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  1. No, sorry - just a save on the day. I think I might have already started the meeting when I made the save :/ And thanks
  2. Save uploaded as "Tottenham 03 - Board Vision Issue". Thanks
  3. "Cheaper than a night out in Slough" would make a great tag line!
  4. Speaking as someone who works for a company that's seen a 50% drop in income but no change to budget over the past 6 months, I can confirm that while long-term budgets are of course tied to income it's rare that an annual budget directly correlates with income 1:1. Yes, having no release for a year would of course hit income. Without knowing SI's financial state and what sort of cash balance they have I cannot say whether this would doable, feasible but tough, or outright financial suicide for them. But, funnily enough, I wasn't trying to, either. I said that -in my opinion- the game could
  5. Because having "develop youth" as a philosophy makes the board more inclined to improve your youth facilities, coaching, and recruitment, as well as arrange club affiliations. It also makes sense to have your preferred tactical style as a philosophy, as it buffers against poor performance anywhere else. E.G. if the board want you to play attacking, possession-based football and you're doing just that, then this bumps your overall performance and will mean you're less in the do-do for that unfortunately early cup exit.
  6. I really think the franchise could benefit from SI taking a year out from doing a new release and instead making sure that the current release is as good as it can be. There are still so many little bugs that get carried over from version to version --like auto-sizing columns not working properly, ongoing since FM16 or so-- and the game would be so much less frustrating if they could squash all those bugs properly before they worry about adding new features. Like the new skin we get every year - save yourselves some time, SI, and don't bother with it! Everyone just uses community skins anyw
  7. New season, new club vision. The board wanted me to win silverware and the Premier League by the 2025/26 season. Seeing as how we'd just won the Premier League and four other pieces of silverware this season, I felt confident in telling the board I could achieve their expectations a season earlier, in 2024/25. The board rejected my proposal, in fairly dramatic terms, because I was "unwilling to challenge for silverware by 2027/28" - three years later than I was saying I could achieve the aim...
  8. Bumping in the hope of an official response.
  9. Same problem here - never been able to add club philosophies at any club in any league except when being interviewed for a move to a new club. I can remove philosophies, and I can add/remove/change competition objectives, but I can't add philosophies. Really annoying, as this used to be such a simple thing to do. Hoping FM21 fixes all the parts of board interaction that got broken in FM20.
  10. The year is 2020... And this is still a problem xD Another bug that's been in the game for several years and that SI might get round to fixing at some point, maybe, but only after they've designed another eye-bleed inducing NEW interface and added more NEW player/media interaction comments that don't work properly because clearly those are higher priorities than fixing niggly little issues that have been around for years
  11. The best I can do is the save I made shortly before being offered the job. I just tried it myself and for some reason this time they didn't offer me the job until a later date, after the testimonial, but you might have more luck! Save name is "Sandy Tait - Stevenage".
  12. Hi @Rob Heckman, save uploaded as "Sandy Tait - Teamtalk Bug"
  13. How goes the progress on this one? It's a feature I'd love to see working.
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