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  1. The best I can do is the save I made shortly before being offered the job. I just tried it myself and for some reason this time they didn't offer me the job until a later date, after the testimonial, but you might have more luck! Save name is "Sandy Tait - Stevenage".
  2. Hi @Rob Heckman, save uploaded as "Sandy Tait - Teamtalk Bug"
  3. How goes the progress on this one? It's a feature I'd love to see working.
  4. Ah! They're at the club for a testimonial match that just happens to have coincided with the teamtalk timing, and the game is counting them as being their on trial, so that kinda makes sense. Pretty sure they're not intended to be at the teamtalk though.
  5. Just taken over at Spurs and had my first meeting with the team, and was surprised to see that Son Heung-Min, Juan Foyth, Harry Kane, and Ryan Sessegnon all had something to say, as none of them are at the club anymore, having left before I took over! I mean, it's nice of the lads to drop by and say hello but pretty sure this is a bug xD
  6. Just had a board takeover in my Stevenage game and the new chairman has immediately decided to spend £75m (about 75% of our bank balance) on two players and completely blow our wage budget in the process. Obviously, this happens in real life so annoying as it is it's not a "bug" but there really ought to be a way to ask them to reconsider, as a Board Request. E.G. "I'd really like you to reconsider signing [Player], - ... I don't believe he would be a good fit for the club." - ... I don't think he's good enough to justify the transfer fee." - ... we don't need more players in that position." - ... he doesn't fit into my tactics." - ... because I'm the manager and you shouldn't be going over my head like this." (Gotta have one ballsy option, right? :D)
  7. Season expectations were "established Championship side" and pre-season prediction was17th, as above. Both of which are pretty low given the performance of the two previous seasons. No save, unfortunately, as I do three-rolling on a fortnightly basis and I'm now in March, so that save's long since overwritten :/
  8. This is getting slightly silly... 3rd season in the Championship, after making it to the Playoff finals in both the previous seasons, and people are still talking about us as being relegation candidates. Worse is that we're in 8th, and Rotherham are in 16th! There needs to be an option in press interviews along the lines of "What the [heck] are you even talking about?" for when we get asked daft questions like this. Or just not have the daft questions in the first place... I get that there's a "maybe he should look closer to home" response but that still implies we're in consideration for relegation. (FWIW our pre-season prediction was 17th)
  9. Ah, cool. Just downloaded the hotfix so hopefully it's all sorted now. Cheers
  10. (So I posted this a couple of weeks ago but the thread seems to have been deleted, despite not being resolved. Weird!) One of the new features advertised for FM20 was that your assistant would recommend which option to pick during team meetings. In three seasons, I have not had my assistant make a single suggestion in any of the dozens of meetings I've had with my players. Am I missing something? Here's the tweet on the official Twitter account, announcing the feature:
  11. Back to the OP... was there a reason for the club's staffing overview and financial state being removed from the board page, where they were extremely relevant and useful to have?
  12. Under Match responsibilities there's the option to set "Ask which first team players are available for this team" for your U18 team to "never", but it never seems to stick. I'll select never, then confirm, then a match or two later I'm being asked whether I want to set any first team players as available and going back to the responsibilities page shows the option as being blank.
  13. Stevenage starting finances seem a bit too low. I don't have exact figures of what their current bank balance is but chairman Phil Wallace has been hard at work over the summer bringing money in - the sponsorship with (ugh) Burger King, the share drive, and the selling of the Academy's nursery to Gianluca Vialli's property management group, with Mr Wallace stating that these funds would be directly invest into the first team. The £600k bond-funded new North Stand is included in the db, but the separate share drive raised about £300k, on top of whatever was already there plus the sponsorship deal. IIRC, Stevenage start the game with about £200k in the bank and a transfer budget of only £50k. Season ticket sales are apparently also up 26% from last season but you may already have included that. Sources: https://www.stevenagefc.com/news/2019/august/share-in-our-future-equity-raise-closed-sky-bet-league-two-efl-friday-2nd-august-2019/ - "On top of the £600,000 bond for the North Stand, that makes nearly a million invested into the Club." https://www.stevenagefc.com/news/2019/july/stevenage-football-club-shares-equity-raise-alex-tunbridge-sky-bet-league-two-efl-english-football-league/ - General summary, including references to the North Stand and season ticket sales. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/49003836 - Vialli involvement Abridged Statement of Financial Position - If I'm reading it right (no guarantee I am!) it's saying Stevenage FC had £389k cash in the bank at the end of the 2018 financial year.
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