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  1. managing liverpool. in the off season, can says he wants to join juventus to win trophies. he just won the capital one cup and champions league. but because the season update hasn't kicked in it seems he doesn't realise this.
  2. How is FM15 when it comes to selling good players? i often find in FM14 when I am ready to let go of a player with good stats and above 7 performances, no one wants to buy even when rivals are allowed to bid.
  3. this happens quite often to me. player valued at 100k. bid as much as 1m. no deal. ai team bids 200k. deal accepted.
  4. let's not try invent maths theorems bought carroll - 35 sold carroll - 15 loss - 20 simple as that. no maths you try play refutes this simple fact it was bad business. the best we can do is when he leaves, we all agree never to talk about it again.
  5. i've seen this so may times but i could not even begin to explain what is happening edit - both their actions are so priceless. i'm sure if you showed this to someone outside football they would say it was scripted.
  6. yeah given the season is effectively over, no point in delaying it.
  7. i don't think its necessarily true he has no vision. just the last 2 games there was the throughball he played for stevie yesterday. against the toon for henderson's first goal, his passes both to coutinho and henderson were of someone who is aware of what was happening around him.
  8. very meh game. thought we were a bit lucky with the distin disallowed goal (in so far as much i am not sure anichebe has done much in that particular instance to be penalised). but we all know that it is not unconceivable for refs to blow in favour of the defending side in such situations. not to lambast him, but live i wanted sturridge to go for goal rather than try round howard. that said trying to round him isn't a bad decision.
  9. I pretty much echo DP’s comments. If we can get an offer north of 12m for downing, I would be tempted to say we should sell him. He is solid enough to have as a squad option, but we should be looking for better. I would actually hope that we actively look to farm out Skrtel. I am guessing he has no interest in being 3rd choice so we should just end things. Let’s take the pain with Carroll and be done with it.
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