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  1. Just had exactly the same thing happen with my Stevenage game - we've just won back-to-back Premier League and Champions League titles, and are ranked #1 in Europe on reputation, but my keeper wants to leave for PSG because they're a "bigger club" and it's a "dream move". By comparison, PSG haven't even reached the ECL final in 8 seasons, let alone won the competition, and it was even us that knocked them out of it last year (in the first knockout round xD). Yes they're winning Ligue 1 every season but that's the 5th ranked European league compared to the top-ranked EPL. Like Tanzverbot! above I could understand if they were asking to leave because they wanted a bigger paycheck (I am tight AF on wages xD) but demanding a move to a less successful, smaller reputation club in a smaller league because they want to be at a "bigger club" is clearly an issue with the game. Also, leaving aside the fact the way players determine relative club size in game is clearly an area that needs fixing, why is there still no option in player interactions to just flat-out tell the player they're talking nonsense?? There should absolutely be a, "I'm sorry but I'm going to have to disagree with your assessment that they're a bigger club than us" option. SI could handwave so much of the borked player interaction stuff as just "players being idiots" (and even argue that they've clearly done a great job of implementing real-life idiocy! xD) if they allowed us, as managers, to call the players out when they're being idiots.
  2. The skinny version: Player not getting enough first team football, asks to be loan-listed. I agree, immediately list him, and also offer him out. Nobody's interested. Player complains I didn't fulfill my promise, even though I did. I ask for more time, offer him out again, and this time also add him to the development list. Still no interest. Player complains I keep breaking my promise, demands to be transferred. I agree, because he's not even that good anyway, transfer list him and offer him out. No interest. Player complains AGAIN. I offer him out AGAIN. Still no interest. So I offer him mutual termination. Player complains he's being forced out of the club. Player then later complains that I've not found a transfer for him. Seriously, what the ----??? I
  3. Just to clarify, there wasn't a team meeting. I had the one-on-one meeting with the player, then the news item came up. If I remember rightly, I went for "We've got a great team spirit here that you won't find anywhere else" (or something like that!) to which he replied that out team spirit wasn't unique and he was sure to find another club just as good. I then said that if that's how he feels I'd look to move him on, and he replied with the comment about the meeting going nowhere and he wasn't happy with how he'd been treated. I've uploaded the save "Broken Player Promise - Penalties", which is just the day before the player wanting to talk to me. Unfortunately I don't have a save of when the promise was made as that was right at the beginning of the season and has long-since been overwritten by the autosaves.
  4. Promised a new signing he would be out designated penalty taker, and as soon as he signed I made it so on the tactics screen. We were awarded a total of 5 penalties this season, only 2 of them while this player was on the pitch and he took both of them. So while he might only have taken 40% of our penalties, he did take 100% of the penalties he was able to. However, this has still resulted in the promise being "failed" and me getting a player who wants to leave the club. Update: After trying - and failing - to persuade the player to drop the issue, I reluctantly agreed to let him leave, only for him to announce that the meeting was clearly going nowhere and that the rest of the squad wouldn't be happy with how I treated him (Bug #2). I then got this little gem popping up in my inbox... ...leading to Bug#3 on the same interaction! xD So we've got an erroneously failed promise, a player reacting bizarrely, and then a follow up new article suggesting the issue was not only resolved but was a totally unrelated issue!
  5. Uploaded under the name Chelsea Unrealistic Fee Demand.fm Hope this helps, cheers!
  6. Because we're in the same league, and I can't directly offer a contract until he's in the final month whereas foreign clubs can offer when he's got 6 months left.
  7. Made an enquiry for a player only to be told by their club that they want £106m for him. Firstly, the player in question is 24, of Championship quality with (according to my scouts) the potential to be a decent Premier League player, and is evidently not in their first team plans. Slapping a £106m price tag on him is just ridiculous. Secondly, and that aside, the player's contract is up at the end of the season and another club has already offered him a new one, meaning they'll lose him for free. But still they're demanding £106m for the guy??
  8. Sounds plausible but TBH it's something I've noticed in FM for years - the game world's expectations of you can take a long time to catch up if you're playing way above pre-season expectations. I've literally had reporters ask me if I think I can save the club from relegation when it's halfway through the season and we're chasing promotion. Seems the game world looks more at your club's reputation vs the other clubs in the division, without taking into account form and points. So not sure if a bug exactly, so much as something that maybe needs a slight tweak?
  9. We're newly-promoted to League One and currently defying all expectations by sitting in 2nd place after 29 matches. My assistant, when quizzed in an interview, feels that with the squad we have we're unlikely to finish as high as mid-table.
  10. Especially as recent seasons (Milik, Sanchez, etc.) have shown that the Ajax board have finally worked out they can actually get decent transfer fees for their best players instead of selling them cheap!
  11. Not sure if this should be here or in Transfers but noticed some weird stuff going on with Ajax in the transfer market... First season they bought van der Hoorn back from Swansea and Denswil from Brugge, 2nd season they bought Viergiever back from PSV and sold van der Hoorn, while also selling Eiting - a promising young player - to arch-rivals Feyenoord for a pittance. With the first three, I know Ajax have a tendency to welcome back notable players but this seems excessive! Whether the Wober, van de Beek, and Dolberg transfer values are too low is debatable, but those others are clearly not right.
  12. I'm getting an error that "All teams in DDR Liga must be assigned to the parent division or its child division, not both", apparently for the East Germany file. I've tried having a look in the editor both at this file and the 000 file but I'm not seeing anything that's out of place. Rest of the leagues seem to work okay, but E Germany won't load as a result of this error. Any ideas?
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