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  1. Thanks Neil, Ideally i would prefer to change to an alias rather then my name. Always regretted it. If it is possible to change it can i please. Cheers
  2. i have just had an epic transfer saga with griezmann, was in the BETA lasted all of the first season, i ended up buying De Bruyne from Bayern Munich for 86m instead.
  3. Possible 2 bugs (sorry no save game) Started as Arsenal in the Beta, disabled transfer in first window. didn't get any money to spend in Jan window?? again as Arsenal in the Beta, out of the transfer window had agreed the purchase of Griezmann (for under his min release clause), got bored of constantly accepting weekly extensions for A.Madrid to buy a replacement so i cancelled and went to buy for over his release clause but could not disable the 'wait for replacement option'. Surely A.Madrid would ask to delay for 3 months to find replacement, also why would i have to accept the 'find replacement option' when i met his min fee release (pay full amount up front)
  4. i let him do my 1st teamers too. signed Goetze for 36m with 180k. happy with that
  5. Do u have to download the dark skin folder so its there within the folder not just subcribe like i have (ie no folder on pc just file) maybe
  6. cheers, i have subscribed to the dark skin, put your folder in the skins folder, reloaded skin and doesnt seem to work. any idea? (i am on 95% Zoom out)
  7. Ditto. Sorting the Skin and the column panels for squad screen are the last two things which bug me.
  8. Cheers, i have read a little on the guides linked in the locked threads, its the time actually implementing the guidance given into a formation which i want to play, in the passed when i have tried and produced what looks to be a fairly safe tactic (which is all i am after to be honest, not a naturally outpreforming tactic, just one which is safe) it always went drastically wrong. id imagine its probably down to only 1 or 2 roles which is does the oppersite to what i want the team to do, but finding that and playing around is the time consuming part which basically means less time playing, scouting / building a career game. basically due to time, tactics / the process of producing a tactic is one area i could really do without as for me the enjoyment is from playing out season, getting the right players etc. i would just play the tactics in fm but they seem to naturally underpreform
  9. Hi, don't have much time these days (since fm10) to go about fully setting / finding a decent tactic for each new club i want to manage. So generally i download a tactic which seems to work well across the board (decent teams / poor teams) subject to me buying the right players etc. are they still decent plug and play tactics about, doesnt seem to be many about. i only play FMC theses days due to time. i always favour a 4-2-3-1 formation (with wingers and amc) or a 4-4-2 (again with wingers).
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