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  1. I have a save from shortly after the error occurred - uploaded as "Aurier Promise - After" I've also gone back to an earlier save to see if I can recreate the bug (the promise in question was part of a contract offered that was accepted a couple of weeks before) - uploaded as "Aurier Promise - Before". John Stones' transfer is set to be completed before Aurier accepts the contract, but historically I postponed it for a week so that it would fulfil the pending promise. Not sure if it will be of any use but I do have another save where the same issue of a promise not getting fl
  2. Sorry, but how would a custom file affecting only player attributes, etc. affect the game's ability to judge whether a promise has been fulfilled or not?
  3. I can't say; the only time I play without at least a real name fix file is during beta.
  4. Mate, if I ever get a son actually come through, I would have zero qualms about using the in-game editor to give him 200 PA xD
  5. So it's confirmed, then - there's no advance warning at all, and nothing you can do as a player to improve the odds. I really hope SI do something about this - it should never be a dead cert but there should be something we can do to improve our chances, and some sort of notice that it's happening. I mean, realistically, if you were managing at a club then you'd fricking know when your son joins the academy, surely? xD
  6. This is a weird one. My right back broke his foot in a friendly, and was set to be out for 3-4 months. Despite this, my assistant somehow managed to pick him for the following two friendlies, and then got injured again (broke ankle this time). I mean, hat's off to him for managing to get through 90 minutes of the intervening match with a broken foot but how the heck was he even selectable to play?? o.O Only silver-lining is that the second injury has the same estimated time-out as the first one.
  7. I don't want to be a moaner, but seriously, why the heck is this still a regular occurrence? You promise a player something to keep them happy, you fulfil the promise, then they kick off because you didn't keep your promise. And, to compound things, there's not even an option to call them out and say "Woah, hang on a minute - I did exactly what you asked me to." It's just so dang frustrating that this is still happening regularly after however many versions of the game since the issue was first raised. Exhibit A: I promised Aurier I would strengthen our defence, I then signed fir
  8. Sorry, I meant more that there's no point at all reloading on the day before intake day as everything bar attributes and ability is already set in stone, and therefore the only day that will allow anything to change is the day before preview day. But, yes, as you point out there's no way of knowing if you have a son in that intake until months later, making reloading at all, at any point, fairly futile. I suspect this is deliberate on SI's part. I could be wrong, but I think how the star ratings are calculated has changed - certainly how "best position" is worked out has. A p
  9. The 1/10,000 odds have been confirmed by Miles on Twitter, and that those odds are per newgen. So with an average intake size of about 15 kids, your odds of getting a son in any given intake are, amusingly, 1 in 666. Well, 666.7 but that's not as fun I've crunched the numbers over half a dozen intake reloads and I would say with a moderate degree of confidence that PA range is set on the preview day, but the exact PA is decided on intake day. If you look at the below, you can see that while there's a reasonable amount of variance in the CA/PA of each player, it's generally less than 4
  10. I've been getting around this long-running issue by exporting the packages and then uploading them manually, but just lately that's stopped working as well. I love this game to bits but it is really, really poor that Youtube connection is still an issue after so long.
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