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  1. Hi, After applying the new update my and playing one game my fixture calendar in Serie A looks odd. I have a 60 day break between October and December. Anyone else encountered this - assume is a bug? I'm on a Galaxy Tab E. Thanks
  2. The commentary i can just about live with, but agree it can be too much. My pet peeve though is watching kick offs, slow walk ups to kick off etc, which are just not necessary.
  3. When i search players for loan and select 'Interested Only', quite a number of players seem to have absolutely no interest in coming on loan, saying they don't believe it would be a good move for them. Is this a bug, or is the 'interested only' just a rough guide? Just a bit frustrating clicking through a number of players only to find they wont join.
  4. It would appear that when using the action 'offer to clubs' you no longer get a news item informing you of any or no interest. This used to happen i believe before the recent update. This is in a continuing saved game, haven't tried with a new save post update.
  5. It would appear that when using the action 'offer to clubs' you no longer get a news item informing you of any or no interest. This used to happen i believe before the recent update. This is in a continuing saved game, haven't tried with a new save post update.
  6. Would just like to second this. Morale is a big factor I consider, along with condition and form, when selecting the team so would be good to see on the same view.
  7. I have a number of players listed or listed for loan. Having had no offers come in i used the option and offered them out to clubs. I must admit when previously using this feature no one was interested. However, i am sure i used to get a news item saying no clubs are interested at this time? I'm sure i used to see that, but recently i have had nothing in the inbox. (I am using it in the transfer window) Is this a bug?
  8. I have been using a number of tactics since starting FMM this year. After failing with a number of attempts, i looked at some other user tactics. I noticed the majority had very similar setups and all had IFs. I did the same and set up a 4 at the back 3 in midfield and a poacher with two IFs either side. Now results are rolling in, but i cant help but feel that the IFs seem a bit of a cheat. I am not winning every match, but far more than i was before and sitting pretty in the top 3 of League one with Tranmere. I guess my question is do others feel these setups are overpowered in comparison to other formations? I have toggled with the midfield and defence set up but it doesnt appear to have much effect. The IFs really seem to cause any defence issues and i usually get a goal more than the opposition. (i previously tried a 442 with wingers hitting crosses to the target man and then a 352 with mixed success). I am using the EME by the way.
  9. Could we have an option to manage staff contracts. The rolling contracts mean when i am playing LL when i want to get new staff in i have to pay a mutual termination fee and this can have a significant impact on a small transfer/wage budget.
  10. No problem. I think i'll pop this in the wishlist then for an ability to set a specific end date/manage the contracts as the mutual termination money will eat into a very small transfer/wage budget!
  11. No i cant see any thing that suggests anyone else is renewing contracts and i hadn't been promoted. Every time i look on the staff page their contract end date seems to match the date in the game + 1 year like they are on rolling contracts. Its very frustrating. I'll maybe raise in the bugs forum if no one else is having the issue.
  12. I have been trying to get rid of my AM for about 3 years but every time i go to terminate his contract it appears to have been extended. I'm playing in LL so cant afford his compensation as it would be just about all my transfer budget - is this right?? The same is true of my HoY as well. It's very frustrating. How do i know when it is going to be extended?
  13. It is a shame there isn't a way of discreetly applying for a job - or sounding out the club about whether you would be considered before you apply? I am often scared to apply in case of being sacked.
  14. This is what sometimes has me tearing my hair out with FM. After playing for years I stumble into a thread where I find that ideally I shouldn't be loaning out under 18s to maximise their potential and that youth facilities do help with newgen creation. I don't think I have ever heard this information before, certainly not in game. Could your assistant manager not suggest that loaning out players under 18 may not be best for them (e.g. are you sure dialogue - it may not be best for their development) and when improving facilities could the game not give some basic information of what that means and what it will affect? Or have I missed these nuggets - I have for the past 3 years played FMT only.
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