmaker or/and a target man in the team instructions? Thanks in advance Shall give this a test with Ajax