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  1. Every new game that I start and every old game that I try and run seems to play for around about 6 days before the game becomes unresponsive. The days wont load unless I'm moving the mouse. Once this happens, I can't save the game else it corrupts. After a further one or two days in game, my Surface Pro 4 locks up and the only way to fix is to turn off the power. If I haven't saved, I can reload the game. If I save the game a couple of days before the crash, then I can reload and it can start again for another 6 days. If the game has auto saved, then it's most likely that the save in question is lost. I have removed all custom graphics and reinstalled the game from scratch.
  2. First DerbyCareer.fm New game started after update. Crashes around 11th and 12th of July. Microsoft Surface locks up completely and requires a reboot to continue. Second LiverpoolCareer.fm Game started months ago. Game crashes on 28th October. Interesting to add that during the Derby match the game stops responding unless I'm moving the mouse. The match pauses and wont continue. Surface locks up and requires a reboot to continue.
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