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  1. 14.1.4 Just Awful

    I was getting very frustrated until i switched to 2D view now i am happy again I appreciate the work that goes into the 3D but, for me personally, it just does my head in.
  2. I don't have a problem with GGK deflections - amount feels about right to me. But I don't think there are enough times when a shot is deflected by an opposing defender and wrong foots the keeper. There seems to be several of these in the premiership every week and very few in FM.
  3. Thanks SkillfulSpence. It might be interesting to run the same report out for the worst rated players in each position as well. Then take the bottom figures away from the top to see which attributes are making the biggest difference. Or maybe this is the same or similar to the standard deviation?
  4. Hi Ademac, following this with interest. Who has taken over ManU and what kind of results are they getting?
  5. Job offers whilst managing

    Just taken Rimini up 3 divisions into Serie A in 4 seasons. Got plenty of opportunities to move jobs along the way (invitations to meetings) but was always at a club/division i deemed much lower rep that should be expected. For example clubs in the division below me or in English League 1 when i was managing in top italian league. Seems like the rep is lagging too far behind. IRL there is a lot of hype (in many case over-hype) that builds up behind a manager who earns even a single promotion. In game when you earn quick, successive promotions your club and manager rep takes too long to climb.
  6. Thanks Menion - that makes sense. Maybe one day we will be able to see the goings on in the academy in a bit more detail.
  7. Quick question. Does anyone know why all the youth prospects appear on a single day instead of spread out randomly over the year? I look forward to that youth intake day message in my inbox a lot but think it would be even better to get that lottery ticket feeling every month.
  8. player ratings gripe

    At the moment the ratings seem to be calculated for either "Goalkeeper" or "Outfield player". Makes sense that the rating formulas are changed to be directly related to the role the player has. For example, If a player's role is Support Stiker or False Nine he should get a bigger boost for an Assist. If the role is Attacking Full back then a bigger boost for overlaps/completed crosses. If its BWM then tackles/interceptions are what he should be rated on most. etc
  9. Playing with Leamington

    If you really can't wait any longer you could try assigning one of your staff to renew contracts of first team players. It helped me (not with Leamington but an italian side in the bottom tier) and after the first close season i turned it off again.
  10. Don't think that there would ever be a serious legal challenge based on this as it would clearly be thrown out of court immediately. SI however have to maintain good working relationships with the people who have sold them the image rights because if those rights are removed it would be a considerable blow for the franchise. That's why they will not risk those relationships souring in any way.
  11. I have occasionaly seen one of my strikers nip in front of static defenders to score a tap in and thought "maybe hes using his anticipation/off the ball" but not enough to give that player any particular personality or make me believe this was a trend in the way they play.
  12. In the ME though its somewhere between hard and impossible to see the difference that attributes like Flair, Determination and First Touch make - its too subtle
  13. I noticed this too, although i could just be a bug in the screen that shows you the stats rather than the ME
  14. Here's a crazy idea then. SI could (and probably have) pumped millions of pounds into their artificial intelligence but you're right, it doesn't give enough of a challenge to some. At present the best solution to this is to play online against real human managers, however, what about if there was a new kind of AI that utilised actual FM player's decisions which have been uploaded to some online SI repository. For example - Imagine you are managing Hull in premiership. if another FM player takes control of Man Utd in their game and had done well then some of their decisions (tactics, transfers, media, training, etc) could be downloaded automatically into your game to make the Manchester Utd in your game feel more real. The attributes of the AI manager in charge of the team would control which decisions to download. In other words, feedback the best and worst decisions made by the players of the game around the world to enhance the existing AI in your game. I dread to think of all the weird issues and bugs that this would introduce