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  1. I always play 4-4-2, with one advanced forward and one target man, two central midfielders one on defend on on attack and two wide midfeilders both on attack. I also play with overlapping full backs. If a club isn't suited to that i'll play 5-3-2, with a sweeper, but only very rarely. The best club i've found for 4-4-2, is Norwich! Second season in the championship (2011/12) I took over after they came 17th and went unbeaten for 18 games. Admittedly 9 of them were draws, but still. Ended up in the play-offs and beat Wigan 1-0, thanks to my target man!
  2. That's virtually racist!
  3. Ezquiel Lavezzi - top scorer for my Man Utd team in fm2010 for four seasons!
  4. I think it may be that even though the dates are for friendlies, the FA will not let you cos they want more league games, but then again i'm England manager also and i just arranged and played a friendly just after the world cup, 'gainst Canada! Won 5-0!
  5. Norwich 2-0 Chelsea 3rd round league cup on FM07! Don't quite know how we did it!
  6. zidane

    He shouldn't have done it simple as. Effing good footballer though!
  7. I know this won't help but what skin are you using and where did you get it? :o On topic, never played with Pato so i don't really know but i have had the same problem with Mohammed Zidan, solved the problem by playing him as a lone striker. Ended up as Bayern's top scorer 3 seasons in a row!
  8. Emergency Goalkeepers

    I think you just make a loan offer for a 'keeper as you would normally, but i'm not too sure. Hope this helps!
  9. I want world domination

    For keeper, get Vincent Eneyeama!
  10. whoops [player-naming]

    This happened to me. Victor Eneyeama (or however you spell it!) had bids from Real, Barca, Liverpool, AC Milan. I Offered for him. he came to me. I was Birmingham!
  11. FM10 : Official Should I Buy/Sell Thread

    Buying/Selling: Selling Player Name: Park Ji-Sung Your Team: Celtic Buyer/Seller: Norwich Player's Value: £7 Million Offer: £6.5 Million Transfer/Wage Budget: £15 Million Transfer; £1 Million Wage Patch: First One Season: 4th: 2012/13 He is getting on a bit but still a core member of the squad. Help? :confused:
  12. Retirement age

    Scholes quit england at 29 irl.
  13. Lavezzi is f***ing awesome in my Man Utd game. Cannot stop scoring!
  14. Probably not considered the best player but i got Dirk Kuyt for 20 mil in my third season with norwich. He then broke his leg in the first game!
  15. 2nd season with norwich: Norwich 3 - 0 Ipswich